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Friday, March 21, 2008

Gadgets 101: My NEW TOY review: K810i

I GOT A NEW TOY! Sony Ericsson K810i, Just bought on Thursday, fresh from the Phone Shop. Here’s a review of my NEW phone. Why I bought this phone? Well my reason’s stated at the “Conclusion” of this phone review.

NOTE: Got this review from (Sony Ericsson Singapore user group) forum by an Anonymous Forummer. START OF REVIEW (next paragraph onwards). My OWN Opinion’s in “Conclusion”.

When K810 was first announced in Feb 07 by SE the initial response was that it is an cosmetics improvement over the k800 cybershot series and critics was right on it. But the phone I believed are mainly targeted at those using the older K series and 1st time SE user. User of K800 should read no further as this is the same phone with just its outer makeover with no significant changes to its firmware.

The first thing unusual about the phone is its button, which hate it or love it, is it's good feel for the fingers as compare to the normal keypad generally on SE series (except W880) is all close together. Pressing wrong keys/button is a thing of the past as the buttons are very much space apart. The one thing I cant get over is the shiny surface of the keys area which attracts fingerprints and smudges like the Z610 surface, fussy user like me will give the phone a miss over this “feature”.

K810 keypad like all new SE phones have an internet shortcut button next to the call button which my seem to be an gift from heaven for tech savvy but for me it is seem to be a nuisance to user as most of the time it get activated even without most user knowledge. And yes Telcos charge you for this connection time (conspiracy between Maxis and…?!?!……<- don’t sue me).

The back of the phone is rubberize like those from the W880 which generally gives the phone a nice feel and hold as oppose to the cheap feel of the previous series.

The next best thing of the K810 over the K800 is the shutter itself. K800 shutter have the overhang and shaky feeling due to its awkward placement and the K810 have since rectified this by shaping the back profile of the phone to incorporate the shutter itself. The cuts down the accidental activation of the cam by shutter as complain by most K800 user.

Radio and Media player

K810 have an built in tuner and with the supplied headset acting as the antenna, reception of the radio channels are clear and loud.
The media player for MP3 are an improvement over the K750’s but still lose out to the W-series player but since this is marketed as a Cybershot so the comparison stops here. The player can identified song/tracks or artist by the ID3 tag on the MP3 thereby playing it or through user customize playlist.

Cameras and features

Activation of the cam can be by menu based or just simply sliding the shutter down , user will see the 1,4,7,* key symbol lightening in a blue tint as the phone transit from phone to cam mode. Each key correspond to Image size , Focus , Timer and Flash respectively . Movies record are in 3gp format. K810 like the K800 comes with the Xenon flash which adds a true flashlight capability to the mobile phone , user of K750 can forget about using this as a torchlight as the Xenon are powered by 2 large capacitor unlike the k750 2 bright LEDs.

For new user there is a BestShot™ features which let user takes 9 shot at once of the same scene, user can choose which frame is the best to choose from or all 9. Also preview of the photos taken by the cam can be access during standby mode by pressing the 2 buttons located at the top left and right of the LCD.

Firmware and Menu

SE has retained the general looks of the menu itself since the T610 days and is quite easy to use and navigate. The joystick 4 direction can be customize to individual user shortcut needs

The K810 does have the capability to upgrade it firmware over the air but the high GPRS cost may deters user from this. Flight mode is an standard on most SE models and what is does is that for places that restrict cellphone signal ,user can turn on this features.

Battery use are the BSt-33 series with the CST75 charger which have the capability to charge and use the phone concurrently and the K810 does comes with 128mb M2 supplied. BUT Only lasted for 1 ½ (18 hours) on a single charge only.

Conclusion /MY RAMBLINGS!

The SonyEricsson K810i's a good phone with good photo capability (“cybershot” mah). For me, K810 is an good choice as it’s a sizable upgrade from my SonyEricsson K618i. From 2mp manual focus with NO FLASH to 3.2mp Autofocus + Xenon flash, Also, FM Radio with RDS, Track ID. But downside, slightly bigger and heavier than my K618i.

K810i, It’s an obvious choice for me because Motorola and SAMSUNG’S OUT (NOT- user friendly, NOT used them), Nokia E65 my dad already owned one, I ACTUALLY LOVED SOME OF THE NOKIA N-series, BUT N73’s TOO OUTDATED AND TOO COMMON (August 06 model!), Nokia N70’s too bulky, Nokia N81’s Expensive, Nokia N76’s too Auntie or Ah Lian looking (RED COLOUR!!!). Nokia N77, N82 and N95 don’t bother, WAY OUT OF BUDGET. Budget’s below RM1000. Here's hoping for buying a Nokia N82 sometime Next year February (as my Next phone). I'm sure as seen in N73, by then the pricing will drop.

Note that K810i was my 2nd choice. 1st choice was SE P1i. LOVED that PDA Phone very much. But too $$. AP set RM1300!

Below, My Previous Phone, SonyEricsson K618i Black.
Also, I have 512MB M2 memory card from my K618i can transfer to the K810i (which only came with a pathetic 128MB) AND lastly, I’m used to SonyEricsson interface and SMS having owned 4 Ericsson/Sony Ericsson.

Here’s list of phones I’ve owned: NEC DB500 UK-spec (1999 till 2000), Nokia 3210 (2000 till 02 April). Ericsson T39 (2002 Apr -2004 Apr) => SE T610i (2004 Apr to 2005 Nov) => (a Symbian Nokia in between, Nokia 3230 – 2005/11 till 2006 Dec) => SE K618i (2006 Dec till 2008 March 19 and now, SE K810i (March 19 - ???).

NOTE that I owned a phone for AT LEAST 1 YEAR, Unlike Adults and kids nowadays who changed hand phone every 1 to 2 months.

The BONUS is I Bought the Phone for RM770 ONLY, AP set, warranty from “Final Choice” at a Hand phone shop in Old Town, Petaling Jaya. Original Midland phone still selling for RM1099. Wow! What a HUGE difference.

END OF REVIEW. Thanks for Reading this.

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