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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LONGTERMER #1: Update 7: Ford Telstar i4 DOHC 16v

This month (January), I got lots of things to update on the Ford Telstar. I had nothing but disappointments. The Telstar “overheated” 3 times. First, on the 1st week of January, the temperature went up, I added water to the radiator. This temporary solved the problem for 1 week. On the 2nd time, the temperature went up again, this time it’s stage by stage. First stage, temperature increased only when Air cond’s off.

Then, 2 days later, temperature increased when traffic jam occurs. Another 2 days. Temperature increased ALL THE TIME, that was on the way back from Puchong to Petaling Jaya. Had to stopped midway @ Shell opposite Kelana Jaya Giant. It was raining heavily at that time. Stopped the car for 40 minutes, asked the Pump attendant to fill up the radiator, then I proceeded my journey. Five minutes later, the temperature went up again. I slowly limped the car back to my house. It was Saturday Evening. On Monday (2 days later), I slowly drove to the Workshop. Upon inspection, I was told that it’s the Lower Part of the radiator leaked. The lower radiator bracket (including the bottom seal) was changed, filled with radiator flushing and coolant. The Engine oil and oil filter were also changed.

The 3rd time, again, on the way to Puchong, the car suddenly experienced a power loss (after the toll), I slowly drove the car for 4kms, stopped at Puchong Tesco for breakfast, then the car kept on “coughing” and jerking, power depleting and persistently the engine died. Again, I limped the car to the destination. Once I parked the car, I cannot restart the car. I called “AIA Auto assist” for the 1st time. They were very professional, tow truck came in 15 minutes (Unlike AAM which often took 40 minutes). The Tow-truck man’s very friendly and chatty, his name is Mr. Guna. Here’s some photos of my car being towed to my workshop:

Fuel consumption decreased... The 1st 3 quarter the fuel gauge still went down very fast. Remaining ¼ it moves S-L-O-W-L-Y. Last month I topped 340km +/- when the “low fuel” light 1st appear. Now, full tank of 44.444L good for 280km only.


Year of manufactured: 1998 (registered January 1999)
Purchase price: RM42,000 (Aug 2005)
Current value: RM16,000 (As at January 2009)
Depreciation per year (averaged): RM6,500
Mileage last month: 139630km.

Mileage now: 140500km.

Fuel consumption: A decrease: from 7.9km/l to 6.3km/l. How? See text above.

Expenses (this month)
1) 20 January. Changed Engine oil + Oil filter (RM60), Changed Radiator lower brackets (leaked). Total Incl workmanship RM270.

2) 24 January 2009: RM140. Changed Spark plug cables (Yellow in Colour, Australian brand: “Hotshots”).

3)… Will fix after Chinese new year (early February): Spark plugs, Tuning and Alignment Balancing + Camber. Hopefully will end all these problems.

Before I go: here’s a parting shot:

That’s all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this. See you on February 27, next update.

1 comment:

  1. well...its a decade old workhorse. I sold my 1997 Telstar to my bro-in-law. Apparently the replacement distributor i bought is local made and it causes a some amount of knocking and jerking during idling.

    But I still miss its ride, especially the comfort on highways.