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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Happy New Year 2013 dear readers and subscribers. Sorry for posting less frequent compared 
To last year. Tied down to my current job. Less free time to blog. I still owe the following blog
Posts.  Coming very very soon. 

1. Mirage review
2. Veloster review
3. Suzuki Kizashi close up
4. Elantra 1.8 comprehensive review
5. Grand finale / wrapping up of Myvi 1.5se longtermer. Due 20 oct but drag till now. That car just reached the magical 20,000km. 
6. My take on the Used car industries. Dealers margin exposed.
7. Chevrolet Sonic close up!
8. Covering of Mazda 6 launch (round the corner)
9. Covering of Kia Rio launch (round the corner)

Stay tuned. Jan will be more updates. I would like to end with this graph! Jeff Lin signing off. Typed this from my new Iphone 5 so no fancy graphics.

 Above, overall top 10 posts from 2008 May till today, Below: Monthly stats.  Note the upward trend.
Once again, thank you for your continuous support,

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