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Saturday, August 01, 2009

BJD 8282, Red S2000 You are the champ!!!

This is NOT MY BLOG ENTRY Definitely. Rather, It was taken from this blog: Apparently written by "Yoon Kit" aka. drifter... Source 1:
wyat forum.

Source 2:

I know this is a used car review blog, but these kind of driver is TOO MUCH. "Orang Kurang Upaya" (OKU) parking space also park. Somemore, parked at 2 parking lot. He/she knows it's a designated bay for OKU. Here goes for this WONDERFULLY WRITTEN Blog entry:

"While in McDonalds Shah Alam, this young scrawny punk drove his red sports car and parked in the middle of the two handicapped parking bays. So not only did he park in a space allocated for the Physically Challenged, he also took up two spaces for his precious car. I managed to snap a picture of him as he walked by:

user posted image

Me: Please don't park in the handicapped bay
Doofus: Huh?
Me: Are you physically challenged?
Doofus: No?
Me: Then why did you park there?
Doofus: Cannot ah?
Me: No!
Doofus: Who are you?
Me: Just a concerned citizen.
Doofus: So? ... Do what you have to do lah

Fine! So I took this picture:

user posted image

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