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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Proposal... Roadtax based on insurance... (2nd reminding)

In this blog entry, I'm going to follow up on what I wrote back in

"Wednesday, December 19, 2007"
"Propose: Road tax based on insurance instead of... "

Again, I proposed ROAD TAX based on insured value instead of CC (Cubic Capacity). Why?

Because it's Unfair for say (Example 1) an 18 years 0ld 3200cc car (1991 Honda Legend) owned by a Pensioner worth RM12,000 but have to fork out RM4,000 road tax PA. The pensioner don't want to sell his car due to sentimental value. It's his LAST COMPANY Car which he bought over when he retire...

Again, it's unfair as (Example 2) A New 350,000 E-class owner only pay RM3xx roadtax PA. Why is it so? Because the car's a 1.8.

Example 3, a Retired VIP wants to keep his 1989 BMW 750iL V12, does it make sense to imposed RM18,000 a year when his car's worth RM1-2k LESS. Even though he's a VIP.

Can you sense the irony in this 3 examples?

To ensure fairness, the Government should implement this proposal As soon as possible (ASAP) so that some Rich folks won't get away with the Loophole. It's SHOCKING, a 1796cc Mercedes E200K worth RM350,000 owner only have to pay RM3xx roadtax whie 1 20 yrs old BMW worth RM10,000 gets to pay RM10,000+ oad tax per annum. Something needs to be done...

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