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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LONGTERMER #1: Update 18, Dec 09: Ford Telstar 2.0i4 Ghia

Longtermer #1, Update 18, December 09: Ford Telstar 2.0i4 16v Ghia

In this blog entry, I am updating my Ford Telstar i4 Ghia. This is the 18th update.

Before I start my update, heres' a USP (UNIQUE SELLING POINT) of the Ford Telstar. This feature is only available in FORD TELSTAR and its TWIN SISTER, MAZDA 626. I present a VIDEO depicting this feature: Climate Control with OSCILLATING AIR VENTS.

-UPLOAD ERROR- will try again until SUCCESSFUL.. WON'T GIVE UP...
31 March.  Video uploaded, via youtube.

What's up in the month of December?

As I am typing this, the Telstar covered 996km. Now, 149,384km. Previous month, it's 148,388km. This is a MAJOR improvement compared to >300km travelled on November. Why is it so? It's ALL DUE to my NEW TENANT from IRAN. Fetched him around for 1 week, hence LOTS OF CITY DRIVING.

I also drive this car around Petaling Jaya, furthest Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club, this month. But nothing beats this route done on December 23 2009: Sect 17 => Aman Suria => Subang SS15 => Kepong Metro Prima => Digital Mall (Sect 14, PJ) => Sect 17 => 1 Utama. Then after that 1 Utama => Kepong Metro Prima => Damansara Heights and FINALLY BACK TO SECT 17. WOW! What a DRIVE!

Again, Back to the TELSTAR, 2 months ago, I reported the Front tyres balding… Finally, on 28 December 2009, I changed both front tyres to Silverstone Synergy M5 ECO-Friendly tyres.

But I felt CHEATED, 3 hrs after I changed my tyres (in Petaling Jaya), I found out thru' Lelong website that "TEIK MENG SUNWAY" is RM50 CHEAPER per tyre. This means I PAID RM100 MORE!

BUT there's a story behind this. ONE day before, my car REAR LEFT TYRE got punctured.

I sent for repair in a tyre shop in SS2/103 (DO NOT GO THERE! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED).

I changed my front tyres there and then. But price include WORKMANSHIP + Balancing. Alignment for front wheels extra RM15. They also DID Engine Oil change (oil, Castrol GTX2 supplied by me, oil filter extra RM18. TOTAL adds up to RM548.

Oh! Found out that my Spare tyre is NEW and UNUSED. Surprisingly, NO CRACK/HARDENED whatsoever. See picture below:

Without further ado, let’s proceed to Logbook…


Year of manufactured: December 1998 (registered January 1999)
Purchase price: RM42,000 (Aug 2005)
Current value: RM12,000 (As at December 2009)
Depreciation per year (averaged): RM7,500
Mileage 2 months ago: 148,148km
Mileage last month: 148,388km

Mileage NOW: 149,384km

Fuel consumption (so far):
BEST: 10.2km/l (24 December 2009)
WORST: 5.9km/l (September 14, 2009) => 100% City driving

THIS MONTH (November):
BEST: 10.2km/l on 24 December 2009 (80% Highway driving). WORST: 13 December: 7.3km/L, 90% City driving. I used either RON95 Shell OR Mobil RON95 only.

0-100km/h: 10.4 secs (27/9/2009). Previous run 10.8 secs (25 Aug 2009).

TODAY, As at 29 December,

Expenses (this month)

1) Fuel expenses (RM550)
2) Parking and tolls charges... (RM50 est)
3) CHANGED 2x TYRES (Silverstone Synergy M5) + Oil Change + Alignment = RM548.00


Before I go, here's a parting shot above taken at IKEA Basement parking.

NOTE: THIS CAR IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT RM13,888 Negotiable from 29 December 2009 ONWARDS. WYSIWYG (WHat you see is what you get), NO ACCIDENT COVER UP. The Car Comes with:

1) 17" LENSO NX-01 rims + 2 New 215/45ZR17 Silverstone Synergy M5 front tyres AND Bridgestone MY-01 rear tyres.

2) Pioneer DEH-4750MP MP3/WMA/CD Player with 4x DbMAX Speakers.

Cash Preferred. Car is 12 yrs old hence H/P Loan is IMPOSSIBLE. All is NOT LOST, one can still borrow via PERSONAL LOAN up to 90% from either BANK RAKYAT (Malay) OR Hong Leong Bank (Non Malay).

End of Update, thanks for having the patience to read it... Next Update: January 29 2010.


Friday, December 25, 2009

VIDEO: New Ford Escape vs. New Honda CRV

Video review: New Ford Escape 2.3 vs New Honda CRV.

I found this SUPER DETAILED and COMPREHENSIVE comparisons between Ford Escape and Honda CRV. However, this YOUTUBE VIDEO is in Bahasa Indonesia. For those who understand it, is SUPER INFORMATIVE review... I Rated this review 90%.

Apparently, Honda Indonesia's distributor chosen to sell the CRV in 170ps 2.4IVTEC instead of 156ps 2.0IVTEC found in Malaysia. BUT our CRV is LOADED with reverse sensor, better ICE (In-car entertainment) with 2 extra speakers, steering wheel control on essential Head-unit buttons, Cruise control, roof rail and other goodies not found in Indonesian CRV. So WE MALAYSIAN gain some (specs, gadgets) and lose some (engine) from the CRV.

Meanwhile, ENJOY the Video:

Video review:


That's all folks, thanks for viewing...

cbt article: Evergreen Jaguar Mark II

FIFTY years ago, two iconic British automobiles were presented to the motoring world.

The tiny Mini Minor in August of 1959 and the elegant compact saloon from Jaguar called the Mark II in October.

Both marques celebrate their golden anniversary this year and interestingly are among the most desirable of British classic cars today.

The Mark II was launched to coincide with the country’s first inter-urban highway known as the M1 Motorway.

The model was introduced to replace the outdated and unpopular Mark I and was substantially a re-designed variant of the latter in terms of build quality, aesthetics and power.

It was also created to fill the gap between the XK sports variants and the large Mark IV.

Like the E-type which held its own in Jaguar’s sports car section, the Mark II was developed to be the marque's sporting saloon flag bearer.

The styling was refreshing although it still retained that "leaping Jaguar" side profile of the sporty XK.


Substantial improvements in comparison to its predecessor included a bigger glassed area, revised interior, semi spats covering the rear wheels and a wider track for the rear axle.

The classy interior of the car features leather seats, highly polished walnut door capping and dashboard which is filled with multiple gauges blending nicely with aviation inspired toggle switches.

With three different engine variants to choose from, the Mark II was an instant hit among motorists when introduced and until the end of its production run in 1967.

The base model, which came with a straight six 2.4-litre motor (2,483cc XK 16) from the legendary XK series, is capable of dishing out up to 120bhp.

After absorbing feedback from new Mark II owners on the lack of brute power to match its looks, Jaguar unleashed a new batch of 11s in 1957, this time with a 220bhp 3.4-litre (3,442cc XK16) lump which could justify the much needed power for a bit of M1 motorway rush.

Disc brakes were fitted to keep the horses in check. It did not stop there as the engineers from Coventry decided to give this "cat" more pace to match the space.


A 3.8-litre (3,781cc XK 16) engine similar to the one used in the 3.8 E-Type XKE, except for the carburettors and manifold set-up, was transplanted into this top of the mark, Mark II.

The engine, mated to a manual gear box, reportedly made the Mark II the fastest production car in the world at that time.

This was the turning point in the image of the Mark II as it became the favourite of fast drivers from both sides of the legal divide.

It was termed as the "ultimate getaway car of the 1960s" as it had the pace and agility that bank robbers needed.

To match those fast robbers, the British police department got themselves a fleet of 3.8 Mark IIs, which subsequently also resulted in the Mark II achieving celebrity status as one of the more popularly used automobiles on the silver screen.

Naturally, it enjoyed great success on the race track and achieved forefront status in production saloon car race series.

Today, some of the race built Mk IIs feature annually at the Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed meets.

The Mark II was succeeded by the XJ6 and took a beating in terms of value back in the 1970s and early 1980s.

In Europe, the Mark IIs that made good "banger" cars were scrapped after "retirement" from street sport.

In Malaysia, some of these models were said to have been sold for as low as a few hundred ringgit during the oil crisis and the dominance of Japanese cars.

However, in the 1990s there was a global surge of interest in the Mark II.

Car collectors poured huge sums into restoration and transforming tired old units into gleaming pieces of automobile art.

Some prime examples in the country have been reportedly sold with prices ranging up to RM100,000.

You are bound to see the Jaguar Mark II at classic car meets around the world and we know of some pristine units here.

The Mark II body line is evergreen and it even inspired Jaguar stylists to create re-interpretations like the S-Type in 1999 and subsequent X-Type.

The ability of the Mark II to hold its own after 50 years is testament to the commonly heard phrase, "they don’t build cars like they used to".

Jaguar MK II production (source wikipedia)

1. 2.4 built between 1959-1967 – 25,173 units
2. 3.4 built between 1959-1967 – 28,666 units
3. 3.8 built between 1959-1967 – 30,141 units

Total: 83,976 units

(In 1967, the 2.4 and 3.4 became the 240 and 340, and the 3.4 derivative deleted)

Final production year (1967)

1. 240 - 4,446 units
2. 340 - 2788 units
3. 380 – 12 units

Total: 7,246

END Source: Wikipedia

Above article written By Andrew Suresh (other than the Wikipedia source)


That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this article...


Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!



How you spend your Christmas this year?
Well, I spent the Christmas EVE in my Friend's house, Carolling, Buffet dinner, rubbing shoulders (50+ people)... This lasted for about 90 mins. I then headed to TESCO Mutiara Damansara with my Best friend, doing LAST LAST LAST MINUTE Shopping. We shop till' it closes. Left TESCO at 12.15am, stuck in the jam (7km drive) for 20 minutes before reaching home.

Today, (Christmas day), from 10am to 2pm I was in Jalan Ipoh. My Church rented this complex (Dewan Mutiara) for Sunday Service + Buffet Lunch. I enjoyed myself there with various programs happened. After that, I spent a good 2 1/2 hrs sleeping in the Sofa before being woken up for Dinner.

Without further ado, here's Christmas Carols dedicating to ALL my DEAR READERS of this blog...


Here’s a Christmas Medley for all of you. All are popular Christmas Carols and are related to one another. It begins with 1) Mary Boy’s Child then 2) Hark the harold angel sing followed by 3)Joy to the World AND FINALLY Ends with... Aiya, READ the LYRICS Line by line and song by song, Viola! A Christmas Story which ends with “We wish you a Merry Christmas”…


1) Mary’s Boy Child (Words and music: Jester Hairston)

Long time ago in Bethlehem,
So the Holy Bible say;
Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ
Was born on Christmas day.


Hark now hear the angels sing,
A new king born today,
And man will live forever more,
Because of Christmas day.

Trumpets sound and the angels sing,
Listen to what they say.
That man will live forever more,
Because of Christmas day.

While shepherds watched their flocks by night,
Them see a bright new shining star,
Them hear a choir sing,
The music seemed to come from afar.

Chorus 2

Now Joseph and his wife Mary,
Come to Bethlehem that night,
Them find no place to lay she child,
Not a single room was in sight.

By and by they find a little nook,
In a stable all forlorn,
And in a manger cold and dark,
Mary’s little boy was born.

2) (CONTINUATION, Medley: Hark the herald angels sing)

Hark the herald angels sing
“Glory to the newborn King!
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled”

Joyful, all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With the angelic host proclaim:
“Christ is born in Bethlehem”
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!”

Christ by highest heav’n adored
Christ the everlasting Lord!
Late in time behold Him come
Offspring of a Virgin’s womb

Hail the heav’n-born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings
Ris’n with healing in His wings

Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth
Hark! The herald angels sing
“Glory to the newborn King!”

3) (Continuation - Medley: Joy to the World)
-Source 2-

4) (continuation - FELIZ NAVIDAD)

- SOURCE 1 -

Feliz Navidad (pa pa pa pa pa) x2
Feliz Navidad prospero an yo felicidad

Feliz Navidad (pa pa pa pa pa) x2
Feliz Navidad prospero an yo felicidad

We wanna wish you a merry Christmas
We wanna wish you a merry Christmas
We wanna wish you a merry Christmas
From the bottom of our heart... x2


we wish you a merry Christmas
we wish you a merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Good tidings we bring, to you and your kin,
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year...

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas

Applause.... Applause....

That's all for the Christmas Carol Medley dedication... Thanks for having the time and patience to read this...


3) * =

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NST/Maybank Car of the Year award 2009

Peugeot 308 Turbo wins “Overall Car of the Year 2008” Award

Source: Cars.Bike.Trucks website:

Submitted by salihin on Mon, 14/12/2009 - 12:36pm

The new Peugeot 308 Turbo made its mark when it won the New Straits Times/Maybank “Overall Car of the Year 2009” Award. The 308 Turbo was also a winner in the Family Car Award.

The winners for the New Straits Times/Maybank 2009 Awards were announced at a gala dinner at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur, hosted by the New Straits Times and title sponsor Maybank Berhad.

The guest-of-honour for the night was Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the Deputy Prime Minister.

Also present was Datuk Aishah Ahmad, President of the Malaysian Automotive Association.

A panel of 10 judges, comprising motoring editors, an automotive blogger and other distinguished personalities unanimously voted for the Peugeot 308 Turbo as winner of the coveted “Overall Car of The Year” based on its impressive road handling, powerful performance, comfort and safety.

Judges were impressed by the car’s fuel efficiency, and the performance of the 1.6-litre direct injection turbo petrol engine, already an award winner internationally - but it was the 308 Turbo’s competitive price point and build quality that was the key factor in its win. The car also has a full-length panoramic glass roof, the only car in its class to offer such a feature.

The 308 Turbo is completely knocked down (CKD) and consists of imported parts from France. It is distributed by the official franchise holder of Peugeot Automobiles in Malaysia, Nasim Sdn Bhd (NSB), a member of the Naza Group of Companies.

The winner of the Good Design Award is the Toyota Prius. Already the number one selling hybrid car in the world, The Prius was selected not just for its beautifully sculpted shape, but also how much of its styling have been made to help its aerodynamic efficiency. Judges were also won over by the flowing lines of the car’s interior, the overall “cockpit” feel of the cabin, right down to the innovative use of storage space in the car.

The Volvo XV60, winner of the Luxury SUV award, added another feather to its cap by winning the Safety Award for its impressive list of safety features, which include the laser-based City Safety feature, Lane Departure Warning System and Collision Warning with Auto Brake, which uses radar technology for vehicle tracking.

The winners were selected from 68 new models introduced between December 2008 and October 2009, and judges took into account criteria such as exterior and interior design, comfort and ergonomics, performance, safety, emotional appeal, and after sales service including the comprehensiveness of its warranty. Points were awarded to the cars, and the vehicle with the most points wins the category. The overall Car of The Year winner was then selected from the list of 15 winners.

The night also saw history in the making when two distinguished names in motoring were selected as the “Automotive Man of The Year 2009” Award, Dato’ Dr Ang Bon Beng and Datuk Syed Abdull Hafiz Syed Abu Bakar.

Dato’ Dr Ang is the Executive Director of Edaran Tan Chong Motor while Datuk Syed Abdull Hafiz is the Managing Director of Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua).

Dato Dr Ang was selected for his efforts in keeping the Tan Chong business thriving and making it the icon it is today, all this in spite of internal turmoil and pressure from its Japanese principal.

yed Hafiz was recognised for presenting a product loved by Malaysians for its quality, reliability and styling.

The Car of the Year Awards is the country’s first motoring award, and was launched in 2002 by Cars, Bikes and Trucks, the motoring section of the New Sunday Times, as a means to acknowledge achievements within the motoring industry.

The event is endorsed by the Malaysian Automotive Association.

1- Entry Level Car of the Year 2009 - Hyundai i10

2- Compact Car of the Year 2009 - Honda City

3 – Premium Compact Car of the Year 2009 - Fiat 500

4- Family Car of the Year 2009 - Peugeot 308 Turbo

5- Executive Car of the Year 2009 - Honda Accord 2.0 VTI-L

6- Premium Executive Car of the Year 2009 - Alfa Romeo 159

7- Limousine of the Year 2009 - Jaguar XFR

8- Performance Car of the Year 2009 - Mazda RX8

9- Premium Performance Car of the Year 2009 - Nissan 370Z

10- Midi MPV of the Year 2009 - Proton Exora

11- Large MPV of the Year 2009 - Hyundai Grand Starex Royale

12- SUV of the Year 2009 - Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

13- Premium SUV of the Year 2009 - Audi Q5

14- Luxury SUV of the Year 2009 - Volvo XC60 LE

15- Twin Cab Pickup Truck of the Year 2009 - Mitsubishi Triton

16 - Good Design Award 2009 - Toyota Prius

17 - Safety Award 2009 - Volvo XC60

18 - NST-Maybank Car of the Year 2009 (overall winner) - Peugeot 308 Turbo

Head of the Jury Panel, CBT Editor Yamin Vong delivering the citations for the Automotive Man Of The Year Awards


That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry...