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Friday, September 16, 2016

Gadget 101: List of Phones I've used

As per title.  I owned my 1st phone back in 1999.  I was 20 years old then...  My 1st phone's a Green Nokia 5110.  It was with me for 2 months only coz It dropped off my pocket.

The reason why I came up this this is because of worrying trend in past 2 years.  A normal Malaysian will change phone on average TWICE A YEAR!!!  For my case, barring stolen or lost, my loyalty to my phone can be seen below.  I keep a phone for AT LEAST 8 months (Nokia N8, SonyEricsson K850i up to 7++ years (SonyEricsson K618i).  On average, I changed phone once every 2.5 years.  My Current phone, Iphone 5's nearing 4 years Anniversary coming December.

 Here's the list of my phones I owned:

Primary Phones  / Secondary Phone

1) Nokia 5110 (June 99 to Aug 99)

2) NEC DB500 (UK-spec) Aug 99 to Aug 00) - Sold off

3) Nokia 3210 (Aug 00 to April 2002) - Sold off/ Siemens C35i (April 2001 to August 2001) - Sold

4) Ericsson T39m (April 2002 to April 2004) - Sold / Alcatel OT512 Gold (Sept 2004 till Oct 2005) - Sold

5) Sony Ericsson T610 (April 2004 to Nov 2005) - Traded in) / Nokia 6510 (Oct 2005 till Oct 2007)

6) Nokia 3230 Symbian (Nov 2005 to Dec 2006) (Traded in)/ Nokia 6510 (Oct 2005 till Oct 2007) - Stolen

7) SonyEricsson K618i (December 2006 to October 2007)  / (Oct 2007 till October 2013)

8) SonyEricsson K810i (Oct 2007 to Nov 2008) - Traded in/ Sony Ericsson K618i (Oct 2007 till October 2013) (Still keeping, Still alive, collecting dust.  My toughest phone ever.  Refused to die)

9) SonyEricsson K850i (Nov 2008 to July 2009) (Sold off) / Sony Ericsson K618i (Oct 2007 till October 2013)

10) Nokia N79 (July 2009 till April 2012) - Still with me but Motherboard and Screen KO / Sony Ericsson K618i (Oct 2007 till October 2013)

11) Nokia N8 (April 2012 to 27 December 2012) - Sold off @ Lelong.

12) Apple Iphone 5 Maxis Set Silver. 27/12/2012.  Current primary phone.

13)  Iphone 5   /Sony Xperia Z Ultra (October 2013 to June 2014 (STOLEN)

14)  Iphone 5 (Currently using, Battery replaced once Feb 2016, Still running IOS 10 smoothly). 

Back then, as a Maxis One Club member, I was given a choice of Iphone 5 OR Samsung Note 2 for RM999, 2 years contract. Imagine back in Dec 2012 IF I choose the Samsung Note 2...  I would have stuck at Jelly Bean, Memory full, Maybe screen OR digitizer OR motherboard KO) / Huawei Honor 3C H30-U10.  (7/7/14 till now)

15) TARGET NEXT PHONE (Next 6 months, no hurry): 
Iphone 6S 64gb (Refurbish) Comp-Asia/ Huawei Honor 8  

What did you do to your old phone other than Selling it off?  Did you recycle it properly?
For me, I sold off Phone 2-4, traded in phone 5-6, 8, 9,11.  Still keeping Phone #7 (The SonyEricsson K618i's Still alive and well) and Phone #10 (Dead).

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry...  Happy Malaysia Day everyone!

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  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    So rich bro. I still using Nokia 3310. Btw when are you going to update about car? Kind of boring to read personal thing from you.