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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tropicana City Mall Parking ripoff...

Yesterday, I went to Tropicana City mall for a Haircut.  But QUIKCUT Closed for renovation AGAIN!  (2nd time).  So I left the mall immediately.  

Guess what, I NEED TO PAY FOR MY 5 minutes PARKING.  RM1 might not be a lot since it's a WEEKDAY but when weekend comes it's RM2!!!  Enclosed my receipt which proved that I parked for 5 mins only.  I entered the parking at 16:47 and left 5 mins later.  I NEED TO PAY THE PARKING!!!

This defies the purpose of this shopping mall...  As there's POST OFFICE and MONEY Changer's there.  LOTS of people will zip in and out of the mall in under 15 mins.  

My suggestion to TROPICANA CITY MALL operator/Developer Dijaya group.  Please introduce 15 mins free / grace period parking.  If I don't see the changes within 30 days.  I SHALL BOYCOTT THIS MALL and asked my friends to do the same.  This is a shame as it's just 3km from my house.

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