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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ads reviews For NEW car salesmen

In this blog entry, I'm posting reviews on various Advertisements / Classifieds and their effectiveness rating.  This is based on me and my colleagues Experiences.  I shall Rank in terms of Effectiveness:

1. OR Motortrader Magazine
- This is  the Best way to advertise your Cars for sale.  But it's expensive.
- Rating 9/10

2) The Star Classifieds:
- the name says it all.  Rating 8.5/10

3) Paultan's ""/.
- With links to your ad (selected though) from Paultan Blog.  FREE OF CHARGE.
Rating 8.4/10 

JOINT 4) Respective car clubs and OWN BLOG.  Yes, this is very effective.  Eg. if you sell BMW, advertise in BMW Club, if you sell Alfa, advertise in AROC.
- Downside, Too many competition with other Salesman and for Old bird/seasoned salesperson, loyal or returning customer will buy from him/her.  Warning for NEW Salesmen, thread with Caution as backstabbing might occur.
- Recommended, buy a car make that you sell and JOIN THEIR CLUB.  Built your own NETWORK!

- For the latter, OWN Blog is very useful as you test and review your own PRODUCT.  Helpful if your blog is on top of Google search engine like mine.  Got lots of Genuine enquiries after I review this car.  Best of all, it's FREE OF  CHARGE!

Rating 8/10 and 8/10.

JOINT NO.5) Forum and Lowyat.Net's Automotive garage
- Rating 7.5/10 and 7.5/10.
- FREE OF CHARGE!  Quite effective.  But lots of competition and non-genuine enquiries.

6) ON THE ROAD Magazine/online
- Cheaper alternative to Motor trader.  But the magazine is Bi-weekly and FILLED with Recond cars and Tonnes of ads vs Motor trader.  Rating 6.5/10

- There's a reason why I rate this site so low.  TOO MANY Competition as ALL Salesman advertised here.  Neither cheap NOR Expensive.  I personally advertised here and HATED IT.   ALL the leads OR Callers are CAR BROKERS themselves.  Called to compare "Commission".  Eg. "Dealer lain kasi RM2000 komision, you boleh kasi lebih dari itu kah?".  The irony is, my Margin is RM2000.  If I give all to these ungrateful brokers, what do I get?  My respond:  BELI DARI MEREKA LAH!  Saya tak boleh buat!

- Verdict: Perfect place for advertising USED CARS BUT NOT NEW CARS! 
Rating 6/10.

8) China/Press/Sin Chew/Nanyang Classifieds.
- Good and cheap but narrow target market.  Only Chinese see this ad.  Good for chinese educated.  Not for me as I banana!
- Rating: 5.5/10

- Same same as Mudah.  Attract only Brokers OR Shoppers comparing prices.  Less established than Mudah.
- Rating 5.5/10

JOINT 10) The Sun and Media Focus Ad. (or equivalent)
- Expensive and narrow target market.  Only selected area in Klang Valley. 
- Same goes to The Sun.
- Rating 5.3/10.

11) Berita Harian/Harian Metro and other Malay media.
- Refer to No. 8.  Narrow target market.  Only for Malay salesmen!
- Rating 5.2/10

12) NST/Malay Mail.
- Few people read these newspapers nowadays.  Narrow target market.  No Genuine prospects.

13) Others, Please recommend.

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