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Monday, March 31, 2014

LONGTERMER 2: 68th month report: Honda Civic FD2 (Season 2, vol 1)

In this blog entry, I'm posting my Family's ride.  I called it Season 2 because I haven't been updating it since February 2013.

Apparently, the sale of this Civic FD2 was cancelled, along with my Plan to own Elantra 1.8.  It's because My dad decided to Buy the Hyundai i10 1.25 CVVT White instead.  He driving the i10 1.25 more often until November 2013.  Where he asked his Hong Kong Expat friend to "SAMBUNG BAYAR THE i10 RM580 installments for 1 year).  This explained why the mileage picking up again From November 2013 to March 2014, back to 1000km+ per month, compared to Feb to Oct 2013's dismal 500km monthly.

Here's my last update.

Here's the END OF SEASON 1 (27 volumes).

Another link to my Cardomain's page of my Civic FD2.

During the past 13 months, very little have been done to this car.  Apparently, since my dad took delivery of the Hyundai i10, this car's RARELY Used.  Until September 2013, where my dad Invested RM1800 to purchase 4 new shoes (tyres), hence revived the Civic FD2.  Previously all 4 Michelin PS3 Tyres botak (2 of them peeling at side).  

The tyres my dad bought were MADE IN JAPAN Yokohama Advan Db (Decibel), 215/45R17.  Bought from LYN Forummer, "nestum" for RM450 per piece.

 1 month later, the revival of the Civic FD2 completed after the 95,000km 1st time service outside Honda.  Last 90,000km service was WAY BACK in December 2012.  Yes, 10 months 5,500km done only.  Ie. 550km per month only.  That's how RARE it's previously been used.

The HIGHLY Recommended Workshop is Zhapalang Motorsport at Metro Prima, Kepong.  Strategically located right behind AEON Jusco Metro Prima, I actually, kill time at AEON Jusco Kepong while the Civic FD2 was being serviced there.  

The Boss, Mr. Zenden Goh's honest too...  He told me, Brake fluid and ATF no need to change, just oil filter and fuel filter and clean air filter and labour  for oil change and spark plugs (cause Engine oil - Liqui Moly MOS/2 10W/40 Semi-synthetic (RM155) and Spark plug - NGK Laser Iridium (RM230) I bought outside).

Other stuff changed were Hella Wipers, Crystal No plate (rear).

Without further ado, let's proceed to Logbook.

Purchase price: RM126,000 (less NCB)
Current value: RM84,000.
5 years depreciation: 68% retained value
Interest rate: 2.35% (back in July 2008) for 6 years loan.

Mileage last update: 88,979km (February 28 2013)

Mileage Dec 28: 96,448km
km used Dec-Jan: 1138km
Mileage Jan 28: 97,586km
Km used Jan-Feb: 1413km
Mileage Feb 28: 98,999km 
Mileage used Feb28 to today (Mar 30): 1889km => PENANG TRIP on 3 March.
Mileage today: 100,888km.

Km used last 13 months: 11,889km
Average Mileage per month past 68 months: 915km only.

FUEL CONSUMPTION (March 1 2013 to March 30 2014):

Best: 13.3km/L (RM0.17/km) 80% highway/20% city, driven by my dad Petronas RON95. 
WORST: 8km/L (RM0.24/km) (Shell RON95) 80% City/20% Highway driving driven by ME.


Best: 15.35km/l (RM0.13/km) (90% highway driving) (20 August 2010)
Worst: 7.1km/l (80% City driving, 20% HARD DRIVING) (October 27, 2012)

0-100km/h: 9.2 seconds normal acceleration (9 seconds with paddle-shift)
Top speed: Max I driven is 190km/h but I know it can go up to 227km/h. Someone from Youtube tried it.

EXPENSES Last 12 months:

1) 4x Yokohama Advan DB tyres - RM1800

2) 95,000km oil change at Zhapalang Motorsport, Metro Prima, Kepong - RM205 only.

3) Spark plugs - NGK Laser Iridium (RM230)
4) Engine oil - RM155 (5 litres Liqui Moly MOS/2).

5) Car Wash and vacuum membership - 10+3 at Dirtbusters.  (RM120)
6) Hella Wipers - RM48
7) Crystal rear No. plate: RM40.  
8) Roadtax: RM379 and Insurance: RM1160 (insured value RM85,000)

GRAND Total: RM4137

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Enjoy the photos:

Before I go, here's my parting shot:

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