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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GADGETS 101: Gadget's rechargable batteries care...

GADGETS 101: Gadget's rechargable battery (batteries) care. Especially Notebook, Handphones and Digital Cameras.

Hi, this is a new twist of this blog. I'll be writing articles, giving reviews and tips on Gadgets. Here's my 1st post:

Q: "Ever wonder why your gadget's Li-Ion or Ni-MH rechargable battery kept on losing charge or lifespan getting shorter and shorter? OR Battery suddenly goes from 50% to 0%?
A:It's because your gadgets' battery (batteries)'s not "CONDITIONED".

Q: What is "battery condition" AND how it is done?
A: Conditioning battery's where you drained your battery (wait until your gadget batteries' EMPTY) before you recharge them. Make sure you charge it full. Make it a habit to condition it often and your batteries will LAST (No joke).

Example, my 2004 DELL INSPIRON 510m laptop. Despite it's age, its Li-Ion battery is still good for 2 hours of heavy usage (Wifi and music at the same time), or 1 1/2 hour playing DVD Non stop. As a comparison, my friend's 2006 Fujitsu Laptop's battery's losing charge day by day, from 4 hrs at new to just 2 hrs MAX. Why is it so? Again, conditioning battery's the secret.

This is NOT just applicable to Laptop's battery. Any Li-Ion and NimH batteries need to be conditioned (or layman's term: EXERCISE). Remember: NO Recharging of battery if you still have 50% Charge, this will affects your battery life in near future. MAKE sure it's EMPTY (5% for Notebook and 0% for other gadgets) before you charge it.

Additional tips FOR NOTEBOOK/LAPTOP: IF YOU want to Use AC Adapter, FIRST use up all the battery, then only you plug to the Wall outlet. Otherwise, make sure your battery fully charged before you plug on the Wall outlet.

Thanks for reading this...

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