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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't HIRE Chain Smokers! Why? Read on...

Don't HIRE Chain Smokers! Why? Read on...

To all Human Resources/Headhunters, DO NOT HIRE CHAIN SMOKERS.  Why?  Read on:

Based on my Today's 1st hand experience (SEEN WITH MY OWN EYE!), here's why Chain smokers' shouldn't be HIRED.

A Chain smoker (my personal definition, anyone smoking more than 50 sticks a day, ie. 2 1/2 KING SIZE packs of ciggies) smokes every 15 minutes on average.  Every 15 minutes, he/she'll take 5 minutes so called Cigarette break.  This means 15 minutes per hour wasted (ciggie break remember?).  Now, an average working hours is 9 hours.  Multiply 15 minutes with  9 hours you'll get 135 minutes CIGARETTE BREAKS per day!  SHOCKING AIN'T IT?

(ADDED15/10/10) Also, 2 weeks ago, when I send my Honda to Sumber Auto Edaran for service, I saw 3 Sales Representative smoking outside the Showroom entrance.  TWO Guys and 1 Girl.  I thought they were "Ambassadors" of Honda Brand?  Why on earth they chose to SMOKE OUTSIDE the Showroom?  Image gone down the drain.  It's NOT EVEN LUNCH BREAK.  It's just 11am!

Yesterday, I went to Hong Leong Bank SS2 to enquire about my Housing Loan.  The Bank officer who attended to me is quite friendly and orderly.  BUT his IMAGE gone down the drain when I spotted HIM Smoking outside the bank 5 minutes later.  The time?  Again, 11am.  NOT EVEN LUNCH BREAK!  What a shame! (end of update 15/10/10)

How to spot CHAIN SMOKERS:
1) Look at their Fingers (2nd and middle), gray/black = CHAIN SMOKER
2) Look at their teeth and lips.  Black teeth/lips = CHAIN SMOKER
3) Keep him in the room for AT LEAST 40 minutes.  A Chain smoker will feel Sleepy, Tensed up, agitated, uneasy as he/she needs to smoke every 15 to 30 minutes.
4) A Chain Smoker's body and breath got STRONG Nicotine Smell.  It's so bad that you'll smell Cigarettes as you walked past them.
5) Some Chain Smokers have perpetual Coughs every 10 to 30 minutes.


That's all folks, thanks for having time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original  Jeff Lim's production.  

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