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Sunday, May 06, 2012

CLOSE UP+Test drive: Nissan Leaf

CLOSE UP+Test drive: Nissan Leaf EV

I, Jeff Lim just came back from Test drive of Nissan Leaf today at Tan Chong Jalan Kemajuan Showroom.  Actually, I checked out the car yesterday but Queue too long and is too late for test drive (5pm).  These photos you see were taken yesterday.  Today, I just went over and submit my slogan (3 winners will "own" a Leaf for 6 weeks) and for test drive (without camera and Phone battery dead (ie. Nokia N8 camera pun takde).

I'm No 150 today's test drive.  How's the drive?

As I get into the car, I was greeted with Digital dash meter and whole lot of Information on the centre console. 

 I pressed the brake, PUSH the START Button (keyless entry and start) (silent), push the gear lever to right then up, reversed the car out (reverse camera installed).  Then Press the lever to the left then down and here I go.  (photo left).

I'm glad I choose today (Sunday) as traffic's sparse.  Note that this is a 3.8km short drive.  But since Jalan Universiti is relatively car free, I managed 125km/h (passed Jaya One) with ease.  Claimed top speed is Above 140km/h and 0-100km/h is 9 secs flat (as tested by Nissan) which is FASTER than NISSAN Teana 2.5 V6 (9.6 secs).  WOW!  Not bad for a 0 emission Hatchback.  The Audible (NOT LOUD) WHEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!  Motor sound when accelerating is ADDICTIVE.  Better sounding than Turbo boost.

I LOVED this car.  The car feels like "controlling" a Remote control car.  280Nm torque kicked in from 0 all the way to 140km/h.  It's started off silently using battery which channels energy to the inverter, then taken over by "High responsive synchronous AC Motor" (80kw, 280Nm torque) during acceleration steadily accompanied by the above mentioned WHEEEZZZZING!!!  sound.  The Electric Blue's my favourite colour.  

NOTE: Road tax is RM38 company (RM19 private), One charge = 8 hours = RM8 off your Electricity bill = 160km only.  So this is strictly a city car.  It uses RM0 fuel/petrol.  Battery designed to last lifetime of your car.

Well, there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Here are the photos:
Above: This is the car I driven.  WWJ 9807.

 Above: The EXPENSIVE Panasonic Charging station.  8 hours per charge from empty to full tank.  Range: 160km only.

 Above: Legroom (I'm 174cm, 95kg) and Headroom.

100% recyclable HIGH Grade fabric seats.  Below: Inverter, Giant AC motor is below the inverter. So battery wake up the => Inverter channels energy to wake up the => Giant AC motor (80kw and 280Nm torque).

Above: 2 way to charge this car.  Quick charge 30 mins (right) or FULL Charge (8 hours) left.

 Photo of every car tester taken and given free to them.  I got mine too...  After the test drive, one's invited to fill up feedback (survey) of the Electric car.

That's all folks, thanks for the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jeff Lim's production.  Otoreview's original work.

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  1. Bro,
    160km that one for highway or you still can count on normal road. I think, 160km, enuff to go to seremban already.