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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Longtermer #2: Volume 8: Honda Civic 2.0IVTEC

Longtermer #2: Volume 8: Honda Civic 2.0IVTEC FD2

This month is the 8th update of Longtermer #2, Honda Civic 2.0iVTEC FD2. Nothing much to update except it had been scratched/dented twice almost the same spot. See photo:

Year of manufactured: 2008 (Duh!)
Current Value: RM113,000
Purchase price: RM126,000 (less NCB)
Mileage when bought: 0008km

Mileage last month: 11525km.

Mileage NOW: 13033km
Average mileage per month: 1862km
Fuel consumption: 33L worth of petrol good for 400km (12.1km/L) mix driving of 70% city, 30% highway. Highest: 550km on 38.333L of petrol (full tank). 70:30 highway and City => 14.3km/L. An increase over last month. BUT: This figures only can be achieved under the hands of my 60 years old dad (120km/h averaged highway speed and "unknown speed" average city drive).

Interesting observation: 33L worth of petrol only good for 360km (10.9km/l) when I drove the car. Why? It's because of my "Heavy-footed" nature. BUT I tend to kickdown and woke up the i-VTEC a bit too often especially during traffic light start. Note: It's 70:30 city and highway driving. Maybe partially that is the reason.


1) None for this month

Here's an interesting observation. The spotlight is bright but "YELLOW". HID only for Low beam and "amber" for side lights.

Here's a parting shot before I sign off...

AN ORIGINAL JEFF LIM Production. That's all folks, thanks for reading...

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