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Monday, May 28, 2018

IONIQ: A hybrid fastback "Wagon" for Below RM110,000

Good news for Estate, Touring or Stationwagon lovers like me.  I found a "2+3 seater" hybrid fastback Wagon for Below RM110,000.  It comes with Spare tyres and Wagon like versatility.  The car's no other than Hyundai Ioniq.  It's the only hybrid in its class with barrier free Flat folding rear seats (Honda City hybrid have "Sedan Bone") with a spare tyre and tool kit.   Check out the MASSIVE Luggage space.

Price: RM94,788 for HEV Std and RM109,988 OTR Without insurance for Ioniq HEV+ AVN (before Raya discount - June still unknown) Please call direct: or 012-6852718 for June Promotions.

 #CanyourHybriddothis?  Can your hybrid do this? 

 Boot space goes from 488 litres VDA (520 litres for HEV Std) to 1410 litres (1505 litres for HEV Std). or 012-6852718 for June Promotions.

Below are excerpts quoted from

 Above: Not my Youtube Video.  Source:

"The Ioniq’s boot opening is wide and square so it’s relatively easy to lift in some bulky luggage but there’s quite a tall boot lip that makes loading heavy items rather difficult. Still, its square shape makes it easy to pack full of large boxes and all Ioniqs come with a handy luggage net (sadly, Europe Only) to help tie down smaller items.

Sadly, there isn’t any storage space under the boot floor and you can’t adjust the floor height to reduce the size of that annoying boot lip, either. There are a few tether points dotted around the boot but no shopping hooks to stop your groceries rolling around.

Fortunately, you can fold the back seats down in a two-way (60:40) split if you need to carry some very long items and a passenger in the back seats at once. Flip both back seats down and the Ioniq’s boot grows to 1,505 litres – big enough to carry a bike if you remove one of its wheels. The back seats don’t fold completely flat, however, so it’s not particularly easy to push heavy boxes right up behind the front seats."

Also, Full size spare tyres with full set Tool kits like Tow Hook, Car Jack and handle, spanner, screwdriver.  Donut with False floor for HEV Std (Photo below).  
 Above and below: HEV Std slightly larger Boot space with false floor due to Space saver spare wheel.

Still not convinced?  Check these out:
 Is this qualified enough to call this a "Fastback Wagon".  Check out its load versatility.

Rating 9.5/10.  The Car I'll buy without Hesitation IF I HAVE THE MONEY!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Hyundai Latest 0 GST price

Latest price with 0 GST.  Please call Jefferson Lim at 012-6852718 or direct link Terms and conditions apply.  Promotion valid from now till SST comes in or while stocks last.

Latest Raya Promo on top of GST waiver:

I10 up to 14k Raya rebate
Ioniq - RM4000 raya rebate
Tucson - please call
Starex - RM5000 RAYA Rebate.
Elantra 2.0 up to RM6000 OFF
Elantra Sport 2018 extra 1k off only.

Please click direct

That's all folks, thanks for the time and patience to read this blog entry.

Friday, May 18, 2018

2018 Hyundai Ioniq Review What's changed? (Updated 18/5/18)

2018 stock Available NOW!!!  Price HEV Std Now at RM100,328 OTR  RM94,788 Without Insurance
while 2018 HEV+ AVN price now RM116,488 OTR  RM109,988 Without insurance.


Price "Drop" due to 0 Rated GST valid for the month of June only.  Apparently Raya Goodies.  By July 1,  SST 10% comes in price as below (as at 19/5/18):

RM103,988 for HEV Std 
RM120,088 for HEV+ AVN

Inventory stock as at 18 May 2018:

HEV Std: 1.5 month waiting list OR Mid July.  Please call 012-6852-718 OR click direct for latest waiting list.

HEV Plus AVN: All colour available.  Around 5-10 units per colour.

What’s new for 2018?

1) improved meter cluster.  The Distance to empty now Blue hue and Sports mode rev meter Redline now 5500rpm instead of 6500rpm.


 Above: Welcome door and puddle lamp in action.  Many potential customers asking me to demo this.
Above: Brighter Rear fog light.

2) redesigned rear seats - 3cm more headroom

3) 30 liters Bigger boot space as Repositioned and redesigned Li-Polymer Aux battery - with reset switch

4) Redesigned 240v Electric motor - slightly more compact

Introduction: The Ioniq is SKD in Kulim, Kedah, hence qualified for the EEV Status. It's Price to sell at RM100,328 for HEV Std.

PRICE Stated RM94,223 OTR Basic Car Price for HEV Std with Accessories But Without GST, Road tax, Registration fee and Insurance. RM103,000 OTR ALL IN OTR for HEV and please call/whatsapp for HEV Plus AVN price.

LAST CALL: Free 3 Years or 60,000km Maintenance! Free 4 mil security tinted... 3 more free gifts.

TERMS apply.

HEV stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle. It's FULL HYBRID powered by a Combination of Atkinson 1.6 Kappa GDI Engine with 105ps and 147Nm torque and 43.5ps and 170Nm Electric Motor (Dual Power source). Combined Output 141ps and 265Nm torque. It can run on Water cooled Inverter Motor (EV) up to 120km/h.

The Ioniq's based on New Elantra AD platform including 2700mm wheelbase. But the similarity ends here. This is a Dedicated Hybrid Aerodynamic body designed to Compete with Prius 4 Hybrid. It's available in 3 variants. EV 0-emission car, Hybrid Petrol and Plug in Hybrid.
In Malaysia, only, Hybrid Petrol's available.

 Iron Grey.  Most popular colour.  Cause it blends with the Rim.
 Above: Marina Blue.
 Above: Aurora Silver
 Above: Sleek Silver
 Above: Phoenix Orange.  Rare Limited edition colour.
 Above: Phantom Black.

Colour Choices:


1) FUN TO DRIVE yet Save Fuel:
It boast's 2 World's 1st in HEV Segment. Multi-link suspension and 6-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission).

2) HOMEWORK DONE: By Studying Toyota Prius Hybrid as benchmark. Top Engine Thermal efficiency at 40% (25% Competitor) and EV motor powered by Compact Li-ion Polymer battery (like Tesla). (Ni-MH Competitor) Water Cooled HSG Inverter Motor (Air cooled Competitor). 520 VDA litres expandable to 750 litres after 60:40 Split fold rear seats. Boot space achieved by Placing the battery under the Rear Seat.

3) AERODYNAMICS: The Ioniq boasts Cd.0.24 thanks to:
- Active Aero 3 stage Front Grille Shutter
- Wheel Air curtain
- Flat Fiber Underbody Cover
- Aero 17" Sport Rims
- Rear Spoiler
- Sleek Fastback Profile.

- Dual Zone Air Cond with Unique "Driver Only" and IONIZER.
- QI Wireless Charging slot (HEV Plus only)
- Bi-Xenon LED Headlights and LED Tailights (HEV Plus Only)
- 7" Dual Boot OEM and Android OS with Papago NAVI and Reverse Camera (HEV+)
(Not available this batch. For future batches)
- Leather Seats with Blue stitching (HEV Plus only), OEM Fabric Seats for HEV Std.

5) ADVANCED SAFETY: This is achieved thanks to:
53.5% AHSS (Advance High Steel Strength) vs Prius 16%
- widely used at passenger compartment structure, minimize cabin deformation
- Hot Stamping on B-pillars (heat up to 900 deg Celsuis before stamping)
- Adhesive technology (eg. Aluminium + AHSS)
- 7 Airbags on BOTH Variants
- VSM - Vehicle Stability Management Across the Range

The following features are for HEV Plus only:
SCC (Smart Cruise Control) - Operates from 40km/h to 180km/h. Controls your Speed, Acceleration and Distance.
BSD - Blind Spot Detection and RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert)
LDWS and LKAS - Lane Departure Warning System and Lane Keeping Assist System.
AEB: Autonomous Emergency Braking. Note the AEB Can detect Pedestrian too... Up to 70km/h or below 80km/h.
Electric Adjustable Driver seat.
Welcome light and puddle lamp.

Fuel consumption tested 3.7/100km. or 26.8km/l Mixed driving. 45 litres fuel tank good for AT LEAST 900km.  Customer feedback.  Photo as proof:

Top speed 208km/h (Tested by CAR Journalist)
0-100km/h in 10.8 seconds
0-50km/h in 3.1 secs
0-120km/h in 13.7 secs.

If you want to buy this car, Look for Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718. Test drive by appointment only. Location: One Auto Marketing HQ, Behind Southgate Sg.Besi.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Dengan ikhlas, I, Jefferson Lim ingin memohon maaf atas segala kesilapan keterlanjuran kata-kata dan perbuatan kepada semua Umat Islam dan juga mahu mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan :



To non-Muslim Malaysians, please be mindful and try not to have our meals in front of them and gives our Muslim brothers and sisters space and comfort to berbuka puasa with their family and friends.

Let's celebrate this holy month together as United Malaysians.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 8-9: of Dream Girl, PACA and GE14 Polling Day

Of Dream Girl, PACA and GE14 Polling Day

Some announcement for this blog.  I shall keep this Otoreview blog Semi-active due to Conflict of Interest with Current Company.  I shall only review or post:

1) Rakyat's car (like Proton and Perodua)
2) My Personal Car (i10, Civic FD2)
3) Hyundai related ad and reviews...

Please bear with me.  Thank You very much.

Anyway, below is a  copy of my Personal Blog where I update my stuff almost everyday.  The Happening side...  Do check it out and give feedback how to improve.
Today is May 8, 1 day before Election or Voting day.  I am Maria Chin P105 Polling Agent, My tag below:
I have the rough Idea how my future wife looks like.  Similar Like her...  
Anongnart Yusananda.

 Above: My Breakfast.

 Above: My Lunch.  Showroom duty today.  1 walk in only.

 Above: My Dinner.  Kedah Yin Yong (Penangites called it "Sar Hor Fun".


The ELECTION Day. #5091758.  Means On 509 we Ubah Together.

 Above my Lunch after PACA.  1st meal at 11:30am.
 Above and below: Voted.

 I waited until 11:50pm, Fell asleep...  Woke up 2:40am hearing Pakatan Won with Simple Majority.
Yes! Thank God We won.