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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[WTB] 15" Steel rims PCD114.3, 5 holes +

HI readers, I am looking for Steel 15" rims PCD114.3, 5 holes. Preferably with 195/60R15 tyres (up to RM300 extra depending on tyres condition). Willing to pay up to RM200 for the rim itself + plastic caps if possible (depending on Condition of the rims). (UP to RM180 W/o the plastic caps).

TOTAL with rims & 195/60R15 tyres. RM300+180to 200 = RM480-500.

This is REASONABLE offer, I would say Slightly better than TAYAR SHOP trade in based on my survey in various tayar shop.

Lists of example Rims I'm looking for (not in particular order):

1) Kia Forte 1.6EX Steel rims + Cover (PCD114.3, 5 holes) - WILL Buy with tayar)
2) Proton EXORA 1.6 Steel rims + cover (PCD114.3, 5 holes) - W/o tayar
3) Toyota Estima Steel rims + Cover (15" PCD114.3, 5 holes) - W/o tayar
4) Ford Steel Rims + Cover. (eg. Telstar, Lynx). Most Logical as I'm driving a Ford Telstar. - With tayar.
5) Mitsubishi JDM 15" Steel Rims (5 holes, PCD114.3)  w/o tayar...

Will pay slightly higher if it's 1) and 2) coz these rims are taken from a NEW car.

Do you get the idea what I'm looking for now based on the above examples?

Thanks in Advance...

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