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Monday, April 28, 2014

PLEASE Be NICE to your SA when buying NEW CAR.

OR Else, thing's will NOT BE SMOOTH SAILING!

A Friend, Kelvin POST THIS in His Facebook Page...  I feel so touched that I'd like to blog it here:

"Sometimes I feel sorry for SA (Sales Adviser). Buyers always wanna squeeze the most free gift from SA. Using methods like "...  if u r not following the same offer I get from outside, I will change SA.  After change, only wanna start complaining stuff like my SA promise to deliver this and that, but ended up delay and all the bullshit".

I mean, come on, we are talking about buying something at a price tag of at least 40k . Give the SA their share and I am sure you will be a happy soon to be car owner. 

Never be penny wise pound foolish (Ie. greedy). Anyone can promise you heaven and earth before sealing the deal. So if you are the type that survey the whole Malaysia just to get the slight extra discount (like 100-200 more), ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!!

NEXT TIME PLEASE Try putting yourselves in people's shoes."

END OF Kelvin's quote...


My Observation:  The MORE Demanding, BOSSY, Mean customers to their Sales adviser, the More Problems/Defects follows.  The LAW of KARMA ironically true in 5/10 cases I handled.  

Example of this DEMANDING, PERFECTIONIST Customer:

Buy No plate, BID Failed!  Their car came, minor defects...  Tinting done - ALSO DEFECTS...  Delivery, Alignment and balancing out...

Thing's not SMOOTH for Her...


A patience DOCTOR Client who bought HIS Elantra with me.  Bought his Lucky no 4456 at 1st attempt, Waited patiently with no Complaint for another 10 days due to our Company trip, Admin off...  He's rewarded with a FRUGAL, Perfect Black Elantra.  I just visited him for Roadtax and insurance renewal.  1 year on, still SMOOTH SAILING and a HAPPY OWNER!

SO BE GOOD TO YOUR SALES EXECUTIVES or SALES ADVISERS and Good things will come to you!


  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    It would not done any good for the headline or title you put up herewith. The words 'Or else' are just gave people an impression of an arrogant speak rather than advise. Just my 2 cents point of view anyway.

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    The title doesn't do any good here. The words 'or else' only reflect an arrogant speaks rather than advise.