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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

1/7/97 => 1/7/09. British handover to China anniversary...

NOTE: Sorry for sidetracking a bit... But Hong Kong is my 2nd home... Can't resist posting something about their anniversary.

Today 1.7.09 marks the 12th anniversary Hong Kong being handover from Britain to the People's Republic of China.

Back then in July 1, 1997, I was a year 11 student, studying in Hong Kong.
I remembered like yesterday, I "was there" during the handover "FUll Coverage LIVE" from HOng Kong's TVB World. Seen the British Union Jack lowered down and New Hong Kong flag hoisted up, Prince Charles's there too. Saw the Governer CHris patten and their family entering "Britiania" ship. Believe it or not, Alice Patten - see photo (his youngest daughter's my Schoolmate in Island School (2 year senior). They were crying as they entering "Britannia", leaving Hong Kong...

Above: Lion dancers perform during a parade to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China in Hong Kong Wednesday, July 1, 2009. (AP)

China promised... I hope the promised is honoured. But what will happened after the "promised" it's anyones' guessing. Ie. For me to find out and for you to know.

Here's what the press said...

ARTICLE 1: Thursday, July 2, 2009

ABove: Tens of thousands march for democracy in Hong Kong (AP)

A protester carries a placard which reads "Return power to the people" during a pro-democracy march demanding universal suffrage in Hong Kong, yesterday. (Reuters)

Here's 2nd article:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photo 2 of 123
Tens of thousands march for democracy in Hong Kong

A protester carries a placard which reads "Return power to the people" during a pro-democracy march demanding universal suffrage in Hong Kong, yesterday. (Reuters)

Updated Wednesday, July 1, 2009 2:03 pm TWN, AP
Hong Kong marks 12th anniversary of return to China

HONG KONG — Thousands of Hong Kongers joined a parade Wednesday of Chinese dragon dancers and children garbed in opera costumes as the territory marked the 12th anniversary of its return to China.

Picture sourced: REUTERS.

he parade kicked off shortly after Hong Kong and Chinese flags were raised in an early morning ceremony beside the territory's famed Victoria Harbor that drew hundreds of officials and onlookers.

"It is time for celebration, not a time for discontent," said Ko Po-chun, 49, after watching Hong Kong singers and Chinese soldiers' martial arts performance.

With nods to traditional Chinese culture, both events were meant to emphasize unity with the mainland.

But they contrasted sharply with a street protest later in the day expected to draw tens of thousands of Hong Kongers calling for democracy.

Since its handover to China on July 1, 1997 — after 156 years of British rule — Hong Kong has largely retained its Western-style civil liberties, including press freedom and the right to hold public protests. But its people still cannot directly elect the city's chief executive or all legislative members.

The annual march has become a public forum to urge for democratic forms and vent dissatisfaction with government policies.

While last year's turnout was relatively low because of the Olympics and a still-strong economy, organizers say as many as 100,000 people could show up for Wednesday's march.

Hong Kong's slumping economy and rising unemployment is stoking anger.

This year, hundreds of civil servants and government contract workers are set to protest as organized groups for the first time to demand better work conditions and pay — signs of public frustration that experts say could alarm Beijing.

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  1. bro.... surprisingly that HK is your 2nd home..... besides, your english so good.... not like those Hongkies.... Lol!

  2. I only stayed there for 5 years. Studied in British School. Mixed with the Expatriates more... Only 2 Hongkies friend... The rest are Koreans, Canadians, Brits, North Indians etc...

  3. ic.....

    anyway, looking for a Mercedes C class (the facelift after 2004/2005 model), do u want to do a review on that model?