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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CLOSE UP: Proton Prevé 1.6CFE

CLOSE UP Proton Prevé Malaysia

In this blog entry, I'm going to post a CLOSE UP of Proton Preve as seen/touch/short driven in Proton Platinum Showroom in Mutiara Damansara.  I spent a good 2 and a half hours there before my cousin booked 1 unit ON THE SPOT.  Interest rate 2.85% for 7 years by Maybank Finance.

How's the car?

Everything looks good, until you looked at the Uneven door panels, glovebox lid, cheap looking gear shift lever and someone pointed out eyesore "SPOT TACK Welding" (photo below).

  Anyway, for RM72,990 for 1.6 CFE you pay for what you get lor.  

This car, especially the top of the range comes loaded with goodies such as Protronic 7 speed CVT with paddle shift, ABS+EBD+BA+TCS, 4x airbags, built-in GPS (smallish screen though), Automatic Air-cond, wipers and headlights.  Elec. folding side mirrors (something the Inokom Elantra lacked), Push start, Remote trunk release, water repellent high quality fabric seats, 508L boot space with 60:40 split fold rear seats AND YES 4G Huddle.  Other extras were 4mil tinting on 4 doors by Ecotint and normal tint for front and rear windscreen. 

The top of the range shared the same engine with Proton Exora except slightly detuned to produce 2hp less.  It's 1561cc, Campro CFE (Turbocharged). Bore x stroke of 76x86mm, Maximum power 138hp@5000rpm and 205Nm@2000-4000rpm torque.  I heard from the engineer weeks ago at Proton Power of 1 showcase, the turbo is 0.7 bar and it can run on RON95 without side effects. 

Mated with 7 speed Protronic CVT gearbox with SAT (Stepped Auto transmission) - 7 virtual ratios; Paddle shift, this car goes from 0-100km/h in claimed 9.6 seconds.  1.7 seconds faster than Exora Turbo.  It comes with hydraulic power steering.

Proton Claimed that they use STATE OF THE ART RESS (Reinforced Safety Structure)
designed to comply with international crash test standards by maximizing protection for front, side and rear impacts.  It consists of 12 key STEEL components forged using HOT PRESS process for better torsional rigidity yet retaining ideal weight.  Other safety features were Active headrests, Passenger airbag on/off switch, ISOFIX Child Anchors and Collapsible steering wheel.

Suspension wise, it's front MacPherson strut with stabiliser bar and rear Multi-link suspension with anti-roll bar.  It comes with 4 discs brakes with ESP and 205/55R16 GT Radial (Indon) tyres.   

I didn't test drive the car but my cousin did.  I was a backseat passenger.  It's a short 2km route but he managed to reach 80km/h  at 1 stretch.  We the passengers did not notice though.  Ride and handling's EXCELLENT though.  So did the excellent head and legroom (rear) -  photos below.


WARNING: 5 years warranty / 150,000km given BUT you cannot MOD a single thing in the car. Even down to Reverse camera, HID, ICE mods...  Rim can change but MUST Same size (16").   WARRANTY terus VOID for any wiring/mods. 

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Here are the photos:

Above: 508L boot space with 60:40 split folding rear seats.
Below: THE CVT.
Above the Intercooler.  Below: the type of headlight.
Above: Stabilizer bar added.
Above: Like Civic FD2, Manual Adjustable front seats.  Below: Auto folding side mirrors.
Below: Engine start stop.  Slot your key on the left of the button, press the brake pedal then press START.
Above: Automatic wipers and Head lights.  Below: Side airbag and Close up of the High quality fabric.  Water repellent type.
Above: Uneven Glovebox.  Below: Recycled from Proton Waja 4G18.
Above: The Uneven gap door panels.  This is left door.   Right door have NO SUCH GAP.
Above and 2 photos below: The Test drive.
Above: The Multi-link rear absorber and note the unique Exhaust design.  WAY better than Torsion Beam.
Above: A bunch of MPPJ (12 of them) checked out the Car. I joked with one of them "Mau Saman Ini Kereta kah? hahahahahah!" his face turned black.

 Above: The MEGA, Proton Platinum 3S centre.  Below: Colour choices.
MORE PHOTOS ON THE WAY, 18 to be exact... Blame the Slow P1 Wimax connections...

PHOTOS UPLOADED AT 9.38pm on 19 April 2012. Believe it or not, I start this blog entry 10.30am, till now 5 hours later still uploading the photos... Already downsized the photos from 9MP to 1MP per photo still so slow to upload. P1 wimax getting worse and worse...

If you wish or already booked the Preve 1.6CFE, do tell me your buying experience including how long you waited for the car and how happy is your car (when delivered).  Looking forward to hear from you.  JEFF LIM'S ORIGINAL WORK!!!

LAST EDIT: 2 May 2012.


  1. nice review

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM


    i'm also placed booking with khor hh. may i know what free gift he offer to your cousin? and when the ETA for the preve?

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Wow....the Proton is no longer made of paper....they have upgraded to cardboard! it does look much safer but the finishing is as tacky as ever. You really expect more at that price, especially since that price will get you much better cars overseas.

  4. Due to privacy request by my cousin. I will not feature every 2-months longtermer update on the Preve.

    I can only say that the built quality is WAY better than the Showroom unit. So far so good, touch wood, no defects. The welding improved, so does the Seats (better quality).

  5. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I hope Proton ate checking this blog,
    they still need to lift their game with the bad welding and glovebox !

    This will not be received well by the international market as it has to be tops! or no mercy shown....

  6. Hi, I'm looking for an owners review for Preve but couldn't find one. since your cousin is owning one now, why don't you write one on his/her behalf? I'm sure many searches leading to your review came from such keywords :D

    looking for something along this line:


  7. i own a honda city.. test drive my freinds new preve.. i admit.. it was waayy better than my city.. very high tech.. very comfortable spacious and quiet when i drove it. i cant even believe its proton car.. but its a damn good car.. im impressed..

  8. i own a honda city.. i test drive my friend`s new proton preve.. i have to admit.. its wayy better than my city.. high tech with turbocharged engine + spacious comfortable and quiet, (i hate the old proton when u close the door feels like slamming a hammer, with the preve u wont hear that noise ), it performs well in acceleration (turbo egine) braking are very good abs and traction control.. im impressed.. made u think twice getting a civic .. seriously no kidding.. here review from australia motor sites

  9. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Salesman proton.

  10. Anonymous10:23 PM

    "it does not look much safer". lol, are you the one examining the car safety aspect? fyi, preve receives 5-star ancap rating