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Monday, March 14, 2016

Longtermer 5:Hyundai i10 1.25 CVVT -36th month Vol.5

Today is the 3rd year anniversary (or 36th month)  of my Hyundai i10 1.25 CVVT. But the car's with me for only 18 months. From New (14 March to 15 December 2013) The other 18 months my dad leased to his HK Tenant (15 December 2013 to 7 June 2015).

 From 15 December 2013 to 7 June 2015, the Hyundai i10 was leased to my tenant.  Apparently, my tenant just helped us to pay the monthly installment while he used the car.  This is what Malay called "Sambung Bayar".

 Mileage leased out on 1 December 2013 was 11,043km.  Mileage returned on 7 June 2015 stood at 17,660km.  Mileage covered by my tenant, a paltry 6,617km only over 19 months, 368km per month only. Apparently, he only commuted to and fro work within Petaling Jaya.

One month After I got back the car, I resumed work in my previous Company in Setia Alam.  This car became my everyday car from 21 October onwards as I sold my Waja 4G18 on 20 October 2015.

Also, this i10's been used as an Uber car though for brief 10 days only.  Why I stopped being Uber driver?

1) You can't choose your Destinations and Passenger.  Must have 90% acceptance rate - This is big deal to me because I only assigned the following time for Uber. 

6am to 8am AND 8pm to 10pm.  

This bothers me in the Morning, got 1 time, at 7:45am accepted a customer, from SS2 going to DOWNTOWN KL.  I was forced to turned down because I need to Reach Setia Alam office by 9am.

Another "What if?".  What if at 7am, you got a request to go to Genting Highlands???  

2) I was paid Every week...  But need to Maintain 4.3 stars and above to get the bonus.  After 10 rides, my rating was 4.2/5.  

3) FEAR of being Attacked by Taxi Drivers.   Especially in KLCC, KL Sentral and Mid-valley areas...

4) Payments JUST Enough to cover Toll and Petrol.

I shall cover my Uber experience in the future...

Just 2 weeks ago, we renewed the Insurance and roadtax.  Insured amount RM25,000.  Tokio Marine Insurance because Etiqa Takaful and Allianz decided to charge 10% loading fee.  Absurd for a 4 years old car.  Only Tokio Marine Insurance promises No loading fee up to 10 years.  RM566.90 premium after deducting 38.33% NCD.

Interior wise's good 

Above: 225 litres of boot space fully utilized.

but Exterior wise, the i10's been creatively "tweaked" by my recently adopted 6 months old Puppy Bebe.

 She'll jump up of the Car, hence the scratches on the bonnet and grille.

 Above and below: The culprit, Bebe.
This is a Solid car with decent soundproofing, Great Ride and handling and high speed stability.  Test drive to agree with me.  There's a reason behind...

Apparently the i10's Engineered, designed and tuned in India.  This is to meet Indians requirements.  This explained the Robustness of the chassis and suspension.  Built to take on Indian Roads...  If the i10 can survive Indian Roads, then Malaysian road conditions are piece of cake.   

Note that our i10s are CKD, but the CKD pack Came from INDIA.  The i10's only produced in 3 countries and NONE are Korea.  It's Kulim, Malaysia, Chennai India and Mexico.

Current mileage is 31,777km over 36 months.

 Overall, this is a GOOD car.  Very stable at high speed.  Top speed I tried at 170km/h slight downhill.  At that speed wind noise was minimal.  Only, engine noise...  0-100km/h's covered in 12.2 secs.  Not bad for a 1250cc A-segment car.

Without further ado, Let's proceed to LOGBOOK:

 Mileage upon delivery: 0057km
Mileage last update: 22,600km (30 Sept 2015)
 Mileage today: 31,077km (14 March 2016)
  Mileage done past 6 months: 8,477km
Average mileage per month: 1413km
Average mileage per day: 47km

Purchase price: RM45,500 (cause Year Make 2012 registered 2013 March)
Current value: RM26,000.
Interest rate: 2.96% (PBB) for 48 months loan @ 25,000.
 Monthly RM582.


 BEST: 14.7km/l . RM60 =  430km.
 WORST: 9.3km/l.  RM60 = 316km. 100% CITY.



1) "40,000km " service at Hyundai Setia Alam 3S Center, Damage, RM796.75.
- Changed spark plugs
- using Shell Fully Synthetic engine oil
- Changed air filter, fuel filter, Pollen filter
- Changed ATF, lastly, labour and GST.

2) Roadtax (RM70) and insurance Renewal: RM636.90

3) Petrol, Toll and Parking expenses...  

That's all the major expenses.

Before I go, here's my parting shot:

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jefferson Lim's production.

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