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Thursday, July 30, 2009

:FAREWELL: 1979 Datsun 120Y (Scrapping)

SADLY MISSED: 1979 Datsun 120Y (Scrapping)

Readers, be warned that this is a tear wrenching blog entry. It’s a “Story” of an EXCELLENT CONDITION car waiting in line for Scrapping.

This car is owned by my friend, Andy’s (not his real name) family since 1979, His grandfather owned it since new until 1997 when It’s passed on to Andy’s brother Tim (Not his real name). At that time, Andy’s a “Rempit” (till today, sometimes he “rempitting to downtown KL”).

It was until 2004, his Brother bought a used Toyota Corolla, then Andy only had the chance to “Inherit” the car. But the car’s still under Tim’s name till today.

Soon, the Datsun 120Y’s gonna preparing to be scrapped.
In my opinion it’s a bit of waste because the mileage is Very Low, only 2 rounds. Ie. 237,191km only.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the pictures as a picture is worth 1000 words.
Day time shot of this car.  Just added 12 April 2012.  I found it in 3R photo, scanned it and share it here.

Clockwise from top left. The door panels and steering had been plastic wrapped by Andrew’s grandfather.. The dash speedometer, the ignition with air-cond switch beside it.

Let’s go to montage 2:

Clockwise from top left, the unique “Click click… Click click” sound when changing gear. The front seats and rear seats (man, it’s Cramped, my leg always got stuck (size 10). Lastly, the steering (NON-powered).

Montage 3: The exterior: Picture 1 and 2 needs no introduction, Picture 3, check out the “Steel” Airpress… Picture 4: Custom made side mirror.

Montage 3: Clockwise from top left, The garang front when, behind a car, due to “Very bright@ headlight, Rear lights, Steel Airpress and custom made Side mirror.

Montage 4: from top left, front “Stanley” headlight, RARE Steel rims with Firestone tyres. Picture 3: This is one of a hell strong bumper, Lastly, the “big boot”

Montage 5:
Clockwise from top left. Original 1171cc, 69hp, 95Nm torque, 8 valve SOHC Single carburettor. Very economical at 13 cents per km or 12+km/L. Second picture, again, the door panels were PLASTIC Wrapped hence., Pucture 3: Back 3 quarter of the car. Picture 4, one of the few rusting part of the car.

Montage 6: Viewing angle of the car and the dash meters of the car.

The car’s still in EXCELLENT Condition with Minimal rust, resprayed 2k white back in 2006. Complete Overhauled in 2005. Anyone wants to rescue the car from Scrap? Possible but difficult. Since it’s “going to scrap, why not go there to Buy this antique (Call me, Jeff 016-377-5778 (not my permanant prepaid no - "scrapping" 30 August)... This fine example of Datsun 120Y is destined for scrap. Hence this is a “Farewell report” to the car. GOODBYE 1979 Datsun 120Y “Same age as me”.
Here is a parting shot: An Ancient “Datsun Logo”

An original Jeff Lim’s work. Jeff ori. Tak copy dari mana mana (didn’t copy from anywhere).


  1. too bad the model is diff from mine... else i can take some of the parts =S and maybe is too late now.. sigh

  2. It's not too late... Car is still driving around... Still waiting (queue) to scrap. What year and model is yours?

  3. i think mine is B310, the square front light...

  4. is your b310 still available for scrapping?

  5. is your b310 still up for scrap?

  6. It's sent to scrap... December 27 surrendered the car. The old has gone, the new (Proton Saga BLM) has come...

  7. aiks... tot can get some parts from you :(

  8. yeap
    im still doing retro parts supply
    can email me anytime for any parts you wish to source

  9. Anonymous11:22 PM

    ur car still nice can you sell me the sparepart? aim oldskoolers..ill buy wht i need

  10. i have one unit,still running in good condition,but paint was so so poor..can see it here-my blog sell parts

  11. Pretty good write up, well... this Datsun 120Y with round headlamp and a front push reverse gear position was my second car back in 85'after the mini cooper. Boy, can't forget the very first time I got it home, leaking all over the place when it rain and the alternator not working.Hahaha.

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