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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is NOT a Automotive blog entry, rather, it's regarding Mobile Phones. Whatever you do, try to Buy Original Officially imported phone (Eg. Midland, Zitron, AVAXX)

I, learnt the HARD WAY. Whatever you do, again, Buy ORIGINAL Phone (This is TRUE for SONYERICSSON, dunno about NOKIA) NOT AP. The latter aftersales SUX BIG time...

Eg. My current "2nd phone" 2006 SE K618i's ORIGINAL Midland... The battery connector KO, fixed w/o question and Updated firmware 3 times they also lend me SPARE PHONE when my phone's being serviced 3 TIMES. CAN YOU BEAT THAT AP Phone provider...

I'm VERY Sure AP Provider @ Grey Importer offer such a Nice Service. They promised 18 mts warranty on phone and 6 mts warranty on LCD Screen. But most of the time they don't honour their warranty. I don't want to name the Company but there are AT LEAST 2 of them.

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