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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Test Drive: BMW 320d Performance Edition

TEST DRIVE: BMW 320d Performance Edition.

Today, 13 October 2010, I test driven the BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Performance Edition in Quill Automobiles, Section 14, Petaling Jaya.  This was made possible thanks to the PROFESSIONAL (friendly, patient and helpful) Sales Executive Mr. Alex Tang.  A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SALES EXECUTIVE.
 The New 320d Special Editon's priced at RM261,800, RM6,000 more than the previous batch (RM255,800).  Here's the differences:

1) 184hp and 380Nm of torque VS 177hp and 350Nm of torque previously.
2) New Bodykits.
3) Performance stickers and De-cromed (especially the Kidney Grille). See picture below:

4) Aluminium Dash inserts.
5) Claimed Top speed improved from 229hm/h => 232km/h. 0-100km/h improved from 8 seconds flat => 7.6 seconds.

Other unchanged equipments are as follows:
BMW DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) consists of ABS+EBD+BA+Traction Control.
6 Airbags
Dual Zone Climate Control with Rear Air-cond vents
"M-sport" Alloy Rims+Steering+Sport Suspension
Run-flat tyres
Leather Seats (option of Black, Grey and Brown-beige)
BMW 12 way electronic adjustable Semi-bucket seats with knee support
Multifunction steering (audio control + Cruise Control)
BMW Professional Audio System with 10 speakers + AUX-In
Front and Rear reverse sensors
Others: Auto Lights + Wiper, XENON HID Lights

The colour choices are as follows:
Met. Black, Solid White, Met Grey, Dark Blue (next batch).

At the moment, the BMW came with 3 years or 60000kms Warranty and LOW Hire purchase (HP) Interest rate's only 2.9 to 2.98% by BMW Capital.

How's the drive?
Before I enter the car, I can hear the trademark Diesel Clatter (very obvious), but it became inaudible inside the car.  The TORQUE is something UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Power kicked in at merely 1300rpm (instantly) and it "revs" all the way to a lowly 3500rpm (Redline's 4000rpm only).  The salesperson said the TURBO kicked in from 1500rpm onwards.  0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds only (VERY QUICK for a DIESEL car).  Top speed's claimed 232km/h though fastest I've driven was only 96km/h (from 50km/h to 96km/h in 200 metres (0.2km only)).  Blame the obstructing C22 Lorry and a ROAD HOGGING REMPIT (motorcyclist).  Got only 1 stretch of straight road (Jalan Kemajuan) to UNLEASHED the POWER. 

The BMW Professional Audio System's ABOVE AVERAGE.  I asked the Sales Rep what brand he said "DUNNO", but rumoured to be by Harmon Kardon.  Loved the M-sport Multi-function steering (picture below).

How's the ride and handling?

The test car's equipped with Low Profile 18" RUNFLAT tyres and M-SPORT Suspension, hence the ride's quite HARD and jittery (at uneven roads).  The Handling is TYPICAL BMW.  SUPERB. Corners like rails.

Well that's all I can comment.  The Test drive route's VERY SHORT 5kms only.  Mr. Alex Tang's NOT AROUND.  He asked another Sales Executive to accompany me for Test drive. 

Well, there's a saying a Picture's worth 1000 words.  Here are the pictures:

VERDICT: After test driving the car, guess what?  I GOT ADDICTED to the Almost-instantious and ENDLESS TORQUE.  It's SO GOOD that I planned to go for ANOTHER TEST DRIVE!  This time in Auto Bavaria and HOPEFULLY LONGER DRIVE.  Almost forget, RM100 OR 60L of fuel's good for 1000km, WORST CASE SCENARIO, 800km.  Tested in Malaysia.

By all means BEG, BORROW or STEAL to Buy this car.  Or be like me, wait 3 years and get 2nd hand.  Spotted a 2007 model 320d (1st batch) Auto Bavarian CKD unit with 70,000km & FULL Service history for RM165,000 only.  Highly Recommended whether NEW or USED.


That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  Again, Special thanks to Alex Tang, a PROFESSIONAL HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Sales Executive from Quill Automobiles.  If you want to buy this car.  Please Call him: 019-220-1660.  His E-mail:


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