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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Internet down. P1 Wimax sucks

Over the past 1 week, my House P1 Wimax modem's been down.  In the past, P1 would "notify" me when service's down but not today.  It sort of works a while when I reset the modem (I mean barely 5 MINUTES), then the modem blinks again...   This happened since 25 July 2012.  

I'm typing this in my Office.  But you see, I can't upload photos or write my Car reviews in my office...  Have to do it at home in my Laptop.  I planned to update my dad's Civic 4 years anniversary among others...

Very disappointed with P1 Wimax.  Especially paying RM99 a month for a 2Mps with PATHETIC 15GB cap.  


  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Hi there. We are from the P1 Online Media Team and we would like to help you. It would be highly appreciated if you could drop us your account number at our email and we will call you to assist you. Thank you.

  2. My WIFI MODEM constantly blink and can't go online. This goes from 26 July to 4 August. Back to normal on 4 August.

  3. which area r u staying? im looking for internet plan for my new home... still thinking of getting P1..