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Friday, August 03, 2012

Toyota – 200 million cars in 77 years


Toyota Motor Corporation has just announced that as of June 2012, the company’s cumulative total vehicle production has surpassed 200 million units ever since it rolled out the Model G1 truck in August 1935, almost 77 years ago.

From that figure, 145.21 million vehicles were made in Japan, with the remaining 55.12 assembled overseas. The most-produced name plate is the Corolla, which has accumulated a total of 39.08 million units over 11 model generations dating back to 1966.

Over the years, Toyota’s cumulative production milestones can be summarized as follows:

- 10 million units by Jan 1972 (36 years 6 months after production of first vehicle)
- 50 million units by Oct 1985 (50 years 3 months)
- 100 million units by Jan 1997 (61 years 6 months)
- 150 million units by Jan 2006 (70 years 6 months)
- 200 million units by Jun 2012 (76 years 11 months)

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