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Monday, April 16, 2012

NEW Launching Proton Prevé

NEW Launching: Proton Preve...  

Picture's worth 1000 words, here are the photos. Credit to RTM 1 for Live telecast.  I shall give my "CLOSE UP" review on the next post.

 Above: Dr. Epple.  The same man behind the E90 BMW 3-series.  Now involved in Proton Preve.
 Above: The WONDERFUL Multi-link rear suspension.  Torsion Beam's NO MATCH.

Let's proceed to videos:
VIDEO 1: Making of the Proton Preve: VIDEO 2: Official launch video: Below: JEAN ALESI's take on the New Proton Preve.

That's all folks, see you next post for more stuff on Proton Preve.

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