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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


As per title, what comes after WYY since now already "WSS"? Anyone know?

Could It ended up like Sabah "WAA1234A", with the last digit move 1st until "WAA9999Y" then "WAB1234A".

OR Could it ended up like most of us predicted "WAAA1234"? Ladies and gentlemen, What's your opinion?

Monday, June 29, 2009

1st Anniversary REPORT: Honda Civic FD2 2.0iVTEC

FIRST year Summary: Honda Civic FD2 2.0IVTEC

NOTE FROM NEXT REVIEW ONWARDS, I'll Write a Review on the Civic 2.0FD2 EVERY QUARTER (ie. every 3 months). So my next review would be at "15th MONTH". Why? It's because I have nothing much to write on the car on "monthly" basis since the car is SO NEW. Rest assured, the Telstar will still be updated Monthly as it has more stuff to write (eg. trip to workshop, change which part).

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present you the 1 Anniversary update. 12 months passed baby... Nothing much to update for this month except I have driven this car to my Church Working Adult's camp in Country Heights Resort, Kajang with the help of my Latest toy "GARMIN NUVI 255W" with "Junction View" and 1 passenger.

At 6.30pm, I missed the Church service, drove from Kajang to Petaling Jaya to attend a friend's wedding (picked my mum along the way). Left Petaling Jaya for Country Heights Kajang at 11.30pm, reached there 40 mins later (hey, that shows that I was NOT SPEEDING). Also, I relied a lot on Cruise Control.

On my way back from Kajang, there's 4 passengers. Before we left Kajang, we went to Haji Samuri Sate.

Picture above and below, the Civic hit a Kerb while negotiating a 90 degree turn at 50km/h (the famous turning from BU12 to Sunwaymas, Petaling Jaya. Lower left side of bumper Damaged, rim dented and left tyre peeled off (3cm). I immediately took to workshop as I fear my dad will KILL ME. The workshop did A wonderful job without me breaking the bank. Costs RM260 only including spraying.

Picture above, the "DAMAGE".

Major Expenses: RM260

To cap it off, here’s the “Annual Logbook”.

Lastly, the LATEST Fuel consumption doesn’t sound promising: 300km for RM50 (27.778L) fuel. ONLY 10.9km/L. for Mostly Highway Driving.


LAST 6 months:
Best: 12.75km/l (90% highway driving) (November 2008)
Worst: 8.5km/l (100% City driving) (May 2009)
Averaged: 11.1km/L

Best: 13.75km/L (90% Highway driving) September 2008
Worst: 8.5km/L (100% City driving) – May 2009
Averaged: 11.125km/L

Mileage when new: 0008km
Mileage Now: 17900km
Average mileage: 1627km

0-100km/h: 9.2 seconds (“D” mode), 8.9 secs (paddle shift).
Top speed: Unknown (But someone recorded 215km/h as seen in Youtube)

For specifications and other details: please go to Honda Malaysia Website.

I now present monthly “FLASHBACKS” of the Civic FD2 since Day 1 owning the car. ENJOY:


"On 19 June 2008, my dad booked a new Sparkle Grey Pearl Honda Civic 2.0IVTEC. Initially, the salesman told my dad waiting list until 3rd week of August (more on that later). I can say that I have 4x "lucks".

“So called Luck #1”: Interest rate 2.35% by Public Finance. You know what? After 4 days booking, the interest rate shot up to a horrendous 3.5%. We took 6 years loan @ RM90,000.

“So called Luck #2”: Waiting list cut short by 3 weeks. It’s because someone cancelled the booking which is due 3rd week of July.

"So called Luck #3": The no plate I bought back in January 21 2008 (for the Nissan Grand Livina which my dad cancelled in March due to false promise by salesman (CALVEN of Tan Chong PJ)- Promised Chinese new year but Delayed till End-April) still can use. Selangor plate: B?? 1222. Thank God I DID NOT WIN the No. WRQ1222 which I bidded. If NOT...

28 July 2008, 12pm: Took Delivery of the car.

Volume 2:

Today = One month anniversary since we took delivery of the Honda Civic 2.0iVTEC. Sent for 1st 1000km service 2 weeks ago. They only rectified the defect (see picture below). The whole A-pillar cover came loose on both side, the left side is worse than the right. I try to fix it back, but the thing “Pop up” again.

Fuel consumption: 40L worth of petrol good for around 470km (11.75km/L) mix driving of 45% city, 55% highway. Best: 40L of fuel, 510km (12.75km/l).

In this “Longtermer #2” entry (Volume 3), I’ll cover the Civic’s ride and handling.

Due to the 17” rims and low profile tyres (Michelin Pilot Preceda 215/45 R17), the car’s ride can be a little hard hence comfort’s a bit sacrificed. Eg. You can feel the “yellow speed-breaker lines” (soft thump… thump… thump… thump… thump…). In contrast, my Telstar (also with 17” rims but shod with 4 Bridgestone My-01 tyres), went past the same speed-breakers with barely audible noise.

But there’s always some positive points, the handling’s quite amazing. The Civic cornered with minimal bodyroll. The engine’s surprisingly quiet (whisper) for an IVTEC. Engine noise only crept in during hard acceleration (from 3500rpm onwards)- eg. traffic light start upshift from low gear to higher gear AND during kickdowns (eg. 4th gear to 3rd gear or 3rd to 2nd gear).

FOR THIS MONTH: Fuel consumption: 40L worth of petrol good for around 470km (11.75km/L) mix driving of 45% city, 55% highway. Best: 40L of fuel, 510km (12.75km/l).


Today = Three month anniversary since we took delivery of the Honda Civic 2.0iVTEC. Sent for 2nd service 5000km service 3 weeks ago to Sumber Auto Edaran, Jalan Universiti, PJ.. They performed oil change (MINERAL OIL!!!???). Why MINERAL Oil? I asked the service advisor AND WHY 5,000km service interval? My questions were not answered.

What is the service procedure? 1) Parked the car at designated bay, went to service office, take a number. 2) They designate a service advisor for you asked you to return around 3 hours later. 3) I saw them covering the seat and the steering.

Then, The Service Advisor talked my dad to purchase a “Central Locking Beeper” for RM290. “BEEEPPP” (Unlock), “BEEEPPP” (x3) lock. Previously, the central locking was silent type (just light blinking).

3 hours later, went to service office again, they updated my Civic's service logbook. pay up then only you can drive away your car.

The whole A-pillar cover came loose on left side AGAIN., they tried to fix it back, but the thing “Pop up” again after a while especially parking under hot sun as this car's not tinted.

Service aftermath: The car became more responsive and eager. Better acceleration and more refined on the road (smoother engine). 0-100km/h in 9.2 seconds. Not bad for a FIVE SPEED Automatic (In "D" mode instead of using "S" paddle - shift. If "paddle shift" slightly faster => Below 9 secs)).

Thus, the Civic 2.0IVTEC has better Acceleration than VW Jetta 2.0FSI (9.8secs), Skoda Octavia 2.0 FSI (10.1secs), Mitsubishi NEW Lancer 2.0 CVT (10 secs) and New Ford Focus 2.0i Hatchback (9.7secs).

Average mileage per month: 1933km

Update 5:
Early this month (November), we drove the Civic 2.0iVTEC to Penang (total estimated journey of 1200km including driving around Penang). Why Penang?

Coz my mother side Grandmother passed away at 85 years old in her sleep due to Heart Attack. Very GRAND FUNERAL though. Lot's of VVIP turned up. Anyway, Let's get back to the topic...

The car's very stable at speeds up to 170km/h (can't go faster as there's some traffic)

Wonder what's with Honda Malaysia's 5,000km service interval? You know what? Did my research, Honda UK's Civic service interval (1.6 iVTEC Hatchback) is 12500 MILES NOT Kilometres, which is actually 20,000km. Also, Honda Australia's service interval's 10,000km.


For the month of January, the Civic made 1 trip to Klang, 2 rounds to KLIA and 2 rounds to LCCT, in addition to daily trips to work and back (by dad).

I tried the Paddle Shift on my trip to Klang. The "ROLLING START" at toll booth from 0-100 and beyond => Surprisingly FAST. That night (10pm), at the toll booth, there's slight G-force as I used the paddle shift from "2" to "3" to "4" and finally "5". Within a short distance (less than 15 seconds), the digital speedometer shows: 138km/h. I backed off and reduced the speed to 110km/h (speed limit) (cause there's 4 people on board including me). Tried the cruise control as well (set at 120km/h) nothing special.

This month is the 8th update of Longtermer #2, Honda Civic 2.0iVTEC FD2. Nothing much to update except it had been scratched/dented twice almost the same spot. See photo on my "8th update" posting.

This month is the 9th update of Longtermer #2, Honda Civic 2.0iVTEC FD2.

Went to IKEA with this car. Do check out the capability of the BOOT (picture). 6 "Herman" white chairs (flat packed), 4 pillows, 2 "POANG" Cushions. ALL WITHOUT SPLIT FOLDING THE REAR SEATBACK! The rest, seeked IKEA for delivery. Ie. Dining table for 6, Sofa 3 seater, "POANG" frame, 4 beds + 4 mattress etc...

Mileage NOW: 14244km, Average mileage per month: 1571km

This is 10th update of Longtermer #2, Honda Civic 2.0iVTEC FD2. Sent the Civic for 15000km service. Not much, just oil change and engine draining and other Preventive maintenance service.

Took the car to Putrajaya (for friend's wedding) and back with 1/3 fuel left (4 "little" bar left). On the way back only refilled at Puchong BHP station (1st time filling BHP petrol since 2006). Man, the fuel is POWERFUL. I dared to say it's AS POWERFUL AS V-Power. I only filled RM20 (11.111L). It's good for 120km before the next fill up (10.8km/L => LESS MILEAGE THAN SHELL).

One week later I even more "gung ho", last 2 bar, managed to drove from Section 17, Petaling Jaya to Pavilion, KL AND BACK. At that time, upon reaching home the Fuel level: 0 bar left and orange warning light's on. Only fill up the next morning.

Mileage NOW: 16804km
Average mileage per month: 1528km

Best: 11.8km/L (Shell V-power)
WORST: 8.5km/L (BHP) 100% City driving

LAST 6 months:
Best: 12.75km/l (90% highway driving) (November 2008)
Worst: 8.5km/l (100% City driving) (May 2009)

This is 11th update of Longtermer #2, this month's a busy month for the Civic 2.0iVTEC FD2. Clocked 1300+ km over 11 days fetching my Hongkie friend and his parents around, mostly city driving save 3 return trips to KLIA. Hence, my own car, the Telstar is "neglected" most of the month in May.

Went to Royal Selangor Club (Desmond's father is "Reciprocal Member" and Royal Lake Club (my Dad's member) almost everyday...

Mileage: 16,804km
Averaged per month: 1528km

Before I go, here's a parting shot:


That’s all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this. An ORIGINAL JEFF LIM’S Production.

LONGTERMER 1: Update 12: Ford Telstar 2.0i GHIA

Longtermer #1, Update 12: Ford Telstar Ghia 2.0i4 16v

In this blog entry, I am updating my Ford Telstar i4 Ghia. This is the 12th update. What's up in the month of June?

Well, nothing much to highlight. I’m glad to say this is a problem free month. The FIRST time 2009, the Telstar did not giving me any problems. Yes, NO visit to workshop this month.

One interesting aspect to take note is different Fuel Brand gives different mileage. Eg. Shell and BHP only gave me 150km per RM50, But ESSO and MOBIL gave 200km +/- per RM50 consistently. Also, Power wise, V-Power is the most powerful but Mobil can Challenge V-power , cheaper and more economical as well.

As I typed this, the Telstar only done 800km +/-. Why?
It’s because my dad’s in Vietnam for 2 weeks, hence his Civic FD2 is driven by me. Without further ado, let's proceed to Logbook:


Year of manufactured: December 1998 (registered January 1999)
Purchase price: RM42,000 (Aug 2005)
Current value: RM15,000 (As at January 2009)
Depreciation per year (averaged): RM6,750
Mileage last month: 143,678km

Mileage now: 144,444km
Fuel consumption (so far):
BEST: 9km/l (22 April 2009)
WORST: 5.9km/l (November 2008)

TODAY, As at 29 June,

Expenses (this month)
1) Petrol (RM90 only this month) and toll charges.

Before I go, here's a parting shot above...

End of Update, thanks for having the patience to read it...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honda's VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) Advertorial, Thanks Nuffnang!

Honda's VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) Advertorial, Thanks to Nuffnang...

I was engaged by Honda to do a research on this VSA techonology.

VSA are more sophisticated type of traction control. Besides restoring or enhancing grip on slippery roads, they also stabilise the car when it is about to skid in a corner. In simplified term, VSA = ABS + TCS + Understeer/oversteer prevention.
Any one of these, or more, can work together/in succession when VSA activates.

My personal encounter with VSA:

(I am a owner of a 2008 Civic FD2 (2.0iVTEC) equipped with VSA)
A month ago when I was driving in a heavy rain (more like raining cats and dogs type of rain), I took a corner at 90km/h, when my car's front wheel passed through the uneven road surface with water on it in Petaling Jaya. More specifically “Tropicana Indah” area (nice corners leading to Casa Indah (on left) and Seri Selangor Public Golf Course on the right), I felt that the tyres (stock Michelin PP 1) were losing grip.

At the same time I saw the triangle blinking. Immediately after 1 or 2sec I think, I can feel the tyre start gripping again (VSA activated). On the next corner, almost the same thing happen & the VSA again in action. All of these happen within few seconds.

One thing I can sure is VSA really helps during emergency. I'm a person that loved to take fast corners, but these happened unexpectedly. Hence, it’s dangerous to deactivate it.

You'll appreciate how VSC works if you have driven an older car without electronic driving aids. Entering the same rain soaked corner a typical FWD car will understeer, causing you to lift off... Lift too fast and your car will oversteer which is much more difficult to recover (you need to quickly countersteer).

Now under NO circumstances should you try this entering the corner faster than you would normally do... Also, don’t expect to corner at ridiculous speed in wet (eg.150km/h). In such situations VSA may not be able to save you...

In a nutshell VSA is a features that will save additional lives giving the driver still control over the vehicle despite driving errors. This is more so especially in the wet. They can make the difference between ending up in the drain or against a tree, and just having a big scare but still continuing the drive. As a result, this is one of the best technological innovations in Motoring History.

For more information, please visit the following site:

Here's another link to my blog advertiser:

- Press release 1997, Technology, July 2, 1997.
- for definitions

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Happy Father's day EVERYONE! Tomorrow (Sunday) is Father's day. Any gift/s and/or plans to celebrate with your father? OR Should I say what would you do with your father?

Brief description of my dad: He's 168cm, Middle weight, Almost bald, 60 years old guy. He loves Golf. He is an ambidextrous (ie. use of both hands especially writing and playing racket games) Oh! He loves Curry fish head, "Teochew Lor Duck meat", Nasi Lemak etc...

He retired from a prominent Bank in Hong Kong back in 2001 after 28 LONG years working for the Bank (22 years in KL HQ and 6 years in Hong Kong). He is still active in the workforce today working as a Consultant to a Bank in Vietnam, Director to a Bank in China and recently, Director of a Subsidiary of a Malaysian bank.

Well, my dad went to Cambodia for Business Trip today (Airasia). So in other words, he won't be with us (the Lim's family) for this father's day.
Q: What I'm going to do tomorrow?
A: Wash his car lor...

WIthout further ado, here's a photo of my father:

My question to all of you readers,
1) what are going to do to your father tomorrow? (ie. what is your plan)
2) Have you said "I love you!" to your father before?

Well, these are points to ponder...

Ever wonder how Father's day started?
Let us proceed to the "Origin of Father's day":

HISTORY of Father's Day

The idea for an official Father’s Day celebration came to a married daughter, seated in a church in Spokane, Washington, attentive to a Sunday sermon on Mother’s Day in 1910-two years after the first Mother’s Day observance in West Virginia.

The daughter was Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd. During the sermon, which extolled maternal sacrifices made for children, Mrs. Dodd realized that in her own family it had been her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran, who had sacrificed-raising herself and five sons alone, following the early death of his wife in childbirth. For Mrs. Dodd, the hardships her father had endured on their eastern Washington farm called to mind the unsung feats of fathers everywhere.

Her proposed local Father’s Day celebration received strong support from the town’s ministers and members of the Spokane YMCA. The date suggested for the festivities, June 5, Mrs. Dodd’s father’s birthdays were three weeks away-had to be moved back to the nineteenth when ministers claimed they need extra time to prepare sermons on such a new subject as Father.

Newspapers across the country, already endorsing the need for a national Mother’s Day, carried stories about the unique Spokane observance. Interest in Father’s Day increased. Among the first notables to support Mrs. Dodd’s idea nationally was the orator and political leader William Jennings Bryan, who also backed Mother’s Day. Believing that fathers must not be slighted, he wrote to Mrs. Dodd, "too much emphasis cannot be placed upon the relation between parent and child."

Father’s Day, however, was not so quickly accepted as Mother’s Day. Members of the all-male Congress felt that a move to proclaim the day official might be interpreted as a self-congratulatory pat on the back.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson and his family personally observed the day. And in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge recommended that states, if they wished, should hold their own Father’s Day observances. He wrote to the nation’s governors that "the widespread observance of this occasion is calculated to establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children, and also to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations."

Many people attempted to secure official recognition for Father’s Day. One of the most notable efforts was made in 1957, by Senator Margaret Chase Smith, who wrote forcefully to Congress that "Either we honor both our parents, mother and father, or let us desist from honoring either one. But to single out just one of our two parents and omit the other is the most grievous insult imaginable."

Eventually, in 1972-sixty-two years after it was proposed-Father’s Day was permanently established by President Richard Nixon.

In America today, Father’s Day is the fifth-largest card-sending occasion, with about 85 million greeting cards exchanged.


Thanks for having time and patience reading this, that's all folks...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

70,000th+ Unique Visitors (87,808 pageloads)... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

70,006 Unique visitors and 87,808 Pageloads! As at 18 June 2009, 18:53 hours Thank you... Thank you for your support!!! Here's a short "speech" of the blog owner and editor, Jeff Lim (ie. me).

"This blog you are reading: "" was launched in August 21 2006. I only posted 18 posts in the Inaugural year. In 2007, it was almost doubled at 32 posts. The following year in 2008, I managed to doubled my blog entries again at 67 blog entries. In 2009, I hoped to double the 2008 blog entries again... Watch this blog...

I hope you enjoy the "Unique" part of my blog. There were:
1) Best and worst resale value cars
2) "What car can you buy with these budgets?"
3) "LONGTERMERS" of my cars which I update monthly...

Note that, only 50 of the post entry (ie. slightly less than 1/3) are "my original work" which I am "VERY PROUD OF". Especially the LATEST entry, "In Memorium: Mazda Astina". 100% MY ORIGINAL WORK. Others are "copied" from other forums (eg. Lowyat forum/websites (eg. GoAuto Australia /magazines (eg. Highway Malaysia). Though it's "copied", I acknowledged their work, MAKE IT CLEAR that it is NOT MY ENTRY by giving "REFERENCING" (from 2008 onwards => HARVARD REFERENCING) and having the "SOURCES" listed out... Ie. I can still keep my head up!

Over the past 6 months, I've tried my best to produce more of "My Original work".
Now I need your help to enable me to produce more of "my original work". Can YOU ALLOW me to write a review on your car? It can be any car as long as it's USED. Alternatively, YOU REVIEW YOUR OWN CAR (see my blog label under "What's changed?" and send to me your article. I will acknowledge (give credit) your work.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my advertisers Google and especially Nuffnang. Nuffnang ROCKS man! You guys are Very Happening, especially the Advertisement contents. Wah! It even has "TIGER BEER", "Nike", "Honda" etc!!! The earnings are GREAT compared to "AHEM!".

Keep the ball rolling everyone and HELPED me to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about this blog. I HOPE I can expand this blog by adding a "FORUM" and having More Advertisers. The former (forum) is DIfficult as I can't find enough "MODERATORS" to kickstart it as I have a FULL TIME JOB to do (I'm a "PROPERTY SALESMAN"). This blog I created is my "HOBBY", hence I got no time to be a Moderator.

Besides hobby, This BLOG is also my "PORTFOLIO" which I am building as I hoped to be a Car Journalist someday. In other words, I created this "PORTFOLIO" because I don't have a Degree or "ANY PAPER QUALIFICATIONS" needed to be a journalist... Here's hoping someone might "employ" me as a part timer or contributor. DOn't worry, "CHEAP LABOUR" here...

That's all folks, thanks for having the patient to "READ THRU' THIS...

In a meantime, I have few photos...

Above: 70,004 hits - Unique visitors... Oh! Also, "THIS IS AN ALL MALAYSIAN BLOG!" as you can see in the picture above.

Above, Pageloads... and Below, my LATEST Hits over the last 7 days. Note: Consistent visitors...

Above: Visitor statistics from 2006 to June 2009...

THE END... Again, Thanks for having the time and patience to read this...

Friday, June 05, 2009

IN MEMORIUM: Mazda 323 Astina (M), 1992

In MEMORIUM, 1992 Mazda 323 Astina (Manual). My sister's previous car.

In this blog entry, I'm reviewing my sister's Previous car, a white 1992 Mazda 323 Astina 1.6 (Manual). She owned the car from April 2003 to August 2007. My dad bought this "Kuching no. Plate" Astina from a dealer (Soon Meng Auto) which used to located at Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya for RM21,000 Cash.

The Mileage when we sold off the Astina stood at 217,521km.

What's so special about the car?

This car's AHEAD of its times... Firstly, it's the "Unique" Pop-up headlights, then the 60:40 split seats coupled with Hatchback body = Versatile.

Also, 4 Disc brakes (not bad for a 1990 technology), 4 power windows, Semi-bucket seats (see photo below), CD (Coefficient of Drag): 0.32 (Again, note that this is 1990 technology).

Of course, there's downside, namely the REAR HEADROOM's VERY POOR. I'm only 5 feet 9 and my head touched the "ceiling" of the car. Also, the SPARE PART'S Difficult to find (eg. Rear Brake discs mechanism). Maintenence higher than say, a Corolla SE-G. It Drinks petrol (for a Manual car).

The Suspension setup is "High-technology" 4x Independent MacPherson struts suspensions with fr and rr anti-roll bars, Like the Ford Laser TX3, the rear suspension is Ford patented "twin trapezoidal dual-linkage (TTL). The improved version is seen in Today's Ford FOCUS...

What happened over the 4 years under the hands of my sister. Let's see... 4x Absorbers changed once, tyres changed twice (front) and once (back) to Goodyear Ducaro GA, 2x battery change, 4x brake pad changed, serviced rear brake discs + rear wheel bearings, Cooling system changed TWICE (Radiator, water-pump etc...), Air-conditioning's faulty (Not cold, 4x trip to workshop), Minor Accident 3 times, twice almost at same spot, bumper "remoulded back to original shape", front nose (knocked back). Thank God the "Pop up headlight" mechanism not affected, if not $$$.

REAR BUMPER's TOUGH. At the 2nd time accident, a Proton Iswara crashed into the Bumper of our Astina, the Proton's front 1/3 gone, (bonnet became "A" shape) while the Astina's bumper just paintwork peeled off and minor scratches.

Oh! As for the fuel consumption, it averaged 8.7km/L (best 10km/L, worst 7.9km/L), . Note that this car's SOHC 16-valve Carby car (NOT Fuel injection). Also, performance: 0-100km/h in 11 seconds flat. Top speed unknown, but at 110km/h, the tachometer shows 2400rpm only. I guess it's around 180km/h.

For your information We sold it back to the same dealer we bought from in September 2007 for RM5,000 only.

Well, there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, here's some photos...

Nice Dashboard Layout. The Air-cond is special, comes with "Economy" mode...

Above: The engine bay. Code: B6. Cylinder 4-in-line, 1.6 SOHC 16-valve Single Carb FWD. 5 speed manual. It generates 64kw@6000rpm of max power, Torque: 125Nm@3100rpm.

Above: Unique Pop-up headlights. BELOW: Nicely sculpted Dashboard.

Before I sign off, here's a Parting shot... (Side profile)

An Original Jeff Lim's Production (My Original Work). Thanks for having the time and patience to read this...

Monday, June 01, 2009

WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY Ended... Anyone really "Stop" smoking for a day?

As per title, anyone REALLY2 "Stop" smoking today? Or better still, Anyone mamaged to QUIT smoking?

Another Scenario, this time a Chain smoker with 4 packs a day => RM36.00 per day => RM1080 a month!!! Wow, can use to pay monthly installment on a new or used car worth RM100,000! (RM10,000 deposit, 3.5% interest for 9 years, RM1080 per month). Or better still, can pay for a HOUSE installments!!!

Thank GOD I DON'T SMOKE... Man, it'll REALLY x2 burn a hole in my Pocket.