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Sunday, April 30, 2017

1000th post Ioniq road tour roadshow report

In this blog entry, I'm reporting the Recently concluded Hyundai Ioniq Tour test drive and Ioniq Service Clinic.  It was held last weekend on 22 and 23 April 2017.  This is my 1000th post so do congratulate me...  Please Call Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718 for latest Hyundai promotions or Yum Cha if you are near Cheras, Sg.Besi area.

If you missed this, fret not, There's 3 more upcoming...  Events...  One in Batu Pahat this weekend, 1 in Penang on 13-14 May 2017 and 1 in Kota Damansara same date.

My Double test drive Ioniq Sessions:  DRIVING THE IONIQ:

My test drive route goes like this:  Jln Dua - Jln Sg.Besi - Straight for 2km, then follow Bangsar/PJ, Follow the bend then Keep left to (Jln Tun Razak) - LOOP - Back to Jln Sg. Besi (2km long straight route), U-turn to Jln Sg.Besi, Turn left at Jln Empat, left and back to Jln Chan Sow Lin.  Total route 5.5km.

Short and sweet route with Adequate time to test the LKAS, BLIS, LDWS, SCC, RCTA...

 Upon taking off, I find that the Hyundai Ioniq’s DCT transmission is smooth and far better than many similar gearboxes with no jerkiness at low speeds and no lag whatsoever. The transmission shifts seamlessly and picks its gears intelligently from the six ratios.

However, the acceleration is linear but a bit sluggish in ECO Mode (Dr.Jekyll).  But it woke up Mr.Hyde in Sports mode. The LCD Speedometer Changes to Digital/Rev meter (like below):

 It improved tremendously when in Sport mode, by up-shifting later hence sportier feel. The steering is slightly heavier when you shift to Sport mode.  According to many other reviews and "Experts", 265Nm torque at your disposal at 1st gear and 235Nm torque comes from 2nd gear onwards in Sports mode from 1800-4000rpm.  It's like a "Soft turbo" they said.  0-100km/h in 10.8 secs and Top speed Electronically limited to 196km/h.

The Ioniq comes with Excellent Wind and NVH.  Only tyre roar comes in at high-speed.  It eats  corners for breakfast where the Ioniq sits firmly on the road, despite its soft suspension settings. 
This can be attributed to the low centre of gravity on the Ioniq, Thanks to The Fuel tank and 1.56Kw/H Battery located under the rear seats, which reduces body roll.

I test drove the HEV+ variant which comes with ADAS (Advance Driver's Assistance System) .  It consists a suite of safety features such as:
1) Smart Cruise Control - it sets the Distance, acceleration, speed limit.  Set and activate the cruise control and the car will accelerate on its own to cruise at the designated speed. If there is a vehicle in front, it will slow down and match the vehicle’s speed while keeping a safe distance.

2)  AEB (Automonous Emergency Braking) - the car will slow to a halt if it detects a vehicle or Pedestrian in its path from 5km/h to 60km/h or Below 70km/h).
3) BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) - BLIS keeps the driver alert when there’s a vehicle in the Ioniq’s blind spot by lighting up a warning light located on the side mirrors.
4)  LDWS (Lane Departure warning system) 
5) RCTA (Rear cross traffic alert)
6) LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System) - I  even tried cruising on the highway without holding the steering wheel with the lane-keeping assistance activated. 
7) FCW - Forward Collision Warning
8) Cornering Head Lights
9) Hill Assist Control (HAC)
10) TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring system)

Of course, these safety suites are not meant to be abused, as it is a feature to assist and save lives in case of emergencies.  Also, my Instructor said best enjoyed at Highway / Expressway driving.

For your Information, the 7" LCD Speedometer (in place of Old school Speedo) with 4.3" Supervision cluster and...
 Above ADAS features are only applicable to The Hyundai Ioniq HEV Plus.  Opt for HEV Std, you'll only get Old School Passive cruise control, ECO and Sports mode, HAC (Hill Assist Control), TPMS and VSM.  This means less Electronic gizmos to worry about and No "Nanny" to annoy you when you gave signal to overtake.  Basically, HEV Std just buys you the QUINTESSENTIAL Hybrid Technology.

Without further ado, here's the Photo gallery as there's a saying a photo's worth 1000 words: SETUP (1 day before)

 END OF SETUP...  Start of Day 1, Saturday, 22 April.

 Above: There's Lucky Draw for Existing Hyundai Owners' who send in their car for 12 point Inspection check-up.  Below: Colleagues, selfie session...

 Above: Salesmen Briefing session...

 Above: The Test drive route.  Please double click to enlarge.
 Above and Below: Kids Colouring session.

 Above: Day 1 Distinguished Guest.


Start of Day 2, 23 April 2017.
 Above: team WE FIE for Day 2 Breakfast.
 Above: My Walk in Guest.  NOT MY PHOTO.
 Above and below: My Distinguished guests,,,

Before I go, here's a Parting shot:  CAN YOUR HYBRID DO THIS?  535litres expanded to 900+ litres.

That's all folks! Thanks for the time and patience to read my 1000th Blog post entry.  This is Partially My Original work.  Only 60% of the photos were mine.  The rest taken from Facebook.

If you want to copy this Article, please acknowledge my work (by giving Links OR credit to me).  Copy Like a Man, don't plagiarise.