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Friday, May 21, 2010

Interesting ability of Malaysian Drivers

Interesting ability of Malaysian Drivers

May 20, 2010 by naz 
Many would not agree with the some of the points that are stated below, but if you have opinions meaning my work is done, just to ensure that people read this post. Malaysian drivers are interesting drivers; they have capabilities that would amaze any foreign drivers, such as multi tasking abilities, incredible reaction time, road cunningness, and unity.

Multi tasking ability
  • The ability to text (sms) and hold the steering wheel at the same time,
  • The ability to actually be romantically involved – “Can’t take my eyes of you” but “Can take my eyes off the road”.
  • The ability to drink, smoke and eat while gassing at 120 km.
Incredible Reaction time
  • The ability to swerve at the nick time, especially when from one rear bumper to next lane.
  • The ability to press the brake inches from the car in front due to tailgating.
  • The ability to press the horn and to show hand signal when other cars abruptly overtake.
Road Cunningness
  • The ability to use the emergency lane as an escape route during jam.
  • The ability to follow any emergency vehicle especially ambulance.
  • The ability to slow down and stare in case of accidents in the next lane. (The main cause abrupt jam).
  • The ability to flash on highlight in case of speed trap or police check.
Above are some abilities that were able to be identified, but there are more, Malaysian drivers had been classified as drivers with lack of road courtesy. Isn’t it time to prove them wrong?

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