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Monday, June 02, 2014

CLOSE UP: Renault Megane RS265 Cup RBR Edition

In this blog entry, I'm posting about the AMAZING Limited edition Renault Megane RS265.  The one in the showroom is the Renault sport Megane Red Bull Racing (RBR) Edition.   This is the last unit of 20 units brought in by TC Eurocars.  Priced at RM252,888 HIGHLY Negotiable for 2013 year make.  All I can say is AT LEAST RM20,000 discount, but the salesperson indicates MUCH MUCH Higher discount.  "Name me your price!"   The last unit remained is Serial No.475.  
I even Enjoyed 14km TAXI ride by the Professional Sales Executive, Khairul Ikhwan.  He showcased the IMMENSE Talent of Megane RS265.  It's not I can't drive the car, it's my decision to let EXPERIENCED Sales Exec to SHOWCASE the BEST of this car.   Below, the Test drive car.
After all, this is the FASTEST FWD Cars in Nurburgring AT 8 mins, 08 seconds.  Besides, it's an AWARD Winning car.  Won 60+ awards worldwide.  

The Renault Megane RS265 is SO ALL ROUNDED, that after test riding it, my expectations of the Renault Fluence which I test driven 30 mins later is HIGH.  It's SO GOOD that it makes the Renault Fluence which I subsequently test DROVE feels HORRENDOUS!

THIS IS THE BEST Daily Driven TRACK CAR which fits 4 adults in great comfort.  Renault-Sport CUP Chassis is not only SOLID,  It’s a remarkable too. Even when laying down the power during mid-corner on an uneven road surface, the Megane RS265 refuses to unsettle. There’s no body roll whatsoever. This is go-kart handling without the go-kart ride quality.   The suspension is HARD yet Comfortable for daily driven. 

Only occasionally are you aware of the Direct injection 2.5 bar Turbo boost, as most of the time the power delivery is so linear and the engine so free spinning that you’re simply not aware of the forced induction taking place.  Driving the RS265 on a clean stretch by only swapping cogs as the rev limiter warning bell pings, and the car feels quicker than it’s claimed 0-100km/h time of six seconds flat.

The only transmission available with the Megane RS265 is a six-speed manual paired with LSD and Advanced Traction Control (option to off it).  All the pedals are both progressive and nicely weighted, too, and the four-pot Brembo brakes up front offer fade-free stopping power after repeated heavy applications on the downhill.  The SWEET SPOT is 3rd and 4th gear, in SPORTS MODE at 60km/h to 130km/h, where the 360Nm TORQUE fully unleashed. 

Claimed average fuel consumption is 8.2l/100km.  Quite good for a High Pressure Turbo HOT HATCH!

Few cars have this PERFECT Balance ride and handling.  Only the Civic FD2-R comes close.  But the Civic FD2 Type-R is no longer for sale.

That's all I can comment.  WORDS Can't Describe HOW INCREDIBLE THIS HOT HATCH IS.  You have to drive it yourself to believe HOW AWESOME this Renault Sport Megane RS265 RBR.

Rating 10/10.  The PERFECT HOT HATCH!  If you want to buy this car, please call Khairul Ikhwan at 013-62-111-39.  Please mention Recommend by blog owner Jeff Lim for better deals.

Well, there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Enjoy the Photo gallery.

 Above, surprisingly GOOD Legroom and headroom.  Seats 4 adults comfortably.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Otoreview's Production.  Please copy with links or credits to this blog.  Copy like a man, Don't plagiarise.

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