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Thursday, August 04, 2016

FULL REVIEW: Hyundai Sonata LF Nu 2.0

In this Blog entry, I'm reviewing a Long overdue Review on the Sonata LF Nu 2.0 D-CVVT.
You are looking at All new Sonata LF 2.0.  I did a brief write up during the launching. Read it here:

This is an in-line 4, Front-wheel drive, 2 litre D-segment
  "German Car with a Korean Badge". 

Why above statement?
Because it's Designed, Engineered and tested in Russelsheim Germany. It's also fine-tuned in Nurburgring, Germany hence class leading refinement. Please test drive yourself to agree with me.


I spent 20 minutes driving the Sonata LF.  Exterior wise, the car kinda looks Grow on you.  At first it looks like a "Normal" D-segment car, then as you take a 2nd or 3rd look, you'll find it's Quite Handsome.  AT Night, when you switch on the Rear tail-lights.  Fui-yoh Sexy...  Love it...

But as you enter the car, the Interior design just shout "Simplicity".  Plain is the word.  At least it's SPACIOUS.  I'd say One of the best in it's class. See photo below:

The Sonata LF in my opinion, tied with New Camry in Interior space.  Both are equally Class Leading in it's class.


The car started off "A bit underpower".  The gearbox a bit slow to react, especially at the mid-range.  Eg. You Cruise at 70km/h, suddenly step on the throttle to overtake, there's a slight lag before it kickdown and "screams" to 110km/h.   Putting the Drive mode in Sports improves the acceleration but only slightly.  At 110km/h, the Tachometer shows 2200rpm.  Acceleration, 0-100km/h in 11.1 seconds.  

 The Sonata LF's best leave in Eco mode for Relaxing, smooth laid-back ride and SPORT for Quick overtaking moves or a trip to Genting.

On the upside, the Soundproofing's vastly improved vs the Sonata YF (it's predecessor).  My rear passengers fell asleep shortly in the 15km drive.  The Ride and handling also impressed me.  Just right suspension setting.  The Sonata LF handles superbly for a car this size.  Cornering at high speeds is a pleasure as the car feels very planted and body roll is minimal.  As for understeer, I tackled a Hairpin corner (under-flyover U-turn) at  100km/h steadily.  

That's all my opinion...

It's priced to sell at:

RM135,793 for Elegance (after (12000))  and

RM142,110 for Executive (after (10000)).

Price OTR Without insurance after Year make subsidy/rebates.  At the moment, only 2015 stock Elegance and Executive available.
It has the following 1st in segment:

1) Flat underbody ensure optimum aerodynamics (First in it class). Cd.0.27 only.

2) Smart trunk system

3) Android Kitkat audio visual DVD navigation system 

(Support waze, youtube, games and internet browsing via Wifi Hotspot your phone)
4) 51% advanced high strength steel from our own steel mill.
5) 8 years warranty for the 1st owner (First in the market)

Other features/highlights for Elegance spec priced at RM147,522.52 OTR without insurance:
- 152hp and 194Nm Torque mated with 6 speed automatic gearbox

- Drive mode with 3 modes. Normal/Sport/Eco. 
This toggles your Throttle, Gearbox and Steering response levels.
- Leather seats with leather wrapped gear knob and steering wheel

- 10 way Power adjustable driver seat.

- Multifunction steering wheel with Cruise Control

- Supervision clusters

- Welcome door lights

- 4 auto up and down power window

- Full auto dual zone air-conditioning with rear air vents

- Rear seat 60:40 split fold.
- 510 litres boot space.

- 17" Alloy rims and 215/55R17 tyres

- ASD - Amplitude Selective Dampers, optimal suspension comfort.

Walnut Wood effect door and dashboard trim:

Executive spec (Add RM6,000) at RM153,510.03 OTR Without insurance gets you the following:

- 18" Alloy wheels with 235/45R18 tyres.

- Power adjustable front passenger seat
- Titanium effect dash insert, door panel trim

- HID Bi-xenon with Cornering lights and auto adjustable.

- Panoramic Electric tilt-slide Glass sunroof 

Fuel consumption tested 7.6l/100km. Or 12.2km/l Mixed driving.

Top speed 215km/h (customer tested)
0-100km/h in 11.1 seconds
RPM@110km/h: 2200rpm (6th gear)

Interested? Please call yours truly Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718 for more information.

SAFETY WISE it comes with the following:
2x ISOFIX Child rear seat anchor point
Auto light control
Projector Headlights with DRLs 
(For Executive spec: HID Bi-xenon with Cornering lights and auto adjustable)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is One of the SAFEST D-segment in it's class.

COLOUR AVAILABLE : PURE WHITE, Dark Horse (BRONZE BROWN), Remington RED, Platinum SIlver, Polish Metal, AND Phantom BLACK. ALL ARE Metallic Colours, all colours stock available though in LIMITED UNITS.

Do spare 20-30 mins of your time to View the Sonata LF Youtube Playlists:

Without further ado, let's proceed to an Owner's review:

Here's an owner's Review by teomingern. Source:

This is the most detailed and balanced owner's review I can find on RHD Hyundai Sonata LF:

This is my second Hyundai. My first was the Elantra in 2001 in manual transmission. This car has been nothing short of a revelation in terms of its build quality and feature set as compared to the Elantra 14 years ago. It is a whole level up and its quality in every area is comparable and even exceeds the Japanese marquees and some Continental ones as well.

Build quality. Excellent quality inside and outside. Body panels gaps and door gaps are narrow and very even. The sheet metal is very well constructed, no ugly and dangerous rough exposed edges, all covered with plastic wraparounds or rubber gaskets. The interior is very well appointed, the factory-fitted leather seats are very well stitched while the surfaces at the top are all soft touch material with lower surfaces in harder more durable plastic. Every switch, knob and lever is well-damped, solid without a creak or wobble as you actuate them. Every lid and cover is spring loaded and damped. Oozes class and feels as expensive as cars that cost twice as much

. The interior colour matches are done well, charcoal grey, black and silver trim gives the insides a muted, classy understated elegance. It feels expensive but doesn't shout at you. Sound insulation is superb, NVH levels among the best in class. You feel cocooned in the car, driver or passenger and it adds to the classy elegance.

Ride quality. Superb I would say for a car this long and wide and shod with 235/45R18 tires. The low profile means that you feel the road surfaces imperfections. But these are information and not jarring thumps that annoy you. The muted transmission of the road surfaces aids in your reading of the road condition. Damping is pretty good and shock return is quick and assured and stable. Whether high speed or low speeds, running over imperfections or speed regulator strips, the ride is always assured and never brittle. Rides over regular humps is a pleasurable experience while the hard rubber bumps are absorbed easily though the stiffer than usual suspension set up is quite exposed here.

Handling. The car handles superbly for a car this size. No wallowing or wobbling. Cornering at high speeds is a pleasure as the car feels very planted and body roll is minimal. Sudden direction changes are handled with aplomb and passengers feel comfortably cosseted regardless. Driving up HDB Multi-storey car parks is a breeze except that more care needs to taken not to clip a corner due to the exceptionally wide body and large rims.

Design. The car is very well designed. Nothing is superfluous, interior layout is well thought out, all switches and buttons and levers fall easily to hand. The harmonious dash design and layout soothes the driver and makes the car a pleasure to be. The exterior's clear clean lines and chrome belt strip enhances the big car feel. Choice of colours, lines, textures and contours inside and outside makes the car feel more expensive than it actually is.

Engine. The engine feels very refined, with a creamy ultra smooth acceleration. Power and torque are quite good. Due to the superb insulation, the car doesn't feel like it's moving very fast but it does move quickly. The quiet, vibration free engine means that the car wafts along, like a limo, rather than a noisy sports sedan. So it's very executive and elegant on the move as the engine doesn't feel strained. I've been driving quite conservatively so far.

Fuel Consumption.  Average fuel consumption is 11.7 km/L. Not good definitely. I expect that the fuel consumption will improve after the 1000 km servicing point.  Driving pattern is 50% highway and 50% urban, usually off peak for most of the mileage.

What I Like
All the features that the car sports! The car is loaded to the gills with features. Some are more obscure but are among the most useful ones that professional reviewers don't get.

1) Panoramic sunroof. This is a bonus. I don't need it, but it comes with the car, so what the heck! Only thing is that a solid metal roof would probably result in better sound insulation.

2)  Safety features.  ABS, EBD, vehicle stability management, traction control and 6 airbags. Superb list of safety features. Includes a rear view camera with parking guidelines.

4) Bi-xenon headlamps. LED DRL. Static bending cornering lamps. The last item works well and it's especially obvious and helpful in dark corners.

5) Full adjustable electronic feature set. This includes choosing from 3, 5 or 7 blinks for the one-touch signal function. Also the distance the driver's seat retracts to increase the ease of getting out when the door is opened can be adjusted to long or short. When the door auto lock also can be adjusted, when the gear selector is shifted to N or D or when the car exceeds 9 km/hr. The front and rear lights can be adjusted to stay on after the car is locked to illuminate your path or they can cut off once the engine is cut.

6) The windows are quite heavily tinted already. This kind of tint doesn't fade as easily as solar film. So this is a plus point for me. But the glass is not the anti-UV type, so still have to install solar film that rejects UV.

7) Interior lighting. All white lights, very bright and clear.

8) Multi-function steering wheel. This is a very useful feature. Audio controls and cruise control at your finger tips. I really like this cos I tend to vary the volume of the music playing back depending on the type of music playing back. Also not all music files were encoded at the same volume levels, so the variation can result in a booming volume for some pieces.

9) Electrochromic rear view mirror. Really very good! Now all the irritating drivers who drive with high beam on or with out of position main beam lights donât disturb me anymore.

10) The sound of the horn. Sounds gentle and pleasant, not "like want to fight" kind of sound. I like to tap the horn lightly to warn other drivers sometimes to get their attention.

11) The gauge cluster has an ambient light sensor just like a smart phone. The cluster will dim when entering a tunnel, or even an underpass and then brighten up when emerging into the open. A very thoughtful feature.

12) Smart trunk feature. Really very useful when your hands are full. And what's even better is that when the boot lid pops open, it comes up halfway so that you can easily push the lid up and open completely without having to use your hands. Very thoughtful design as well.

13) ISOFIX anchor points for outboard rear seats. Very convenient and not always found in this class of cars.

14) Full size spare tire with the same sports rim as the four wheels of the car. This is a very pleasant surprise.

What I Do Not Like

1) No fog lamps at all, no front and no rear. DRL takes over the function of fog lamps and parking lights. A bit annoying. There is a red lamp at the rear bumper lip, but it's not connected on the test drive car. I haven't tested my own car, but there is a rear fog lamp switch on my column switch. Interesting thing is that the manual says to switch down to activate rear fog lamp. But for my column switch, it's spring loaded and springs back to the off position. 

2) No electronic parking brake and auto hold function. The car uses a foot brake. No idea why but itâs due to costs according to my SE. I tried the auto hold function on the KIA Optima test drive car and it's really super convenient.

3) The car behaves like a nanny.  It beeps at everything I do.  Eg. I never release footbrake, it beeps, reverse sensors, front sensors beep, blind spot detection beeps, and etc...

4) No access to boot from inside the car. When the rear seat arm rest is folded down, the partition doesn't have a door that can be opened to access items in the boot. This feature is available in other versions in other parts of the world. This is of course a very minor issue.

5) No one-touch power up and down function for the rear windows. You have to hold down or hold up the button to open or close the window. This is quite silly. It doesn't cost much to have it all round. The i40 in the showroom has all around one-touch power up and down windows.

This is the Average Owner's review.  I agreed with the ratings.  My verdict is the same.

Sourced from

We provide:

Other Terms and Conditions:
8 years / 300,000km warranty for 1st owner else
5 years /300,000 km warranty 

Terms and conditions apply


Cars Malaysia Article published 8 Jan 2015 by Jerrica Leong.

Sonata LF 2.0 Review by Kon of Autoworld on 8/6/2015.

When K-Pop grows up by Denis Wong.

4) review by Matthew H.Tong

5) Review by Alia Zaharin.

6) Paultan Review by Jonathan James Tan:

7) The Continental Korean - by Subhash of

End of "Further Readings..."

Before I go, here's more photos of the Sonata LF:

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry, this is Partially my original work.  90% of the Photos here are my Original Work.  Only Owner's review taken from, some brochure scans and Youtube Playlists.

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