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Friday, July 03, 2015

On Bolehland Fuel Pricing logic

New Fuel Price is Determined by who?   

As you all know, Fuel price increased RM0.10  to RM2.15 for RON95 and RM0.20 to RM2.35 for RON97 from 1 July onwards.  This is despite Global Crude oil price dropping.  Where is the Logic?  

Please refer to the Crude oil price below.   

 I think the price increase this month was to offset the postponement of increase during May as there were 2 by-elections taking place. Tat explains why 1.95 was maintained although graph was at its peak.

Remember what Jibby said  back in February 2012?  

Janji Dicapati.  

Share this to those people without access to alternative media, especially the rural folks. TV3suku wont be telling you this. Source: Nasdaq 
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