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Sunday, June 01, 2014

FULL REVIEW: Renault Fluence 2.0 140 CVT

I had the SHOCK of my life when TC Euro Cars announced that the price of the Renault Fluence 2.0i Xtronic-CVT would be RM115,000 OTR Without insurance.

The New CKD Renault Fluence comes with a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty and 2-years free service. There's a bonus if you buy one before June 30th this year OR be the 1st 100 owners whichever comes first. The BONUS is you’ll get 5 years or 100,000km free service!

A bit about the car, the CKD Renault Fluence is powered by a chain driven 140hp 2.0-litre 16-valve engine that’s mated to a XTronic CVT gearbox,

 and comes with numerous driver-aid technologies like hands-free smart card

 with remote central locking, engine start and stop button,reverse camera,

  automatic headlamps and wipers.

It also offers numerous active and passive safety features, including driver and passenger airbags, curtain airbags, side airbags - TOTAL of  6 Airbags.   It also equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and Brake assist. The vehicles’ electronic stability programme (ESP) with anti-skid regulation (ASR) and understeer control function ensures added stability.

The Fluence also features the much touted Renault “R-Link Multimedia System”, which is ideally suited to motoring thanks to its 7” touchscreen display and voice commands.

Renault R-Link incorporates the navigation system, telephony function and can be connected to portable music players through Bluetooth, USB and jack sockets.

The digital dash instrumentation cluster,

full leather upholstery (locally sourced),

class leading 2710mm wheelbase, dual-zone Automatic climate air-conditioning with rear Air vents,

6 speakers with 3D surround sound technology by Arkamys all contributes to a classy cabin.  The rear seats split-folds FLAT 60:40 which increase the HUGE 530 litres boot space to 1200+ litres.

 This is An Essential Feature missing in the New Nissan Sylphy.  The driver-aid technologies like automatic headlamps and rain sensing wipers are additional value adding bonus.

 However, the REAL Value adding bonus is that the Renault Fluence is offered with the “5-inFluence Package” that includes 5-years with unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty

, 2-years or first 40,000km free parts and labour maintenance, 1-year Renault genuine parts warranty, mobility solution, complimentary pick-up service, and nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance.  In addition, the Fluence will also come with ‘fixed price’ servicing, and any of its authorised service outlets.


It looks GREAT, Elegance is the Word, inside out.  I loved the rims, the Exterior - the majestic grille,

 the Sexy tail lights

 and interior design, especially the digital dash meter.  The car's very SOLID, heavy too at 1.4 tonne. First impression rating: 10/10.

Colour choices: White, Black , Silver and Grey!  However, the disappointments lies in the Driving of the Renault Fluence.


I happened to test driven the Fluence for 5km in all terrains.   I walked away DISAPPOINTED with the BAD! BAD! BAD Ride and Handling. Having test driven the Megane RS265 earlier, which I'd say Sets THE FWD BENCHMARK and I felt very WOW!  It was MIND-BLOWING.  So naturally, the expectation of the Fluence is HIGH!

 Driving the Renault Fluence, well...  It feels KOREAN.  It reminds me of Kia Forte which is APPALLING for a Renault.  It's POLAR Opposite of Renault Megane.  Well, a check with uncle Google reveals that THIS IS A KOREAN CAR with a RENAULT BADGE.  It's Known as "Samsung SM3" in Korea.

Let me put the driving experience into words...  Firstly, the Soundproofing - NVH  level is WEAK.  In the 1st turning out of the Renault showroom, the Steering is artificially assisted - Hyundai Elantra MD comes to mind.  As it navigates through the Horrendous Potholes ridden Jalan Kemajuan.  The sound, THUNK...THUNK...  Again, the Renault Megane gone through this patch "SELAMBA"  No DRAMA, just "duk..duk"  Notice the Difference.   WAIT!  There's more to NIT-PICK!

The turning circle is so BIG that it's NOT STATED in the Brochure.  The engine sounds Coarse and unpleasent when revved.  Acceleration's Poor at 10.7 seconds from 0-100km/h.  Man, this reminds me of a VERY HOT Girl which Looks 10/10.  But when she speaks or the way she carries herself, the Marks plummeted to 2/10.  Ironically, I'd add 3 more points to 5/10,  the marks after test driving the Renault Fluence.

VERDICT:  It's PERFECT in Looks inside out, feels SOLID and Well built, but the HORRENDOUS DRIVING EXPERIENCE betrayed its Korean Roots.  Overall: 7/10 only.

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, Enjoy!

 Above Legroom, Below Headroom...

If you want to buy this car, please find my friend Khairul Ikhwan at 013-62-111-39, at TC EUROCARS, Jln Kemajuan.  Please mention you were Blog owner Jeff Lim's friend for better deal.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry!  An original Otoreview's production.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Hi Mr Jeff,

    I was in nissan service centre and happen to gave s look at this renault fluence...yes it does look great with the solid interior.

    I haven't test drive....but it really bad huh ??

    Kind dissapointed. ...i really like the car.

    Great write up from you !! Honest and straight to the point .

    Thumbs up. Keep writing !

    Im ur fan.

  2. Kind of disappointed that the Traction control is always on, and can't turn off, msking the ride rather hard.

  3. Kind of disappointed that the Traction control is always on, and can't turn off, msking the ride rather hard.