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Sunday, September 04, 2016

MEGA REVIEW: Subaru Levorg 1.6 GT-S

Subaru Levorg!  This is the Sports wagon I'm looking forward to...  I loved the car so much that I downloaded and scanned the Singaporean Brochure.  Back in July, The Levorg's previewed at Mid Valley priced at RM205,500 OTR with Insurance.  The saving grace, it's FULL UK-spec (indicator stalk at left) GT-S trim with No speed cut.

Above: Singapore brochure scan.

I didn't managed to test drive the Levorg but I put together 2 Youtube playlists which consists of 37 Videos of the Levorg review WORLDWIDE.

Interior features:


My Rating:

Exterior: 10/10 (That WRX Front and Airscoop, Handsome overall)
Interior and practicality: 8.5/10 (smallish boot space and tight rear legroom)
Mechanicals: 9/10 (Love the S-AWD, Boxer-4, Turbocharged Direct Injection CVT)
Safety and security: 10/10. (One of the Safest Car in the World).
Drivability: -NA-.

OVERALL: 37.5/40.  

 Below: Malaysian Price List

Why the name LEVORG? 

In the world of weird Japanglish, the Levorg has got to be the best. It combines LEgacy, eVOlution and touRinG. There isn't much official story behind the creation of this sports wagon, but as a deeply disappointed fan who witnessed the 2009 Subaru Legacy BR5 dropping the iconic frameless doors, while in the process getting uglier and fatter, I can't help but wish that it's actually secretly conceived by engineers from Fuji Heavy Industry (Subaru's parent company) who missed the legendary BP5 and created the Levorg.

The LEVORG is actually the wagon (or Touring) version of the Subaru WRX, but with a smaller, newly developed 1.6 Direct Injection Turbo (DIT) engine making 168hp and 250Nm. In Japan however, there's a 2.0 DIT that produces 300hp and 400Nm - which should prove more fun if not for its transmission option - exclusively only available with a CVT transmission, sending power to all four wheels via Subaru's trademark Symmetrical AWD system. While many would like to think of the Levorg as a continuation of the wagon version of the current Legacy, which only lives on as the Outback, (raised ride height), the truth is the wheelbase of the Levorg is only 2,650mm - similar to 
the Legacy BP5 in terms of size - and design too. 

(Above 2 intro paragraph write up's by Bobby Ang.  Source: 

While Europe and Southeast Asia gets its slow 1.6 version, Australia and Japan are also getting 2.0 turbo, very similar to Impreza WRX (don't confuse with WRX STi).

The new Levorg is seeking to rekindle the love affair with the wagon - specifically, the fourth generation Subaru Legacy GT wagon which won the prestigious JCOTY 2004 awards.
But the Japanese carmaker has taken a slightly different approach. Of course, permanent four-wheel drive remains, but the Levorg is designed to be driven on the road rather than off it.

As for the Levorg, I must say that I was sold on first sight. Elegant and sporty Exterior.  Handsome is the word.

I checked out the Levorg today at Motor Image HQ in PJ.  Unfortunately, test drive's strictly by Appointment (1 week advance) only.

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  The following photo essay are my originals:  

 Above: THE AIRSCOOP itself already melt my heart...  Below:  So is the WRX like Front
As some other critics pointed out, it's built on Impreza platform.  In fact everything from the B-pillar forwards is borrowed from Subaru's performance hero.  Yet the nicely proportioned rump gives the Levorg a character of its own, and that's enough to separate the two.

Above: Nice 18" Wheels with 225/45R18 tyres.

Sunroof: I like...


For the price, the interior is a little dull. Also, the overall dashboard especially Centre Dash knobs belongs to early 2000s.
Very good visibility and ingress/exit point Spacious yet versatile cargo space with wide opening, flat loading lip, and rear seats that drop completely flat at the touch of a button to increase load space.
High Transmission tunnel and No rear Air cond vents.  In place are covered 2 1.5V USB ports.

Above and Below: There are 22 Buttons on the steering including paddle shifters.

Above: Keyless entry with push start, TPMS and Traction Control.

There are 5 USB Ports and 2 5v charging Power outlets.
Above: Active Headrests.  Below: 2 step reclining rear leather seats.

Above: One touch 60:40 Flat folding rear seatback.
Above and below: Donut spare tyres with tool kit.

Above and below: 488 litres boot space (Down from 522 oversea market as they don't have spare wheel).

Above: NO Power boot here...
Above: Tonneau cover.
Above: The Rear legroom.


Let's proceed to Singapore Brochure scans:

(Double click to enlarge)

Without further ado, let's proceed to YOUTUBE Playlist.  I have 2 playlists.  1st one are RHD ones and 2nd playlist are LHD markets.

Playlist 1:  Do prepare 140 minutes of your time watching these playlist.

Playlist 2: Levorg LHD:
Prepare 80 minutes of your time to finish watching the LHD Levorg videos.

Further readings:


3) Singapore Road Test: Subaru Levorg 1.6 GT-S

IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS CAR, please call Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718. 
 Location: PJ HQ.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  This is partially my work.  

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