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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12.12.12 everyone!

Happy 12.12.12 everyone!
To all readers and subscribers.  Today is a Special day.  This is the last of Same sequence Dd/mm/yy of the Century.  We won't be seeing this until the next 100 years.  So enjoy your 12.12.12.  Please observe upcoming 12:12pm.  What will you be doing?

In a meantime I'll be back with the following updates in no sequence:

- Update on my Waja 15 Dec (It's been a while)
- Review on the Mitsubishi Mirage.
- Review on the Chevy Sonic
- Review on the Veloster 1.6 Premium
- Full test on the Elantra 1.8.

Starting from tomorrow till next week stay tuned...

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