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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Apple Iphone 5, 4th year ownership review

Today's my 4th year Anniversary owning my Apple Iphone 5 16GB.  Bought my Iphone 5 white under Maxis One Club contract back in 27 December 2012.  
I'm quite satisfied with the Iphone 5.  Back in 27 December 2012, I had a choice of Iphone 5 and Samsung Note 2 N7100.  Thank God I picked the Iphone 5.  As based on my cousin's experience, Samsung Note 2 can last barely 2 years.  Typically, the Mainboard, Screen, Digitizer or Battery will fail (at least 2 of the above).  Also, Note 2 Android update up to Kitkat only.  Unlike  IOS, my Iphone 5 now running Latest IOS 10.2.

 Above: Chipped Glass Screen protector caused by Previous casing.  Below 2 photos.

So far it's a reliable, tough (due to Glass screen protector and Targus Hybrid casing) and user friendly companion. Just updated to IOS 10.2. A bit laggy while playing Subway Surfers. Camera quality's decent but terrible at Low light shooting.

The Drawbacks, 16GB barely enough. Thanks to Google Photos, managed to backup and Spring clean my photos. Now left 500+/- MB storage.

Battery replaced once Jan this year by Brotan (of Lowyat Forum) and OEM battery now shows sign of deteriorating.  Below, Screen shot of Typical battery life.

There's 2 annoying things about Iphone 5 and IOS.  Their Apps requires updating every DAY.  Yes, Everyday there's AT LEAST 1-5 apps needs updating.

There's 1 particular Annoying App that Required updates every 3-5 days.  A WHOOPING 30 updates in 6 months.  It's no other than Airbnb.  Each update 100+ MB.  Very Bad for my 16GB Iphone 5.  Latest update's version 16,49.2 (Yes, 50 updates).

Another annoyance's the Storage.  I had myself to blame by picking 16GB version.

Overall rating 9/10. Highly recommended. But get AT LEAST 64GB.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jefferson Lim's production.  Copy like a man, please acknowledge my work.  Don't plagiarize.

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