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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trade in dilemma. Vios again!

I can replace "VIOS again" with Myvi, Citra, Sentra and 'insert popular car model here' again.

The problem is Vios and Myvi owners are Cocky!  They are still blinded that their car Still commands Good resale value and cannot accept the fact!

The fact is with every New Model introduction, old model resale value Sure dropped by up to 20%.  With the exception of Civic FD & Camry 08', more on that later! 

Take a 2005 Vios owned by Ms.T for example!  All 3 of my panel dealers offers RM28,000 as trade in!  She so Stubborn and insist that her car worth RM35,000 Based on Motor trader & mudah pricing!  But this is ASKING PRICE!  Not transacted price!

She so cocky that she turned down a RM31,000 Cash buyer!   

Case 2 is also Vios.  It's Vios 1.5 Trd 09'. This owner still thinks his car worth RM60,000!  What a Joke!  Dealer offer RM48k trade in only!  

Toyota, Honda and Perodua owners, wake up!  Your car NO LONGER Commands high resale Value!  Especially so for New Civic & New Camry!  It's because they are 'Moving Backwards'. Where Previous Generation is BETTER IN Every Way!  

Jefferson Lim signing off!  Don't shoot me!  I am merely reporting the facts!  

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