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Saturday, June 09, 2012

CLOSE UP: New Toyota Camry

In this blog entry, I'm posting a CLOSE UP of New Toyota Camry.  I cover both 2.0G and 2.5V in the photo gallery as seen in UMW Toyota PJ Section 19 3S Centre.  Believe it or not, I spent good 20 minutes covering Toyota 86 (Next post), and New Camry.  ZERO (0), I repeat ZERO(0) Sales adviser bother to Entertain me.  Yes, there's 2 Sales adviser on duty but they IGNORED ME and expect me to Approach them which I didn't.

Perhaps it's because I arrived in a 11 yrs old Proton Waja.  But I observed, someone else arrived in a E38 7 series also received the same treatment.  Well, maybe they got too much SALES in their hands...  Getting "SOMBONG", "take it or leave it!" attitude.  For the record, I went there on Friday (yesterday) 9.30am to 9.50am.  In case UMW Toyota's serious about their Customer service and take action on their "SOMBONG" "Sales Advisor" on duty.

Just to test things out, I went to their DEALER in TTDI (Distinctive model) and was relieved that I was treated Decently but still NO MATCH for Mazda sales executive (which I went to check out the New CX5 1 hr later).  Despite the CX5 having 10 months waiting lists(!) with 3000 bookings, he allowed me to test drive the MAZDA CX5, now this is what I called EXEMPLARY SERVICE.  See my Next Next Post.

Is it because I didn't snap any photos there (In Distinctive model, TTDI)?  I admit, as soon as I reach PJ Section 19 showroom, I took out my camera and got carried away taking 113 photos of Toyota 86 and New Camry combined.

As I was NOT entertained by any salesman = NO TEST DRIVE for both 86 and New Camry.  I'm so pissed that I decided NOT TO REVIEW this car and just let the photos do the talking.  

EXCEPT this: There's this car which WON Many awards example, the 2012 Motortrend USA CAR OF THE YEAR, Turbocharged 1.8 (lower Road tax) lower 160HP But with MUCH HIGHER and accessible 250Nm@1400-4200rpm torque, 6 Airbags, 5 stars Euro NCAP, MUCH Bigger boot with 60:40 rear split-fold seats (Camry lacked), TRACTION CONTROL (Which this Camry Lacked), 7 speed DSG, same Dual Zone climate control, same cruise control, Paddle shift, STANDARD DRL, ALSO CKD and Lastly, it's a GERMAN CAR!!!  Price: RM6k CHEAPER (RM175k OTR)!!!   


There's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, here are the photos:

New Camry 2.0G iAZ-FE, 4 speed auto, 146hp@6000rpm and 190Nm@4000rpm (Yawn! pretty much unchanged since 2002)
Above: LOOKS the BEST in this Colour.  Hides the otherwise SQUARISH looks.

 Above and below: 2.0G gets Dark Grey Leather and black trim while 2.0E and 2.5V gets Beige leather.

Look at the rear design, and side and front. this is one most non-exciting car ever to be release this year. whoever buying it will have to keep reminding themselves its good resale value or maybe branding. 

 Above: 16" Alloy rims vs 17" ones in the 2.5V.  Below: ALL 3 models got HID with Auto Levelling as standard.

 Above: "MAJESTIC" Lexus grille (NOT!)
The car measures in at 4,825 mm long, 1,825 mm wide and 1,470 mm tall, topped by 2,775 mm-long wheelbase. As for weight, the 2.5V tips the scales at 1,480 kg, while both 2.0 litre variants weigh in identically, at 1,445 kg.

Above: 500+ litres boot space.  No Information given.

CAMRY 2.5V DUAL VVTI & ACIS, 2AR-FE, 6 speed Auto, 179hp(181ps)@6000rpm and 231Nm@4100rpm.
 Above: THE Ah Beng Bodykit comes with integrated "DRL (Daytime Running Lights).  Extra RM1,000++ for them (NO Salesman tell me how much extra)

 Above: Keyless entry and Auto Start/Stop button for 2.5V only.  MISSING Button = Missing VSC (NO MORE Traction Control, a feature available since 2002 omitted due to COST CUTTING Reasons).  UMW Toyota TOP HONCHO thought: "UNCLE NEVER Thrash their car, so NO NEED VSC".

 Above: ALL Across the range.  2.0E/G and 2.5V gets Dual Zone Climate Control with rear air vents.
 Above: ONLY 2.5V gets 6.1" Touch Screen Display Audio with DVD-Player, Tuner, MP3, USB+Aux Jack, IPOD Compatibility, Bluetooth and Reverse Camera.
 Above: 2.5 Only, 6 Speed Sequential Shifter Automatic.

 Above: Steering control Like Previous Gen Camry at 1st glance, with additional Bluetooth control.  Unlike the previous gen Camry, No longer can Control the Air Cond.

 Above: 17" Rims with lower profile 215/55R17 tyres for 2.5V.  Below: Dual VVTI.

 Above and Below: New 2AR-FE engine and 6 speed automatic gearbox.  Max power 181ps@6000rpm and max torque 231Nm @ 4100rpm.  LAME for a NA 2.5 with So called DUAL VVTI but it's an Increase from 160ps and 228Nm from 2.4V.  While most car manufacturers "DOWNSIZED" their Engine and used force induction, Toyota EXPANDED their Engine instead by extra 100cc.

 Above: FULL SIZE Alloy spare wheel.

 Above: RM1000++ Ah Beng Bodykit includes this small Rear spoiler.

 Above: Both Driver and Passenger seats have 8 way power adjustable and power lumbar support but for 2.5V only.  Still there's NO "MEMORY seat", not even for driver.
 Above and below: Decent quality interior trim.  GOOD but NO CIGAR!

 Above: 1.5L drink pocket and "NORMAL" Front speakers.   6 speakers total across the range.
LASTLY, the Specs, colour choices and Price lists (Double click to enlarge further).

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jeff Lim / Otoreview's production, not to be copied w/o giving credits/links.  


  1. Toyota: MOVING FORWARD and BACKWARD at the same time!!!

    MOVING BACKWARD: Innova, Rush, Fortuner, Avanza, New Camry, Vios.

    MOVING FORWARD: Prius, Prius C, Altis DUAL VVTI 7 speed.

    Final Result: 6:3. Moving Backward wins!!!

  2. Correction:

    Moving Backward: Innova, Rush, Avanza, New Camry, Vios

    Neutral: Hiace, Fortuner

    Moving Forward: Prius, Prius C, Altis Dual VVTI 7 speed, Hilux, 86

    Final Result: 5:5. A Close fight but it's a DRAW. So it's MOVING BACKWARD and MOVING FORWARD at the SAME TIME!!!