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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blessed New Year 2016


The Boarding of Flight 2016 has been announced......

Hope you have checked in only the best souvenirs from 2015 in your luggage....

The BAD and SAD moments if carried, must be thrown away in the garbage before embarking flight 2016.......

The flight will be for 12 months long.
So, loosen your seat belts, jingle and mingle.

The stop-overs will be :


Refueling will be done at the following skyports

The Captain (God) offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight.......

✅ Cocktail of Friendship,
✅ Maincourse of Health,
✅ Grating of Prosperity,
✅ Bowl of Excellent News
✅ Salad of Success,
✅ Cake of Happiness,

All accompanied by  bursts of laughter...
But remember, you will enjoy these meals and the journey better if you talk, share, smile and laugh together. Sitting silent and sullen will make the flight seem longer.

Wishing you and your family πŸ‘ͺ an enjoyable trip on board flight 2016.....


Before the Flight 2015 ends,
Allow us to Thank All  our Amazing  Friends
Who Made 2015 Beautiful For us,
We Pray that you all be Blessed With an Awesome Year Ahead.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Blessed Christmas A Dedication

I, Jefferson Lim and Wei Lim would like to wish everyone Blessed Christmas 2015, Happy Holidays.

How I celebrate my Christmas?

Attending 8:30am Christmas Service at DUMC.

After the service, Lunch at Ribs King, Sea Park.

1 day before, created this Comic strip of myself,

I would Like to dedicate these playlists to everyone here...  The 1st, 2nd and 4th is My top 3 favourite songs.


Please Google "What is Christmas?"

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience  to read this blog entry.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Presenting: Top 40 best vehicles resale Value (updated 22/12/15)

PRESENTING: The top 40 best Vehicles Resale value (updated 22/12/2015)

NOTE: This is Private sale price.  This DOES NOT factor Trade in price.  For trade in price less 10% to 20% depending on car as used car dealers also need to make money.  

I NOW PRESENT my research on used car retained value after few years. It took me 3 months to gather and compile the used car prices from various sources of classifieds namely Motortrader, The Star Classifieds,, and random visits to car dealerships/Recond car showrooms… 

Here are the vehicles shown with their Retained value in PERCENTAGE (%) within 3 years… (and 5 years/7 years in bracket). This is for Local (eg. Tan Chong) AND/OR Official Distributors (eg. Mercedes Benz Malaysia (MBM)) cars only. AP Imports to be covered later as their New car price were determined by AP Importer themselves, Ie. It varies, so I just estimated their new price to make this statistic possible, it’ll be unfair if I mix REAL results and estimated results together.

NEW for 2015.  7 years depreciation / retained value.

NOTE: Overall Toyota, VW and Proton experienced dropped in their resale value. Toyota because of New Generation Altis and Vios, hence used prices dropped.  No changes in Avanza, Fortuner and Innova (YAWN!). Also, the Camry's 1 step backwards. 

Proton case have themselves to blame due to launch of SV models.  VW's because of their Poor after-sales and DSG Issues.  Biggest winners are Honda.  All Honda models have improvements in their Resale Value.

In fact, Honda Civic FD2R Type-R hardly depreciates.  7 years still holds 75% retained value.

{0%} = LAST YEAR % depreciation and Ranking

[#1] = Last year ranking
Photo source:

Ranking.......Make/Model.........3 yrs (5/7 yrs) {last year}

1) [NA] Honda Civic FD2R Type-R    -NA-/85%/75% (official import ends 2011)
(NO.1 for 5th and 7th year depreciation)
1) [#1] Honda City 1.5 IVTEC - 77%(65%/53%) {74% (64%)}
(No.1 for 3 years depreciation)
2) [#4] Honda Jazz 1.5 VTEC/Hybrid 75%/74%(64%/52%) {74%/74% (66%)}
3) [#10] Perodua MYVI 1.3 SX/EZ: 74% (Lagi Best)/60%/50% {76%/75%/ (66%/65%)}
4) [#2] Honda Civic 1.8 IVTEC and 2.0IVTEC 70%/70%(66%/66%/56%/56%) {80%/75% (70%/65%)}
(2nd for 5-7 years depreciation)

5) [#3] Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid and LEXUS CT200 Hybrid  75%/(63%/NA) {80%/(55%)}
5) [#7] Toyota Hilux 2.5D4D and Fortuner 75% / (63%)
7) [#20] Honda Stream 75%/60%/52% {75% (60%)}
8)  [#6] Toyota Innova 2.0G 73%/(61%/51%) {75%/(63%)}
9) [#13] Mitsubishi Lancer GT and Triton 73%/(60%/50%) {=}
10)  [NEW ENTRY] Mazda CX5 2.0 72%/64%/NA 

-TOP 10-

11) [#16] Nissan C22 Vannete 71% (63%/57%) {=}
(No.3 for 5 and 7 years depreciation)
12)  [#25] Perodua Viva 1.0EZ and ALZA 72%/53%/47% {74%/55%}
13) [9] Proton Inspira 70%/(62%/54%) {74/62%}
14 [#14] Toyota Altis 70%/(60%/52%)  {70% (60%)}
15) [14] Suzuki Swift 1.5 70%/60%/50% {73% / (63%)  #14}
16) [#15] Mazda 5 MPV: 70% (58%/50%) {= #18}
16) [#20]  Honda CRV 70% (58%/50%) {70%/55%}
16)  [#20] Toyota Vios: 70%/58%/50%  {68% (58%)}
16) [#16] Ford Ranger 70%/(58%/50%) {70% (52%)}
20) [#5] VW POLO GTI 70%/(58%/46%) {75%/(63%)}
20) [#1] VW GOLF GTI 70%/(56%/46%) {80%/68%)}
-TOP 20-

22) [#12] Ford Fiesta 1.6S  68%/56/NA% {74%/(62%) #12}
23) [#24] Mercedes C200K/C250 68% (55%/49%) {69% (57%) #24}
24) [#23] Toyota Avanza: 68%/54%/46%  {Unchanged } 
24) [#8] Toyota Camry 2.0G/2.4 VVTI 70%/(56%/48%)/66%/(52%/44%) [68% (54%/46%) average]{74%/(64%)/70%/(58%)}

26) [23] Hyundai i10 1.25 (68%/54%/44%) {Unchanged}
27) [#22] Mazda 3 1.6 and 2.0 + Mazda 2 1.5: 68%/(50%/40%) {70% / (54%) AND Mazda 2 1.5 70% / (54%) #22}
 28)[#27]  Hyundai Starex Royale 2.5 CRDi 67% / ( 55%/45%) {Unchanged}
28) [#28]Kia Forte 1.6SX 4sp Auto 67% / (55%/47%) {Unchanged}
30) [#18]Nissan Sylphy 66%/54% {70%/(58%)}
31) [30] Honda Insight Hybrid 65%/55%/(NA)

31) [#31] Honda Accord 2.0/2.4 65/63%/(55%/53%/45/43%) {averaged = 67% (55%/44%)}
31) [#25] Nissan Frontier, X-trail and NAVARA 65%/(53%/47%) {68% / (56%)} 
34) [#23] Mazda 6 2.0 [2.5]%  65%[62]/50%/42% {70% [66%]/ (54%[50%]) #23 }
35) [#28] Hyundai Tucson - 2.0 64%/(50%/40%) {67% (55%) #28}
35) [33] Nissan Teana 2.0/2.5/3.5 V6 averaged among 3 models = 64% (50%/40%) (Unchanged from last year)
37) [#25] Proton Satria Neo 64%/(48%/42%) {68%/(54%) #25}
37) [36] Mercedes E-class 64% / (48%/42%)
39) [36] Ford Focus 2.0 - 64% / (48%/40%)
49) [NEW] Proton Preve - 60% / (50%/40%) {NEW ENTRY}
40) [NEW] Persona/Gen2: 60%/50%/40% {62%/ (50%) - NEW ENTRY}
(Caused by new Proton SV Price Slashing, hence RV affected)

 OTHERS (Selected) - (5 yrs retained value in bracket)

- BMW 3-series Coupe [63%/(53%)] and BMW 325i CKD 55%/(45%) = Avg: 59% (49%) 
- BMW 5 series 55% (45%)
- Chevrolet CRUZE 50% (35%) 
- Proton Saga BLM 55%/45%/41% {60% / (50%) }
(Caused by Proton Saga SV, price slashing, affects RV)
- Peugeot 308 VTI/TURBO 50% / (40%/32%)
- Peugeot 508 1.6 THP  58% /48/38%
- Peugeot 3008 50%/40%/30%
- Peugeot 5008 57%/42%/30%
[NEW] Peugeot 408 1.6 THP 59% / 49% / 37%

1) Persona, Saga BLM and ALL OTHER PROTONS = RM3,000 per year depreciation 3rd year onwards until 10th year, After 10 years 5 to 10% depreciation each year only (depending on condition and mileage).  So it's GOOD to buy Say a 1997 Wira 1.6 for 6,000 as it STOPPED Depreciation).  Last 4 years also costs RM6000.

3) Peugeot 308VTI / 308 Turbo / 508 / 3008/ 5008 Updated

AP/Grey Imports (TOP 10 best resale value vehicles):

Again, I can’t determined the Actual new car prices of these cars as it’s Determined by the AP Holders/Grey importers. But I found that it’s safe to say for example Toyota Alphard 2.4’s New car price: RM280,000 with 5% +/- allowance depending on specs (ie. RM266k to RM294k), hence I used this as my estimation to come up with the percentage (%) of retained value results in 3 years (5 years in brackets).

1) Mini Cooper/S/Clubman 75%/65/55%
2) Mitsubishi EVO       73%/(63%/57%)
3) Honda Odyssey 70% (65%/55%)
4) VW Beetle 2.0 70% (64%)/50%
5) Toyota Wish: 70% (60%)/52%
5) Toyota Mark X 70% (60%)/52%
5) Subaru WRX STI Ver 8 70% (60%)
8) Toyota Harrier 2.4 67% (55%/49%) 
9) Mazda RX8 and MX5 65% (57%)/50%
10) Toyota Estima 63% (59% for a recond 5yrs old)/47% (for used 7 years old)
10) Toyota Alphard 63% (59% for recond 5 yrs old)/47% (for used 7 years old)

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Hope this STATISTICS will be helpful for you in shopping for your ideal used cars… Again, it took me 3 months to come up with these statistics… You should thank me for it…

Wait till you see the WORST Resale value car.  Click on the link Below:

WORST RESALE VALUE CARS (Updated 22/12/15)

WORST RESALE VALUE CARS (Updated 22/12/15)

In Malaysia, typical bad resale value car have the following characteristics which are divided in 4 categories (in my book):

1) Most cars with Petrol 2.5L engine capacity and above (EXCEPT Mercedes Benz C-class and E-class). Why? EXPENSIVE Road tax, High fuel consumption fear. Also, for BIG car such as BMW 7-series, there's NO DEMAND for used ones as MOST of 7-series owners are RICH, hence few will BUY USED units.

2) LOOKS of the Car. Eg. POORLY Designed car such as Proton Juara. Few would buy a 4+2 seats (the 3rd row of seats are for KIDS as it is small, has minimal paddings and poor legroom. The car's like BRICK on wheels. Rear lights are placed VERY LOW and at the Bumper. Not practical. Engine's too small at 1.1L and underpowered... Another WIERD looking car's FIAT MULTIPLA. Another poor resale value car as it has NO Automatic gearbox and to many "WORLD's UGLIEST CAR". This is NOT my word, it's VOTED by many European and Malaysian (TORQUE MAGAZINE) Publications...

3) HUGE Discounts... How do you feel if you bought a newly launched car at RM165,000 in 2000 and the car's priced RM20,000 cheaper in 15 months time. PISSED right? Adding salt to the wounds, in 2003, the car had FURTHER Discounts of RM20,000 which makes it RM125,000.  Wait, I haven't finish, in LATE 2003, the car's renamed as a NAZA and another RM27,000 cheaper.  The result?
Resale Value badly affected. Which car is this? KIA Carnival/Naza Ria!

4) Image/Perception of the car brand. Malaysian tends to stereotype certain car brands. Eg. Alfa Romeo known for Overheating problems, Fiat is known as "FIX IT AGAIN TOMORROW", Citroen = Sit-tou-long (means rugi sampai habis), and Volvo = drinks petrol. FORD = FIX OR REPAIR DAILY, To them, most continential cars (Except Mercedes Benz) = high maintenence and spare parts costs. Own cars like Saab or Skoda typical Malaysian would question your taste or give bad comments...

I've compiled 25 worst resale value cars. BUT I'll only list out the top 10 which were very CHRONIC/SEVERE/TERUK Cases. The rest of the cars were pretty close and depreciated FAST but spread out in the span of 3 to 5 years... BUT these 10 LOST A HUGE Chunk of their VALUES at the 1st year itself... Here are the lists:

1) Chery A160 1.6 57% retained value in 1 year!
2) Chery Tiggo 58% retained value in 1 year!
3) Berjaya Changan Van 65% retained value in 1 year
3) CAM Placer Van (Hiace Knockoff) 65% retained value in 1 year
5) Great Wall Wingle 66% retained in 1 year
6) Jaguar NEW XJ  (Also 67% retained value in 1 year)
6) TATA Telcoline (also 67% retained value in 1 year)
6) Mercedes S-class (especially S500L):  67% retained value in 1 year (SHOCKING BUT TRUE eg. S500L, new RM1,000,000.  1 year later: RM660,000).
6) BMW 7 series (740i and to 760LI).  ALSO 67% retained value in 1 year.  Eg. 740Li  New 680,000.  1 year later RM450,000.
10) Chery Eastar: 70% retained value in 1 year

For the top 5, what to you expect?  ALL CONQUERED BY CHINA CARS!

FOR the LUXURY cars at No 6 to 10.  It's due to the PROHIBITIVE ROAD TAX Structure in our Boleh Land (Malaysia).  S500L roadtax is WHOOPING RM14,000 P.A.  (Doubled for Company registration = RM28,000 P.A.  Therefore, NO 2nd hand value.  SHOCKING but true.

As a comparison, see my previous topic: "Best resale value vehicles". The top 10 best resale value cars retained their value from 74% (Toyota Altis) to 80% (VW GTI) IN 3 YEARS!!! The 10 cars above RETAINED 57% to 70% of their resale value IN ONE YEAR!!! Again CHRONIC/SEVERE/"TERUK"/SAD Cases...

NOTE (17/1/07): These are "Volume sellers" (ie. "quite good selling" and easily available in the used market). There were brands like Fiats, Opels and Saabs and certain models such as Citroen C5, Alfa 166, Peugeot 607 which Resale value EQUALS or WORSE than the cars above, but they were RARELY AVAILABLE in the used market AND if you found one, the price will be DETERMINED by buyers itself (ie. No FIXED Value). (END OF NOTE)

Now will I fear of getting sued BY Berjaya Changan, Chery, Great wall? NO! I'm just reporting the facts based on my calculations. The Kias BELONGS to Category #3. It's caused by HUGE DISCOUNTS by NAZA-KIA itself. I pity those 1st batch Kia Optima buyers! They had to pay RM130,000, only to found that the SAME CAR costs RM27,000(!!!) LESS within 15 months!!!

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jeff Lim's production.  My original work.  Not to be copied without credits or links.  COPY LIKE A MAN!  Don't Plagiarise!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

CLOSE UP++: Mazda CX-3 Skyactiv

The all-new Mazda CX-3 Skyactiv was launched on 8 December 2015 evening in a spectactular ceremony graced by the media, close associates, business partners and distinguished guests.  The highly-anticipated B-segment Crossover SUV is CBU from Japan and Priced at RM131,218.50 OTR individual registration, without insurance, including GST.

This is the fifth model in Mazda’s line-up of new-generation vehicles to feature the full suite of SKYACTIV Technology.  SKYACTIV Technology, which first emerged in the year 2011, is the embodiment of Mazda. It is the revolutionary technology that defies convention to produce cars that are energy saving and environmental friendly without compromising driving performance.

Bermaz Motor stated that with the all-new CX-3, Mazda enthusiasts will now be able to buy into the fastest growing B-segment segment of the industry, one that is driven by a very trendy and likeable model.  Mazda called it the 'Freestyle Crossover'.  Mazda CX-3 is like a combination of a hatchback and SUV, hence the term Crossover.

"Crossovers deliver the driveability of sedans with the versatility and rugged, sporty image of SUVs. The all-new CX-3 Crossover introduced by Bermaz brings all of these features in a smart and technologically-advanced package that looks set to steal the hearts of many," it stated in a Press release.

The company added that the CX-3 is a scaled-down version of Mazda’s best-selling CX-5 based on Mazda 2.   As known earlier, the CX-3 is powered by the engine SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter petrol with a power of 154 hp at 6,000 rpm and peak torque of 204 Nm at unusally low 2,800
rpm (for a NA engine). It is mated to an automatic transmission SKYACTIV-Drive six-speed. Its power is supplied to the front wheel.  

We get the higher tuned 154-horsepower and 204Nm torque 2.0-litre SKYACTIV-G engine.  Note that Australian market gets the same engine detuned with lesser 146hp and 192Nm torque.

The new CX-3 Freestyle crossover SUV was developed to “Create the standard for the next era.” It’s a vehicle designed to meet the needs of a new generation of car buyers, supporting creative and adventurous lifestyles. More than merely power and speed, the CX-3 is about delivering ease of handling on city streets, reassuring confidence on the highway and, in particular, faithful response when negotiating curving roads.

Proudly wearing Mazda’s signature Kodo styling, The CX-3 is stylishly distinctive, yet retains the strong Mazda look.   Measuring 4,275 mm in length, 1,765 mm wide and 1,535 mm tall, the B-segment crossover rides on the same SkyActiv-Chassis

 that underpins the smaller Mazda 2, with identical 2570mm wheelbase and 160mm ground clearance (mere 10mm higher than Mazda 2).  It's relatively lightweight with a kerb weight of 1,211 kg.

 It is a vehicle that carries itself with style, with a long hood, short overhangs, large wheels and a slim cabin, presenting proportions that lend themselves to a sense of strength and vitality, conveying a sense of motion even when standing still.

On the exterior, the CX-3’s standard equipment list includes automatic LED headlights with adaptive front lighting system,

auto-levelling and LED daytime running lights. The rear tail lights are LED as well,

 as are the front fog lamps (rear fogs make do with halogen bulbs instead).

The CX-3 also gets a lift in aesthetics thanks to gunmetal trim pieces located at the front, sides and rear of the crossover – something not found on lower variants of the Thai-spec model.

Wheel options are limited to just a sole 18-inch five twin-spoke option, wrapped in 215/50R18 tyres. Other standard equipment include automatic wipers, power-folding side mirrors (with turn indicators)

and a sunroof.

Moving inside, the cabin layout is almost identical to the Mazda 2, save for a few differences in trim colour pieces.

Here, the brand’s MZD Connect 7.0-inch touchscreen multimedia system dominates the dashboard.

 The system can either be controlled via touch or the Commander Control dial.

Like the Mazda 2, the system can be upgraded with navigation functionality for an extra RM1,270. Other highlights in the cabin include the leather-suede combo seats

(60:40 split folding at the rear) and single-zone automatic air-conditioning (front vents only).

Boot space is rated at 264 litres, expandable to 1176 litres (the claimed 350 litres boot space's before factoring the FULL SIZE spare tyres).  

As for the driver, there is Mazda’s Active Driving Display (heads-up display)

and a multi-function (multimedia and cruise control)

 leather steering wheel (electric power assisted) that comes with paddle shifters. There is also a drive selection switch (Sport mode),

reverse camera and keyless operation (entry and engine start).

The safety suite on the CX-3 is pretty comprehensive as well, with DSC electronic stability control, traction control and ABS with EBD and BA all being present. The crossover is fitted with six airbags well (dual frontal, side and curtain). Hill launch assist and emergency stop signal are also part of the package, but there’s no i-Activesense pack (Smart City Brake System, Rear View Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning etc.) here. For RM1,900 extra, Mazda’s Skytint (safety tint) can be specified as well.

It will be available in 5 colour choices; Soul Red Metallic, Crystal White Pearl, Jet Black, Meteor Gray, and Deep Crystal Blue.

Mazda is confident that this latest addition to its family will go on to be a core model, bringing the brand into the hearts of a new generation of discerning car buyers. Even more so with Bermaz’s stress free ownership “3+3 Years Free Warranty and Maintenance” Programme  (3 years or 60,000km free maintenance and 3 years unlimited mileage warranty), of which CX-3 owners will be able to enjoy.

Answering a question by the media right before the launch, Bermaz executive director and chief executive officer, Datuk Seri Ben Yeoh, explained that the four-wheel-drive version of the CX-3 will not be introduced in Malaysia, simply due to the fact that it will obviously be priced higher than its two-wheel-driven sibling.

And whether there will be a CKD version of the CX-3, Yeoh explained that this idea is still being pursued. Should this become reality, CX-3's will be coming out of the Kulim, Kedah, plant operated by Inokom Corporation Sdn Bhd, which currently assembles the larger CX-5.

The CX-3 Bermaz is selling in Malaysia is made in Mazda's main factory in Hiroshima, Japan.  BERMAZ only imports 2,000 units of such example.  As I am typing this, there were already 800 bookings.

Mazda also assembles CX3's in Thailand, but the Thai-assembled CX-3 does not meet the 40% local content requirement for tariff exemption under the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA), and therefore will not be brought into Malaysia. However, in the case of the Japanese-made CX-3, Malaysia’s free-trade agreement with Japan entitles Bermaz to more incentives to import it.

Let's proceed to Videos:

Mazda CX-3 vs Honda HRV

CX-3 vs Mercedes GLA200 comparison. Note the GLA200 priced almost double at RM110,000 more. Review

 2015 Mazda CX-3 commercial Australia First Ever Mazda CX-3 in detail (Australia)

Well, there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, enjoy the 70+ photos.

 Above: rear legroom and Below, rear headroom

 Above, front legroom based on above rear legroom.

If you want to buy this car, please call Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718.
Mazda Taman Megah OR Setia Alam.

ARTICLE Partially SOURCED from:

2) Mazda Malaysia press release.

Otherwise, photos are all Jefferson Lim's original work.