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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please run-in your new car before speeding dragging... Or else..

TO all new car owners, please ensure your car's run-in before attempting the TOP SPEED... When I took delivery of my Honda Civic FD2, the salesman said "Run-in" for the 1st 2000km. MAKE SURE RPM below 3500rpm. Reason? All I know is "Fuel consumption, lower in the long run" AND engine not strained.

Else, I'll post your car no. plate here... To get the ball rolling, here's the 1st one:

1) Toyota Vios J: WSG 3756, Black, 24 March 2009, 4.20 to 4.45pm.
- KLIA all the way to NKVE Damansara toll.

The owner's insane, tailgating my Telstar @ 160km/h. Guess what? The car's barely "3 WEEKS OLD". Ie. Not running in... Interesting note, 3 WEEKS OLD Vios J 1.5 manual vs 10 YEARS OLD Telstar 2.0i Auto. I "WON" the "FRIENDLY RACE". Both at toll booth (KLIA and Damansara), Managed to keep a distance 3/4 of the journey from KLIA to Damansara Toll. Telstar's acceleration and high end speed prevails though on paper very close in acceleration. 0-100km/h 10.8secs (Vios manual) vs 11.2 secs (Telstar).

Topspeed (claimed) 185km/h vs 200km/h. Though, fastest I've driven that day's 177km/h. At that speed, 3rd gear => 5300rpm (roaring), while 4th gear @ a relaxing 4200rpm. That's why the Vios J can keep up with me.

Note that, I always ended up the loser, never won "race" before since 2002 It's because, my "opponent" ended up overtook from the left, ZIG-ZAGGING (eg. from RIGHTMOST lane to LEFT junction), often right before the Divider AND finally, from the emergency lane. until today, THIS CAR... SORRY, got carried away...


And the lists will go on and on...

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