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Monday, February 25, 2013

66th month and reaching 800th posts! Thanks...

This blog you are reading OR subscribing now's Reached it's Milestone.  It's MADE FAMOUS By my Main Advertisers, GOOGLE and Nuffnang!  They were a good helper to Promote my Otoreview blog which started off Slowly in September 2006.  Back then, it was a Pathetic OR sad blog with merely 100 hits daily.  Today, I'm proud to announce that we have a consistent 2500 hits DAILY and our TOTAL Hit's Breached the Magical 1,000,000 (1 million mark) without me noticing (I think the 1,000,000th visitors/ blog-walkers came in Mid-January this year since it's now breacing 1,200,000 hits (OR 1.2 millions).

Thanks for all your support dear readers and subscribers to this COMPREHENSIVE no Cutting corners, Straight-to-the-point, HONEST and lastly EFFICIENT Blog Editor OR Owner, Ie. Jefferson Lim Wei Huai (yours truly)!

Please feel free to browse through OR take your own pace to read ALL my 796 BLOG Entry/Articles/Posts (whichever you called it comfortable as It's all same meaning).  Enjoy your stay OR ride here.

Jefferson Lim signing off!  ADIOS!  See You and please support me by "DONATING to my PAYPAL" account on the middle-right corner of the Sidebar.  Finger's crossed, Minimum I request's USD10 only and it's a FREE WILL Offering (ie. Up to your kind Heart), up to you to feel How much I deserved to Keep this OLD blog Up and running since September 2006 (ie. I was only 26 back then and fast forward, 65 months later, here I am!  A BALDING, 33 yrs old, Overweight (88kg), 5 feet 9 guy who's still single and available and NEVER "Pak Thor" (Cantonese for "In a Relationship") before with Any Girl.

 Sad right!  But I have a hinch my Future wife'll appear (revealed by God) in 6 months time (ie. when I'm financially stable and keeping up the good work and my goal TOP 3 Hyundai Salesman by End of the year.  Wish me luck OR for Christians, may God's blessings be upon me to approach Or express my interest to her when the right time comes...  

I know exactly who the Girl is because I dreamed of her shadow 2 nights ago.  She's standing on the edge of an opened door with "BLINDING backlights surrounding the door hence I cannot see who she really is.  But I can see her Hair Length (short - barely cover shoulder), Height (slightly over 5 feet tall) and VOLUPTUOUS Body shape (not Sexy but with "FRONT AND BACK BUMPERS" (Lame Jokes I know, but being a car freak (or enthusiasts) who loved to write about them it's pretty GOOD right?

 It is revealed that it's her, my Church Student group leader.  Name to be revealed in 6 months time (ie. on my Birthday on 13 August 2013!).  Watch this space!  Jefferson Lim signing off!  My Original Work...

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