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Monday, January 25, 2010


Last weekend, I accompanied my Tenant to IKEA.  Guess what?

This is a GOOD PLACE to SPOT UGLY MALAYSIAN.  Here's what I observed during the 2 hours shopping:

1) They simply park their TROLLEY in the middle / walkway.  (See photo) 

 This is what they should do:

Park their trolley at the side or ensure that it don't obstruct the walkways.

2) They took the item, from the shelf, later changed their mind and SIMPLY PUT THE ITEM in ANOTHER DEPARTMENT/ SECTION.  (See picture Below, circled)

WHAT THEY SHOULD DO, Put back the item back into the shelf you took from.  Where it belongs.

3) TROLLEY FIGHTING (in the event of SALE). 
They will initially line up for the Trolley, when the trolley ARRIVES, they "FIGHT" or GRAB the trolley. 

4) AS SEEN IN HYPERMARKET: Peeling onion/Garlic and left the SKIN/Outer layer in the shelf.  OR Picking MANDARIN ORANGE from one box to another.  OR Pressing the Mango, Durian. 

5) QUEUING in WRONG LANES:  Eg. 30 items but lined up in ""10 items or less" lane / EXPRESS LANE.  Or "CASH ONLY" Lane, but opting to pay CREDIT CARD.

6) HOGGING the ESCALATOR: Eg. Despite saying "EXCUSE ME" they refused to move to the left, preferring to STAND say, 2 to 3 people side by side.

7) HUGGING, CARESSING  AND KISSING in PUBLIC.  Man, 1/5 couples in Malaysian shopping mall did this.  Example are FAMOUS DJ PIETRO FELIX and his Scantily Clad GIRLFRIEND as spotted in IKEA on the 3rd week of December.   I PERSONALLY  SPOTTED THEM, while queuing for payments, KISSING, CARASSING and Hugging EACH OTHER. 


That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this RAMBLING of mine...

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