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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LONGTERMER #1: Update 7: Ford Telstar i4 DOHC 16v

This month (January), I got lots of things to update on the Ford Telstar. I had nothing but disappointments. The Telstar “overheated” 3 times. First, on the 1st week of January, the temperature went up, I added water to the radiator. This temporary solved the problem for 1 week. On the 2nd time, the temperature went up again, this time it’s stage by stage. First stage, temperature increased only when Air cond’s off.

Then, 2 days later, temperature increased when traffic jam occurs. Another 2 days. Temperature increased ALL THE TIME, that was on the way back from Puchong to Petaling Jaya. Had to stopped midway @ Shell opposite Kelana Jaya Giant. It was raining heavily at that time. Stopped the car for 40 minutes, asked the Pump attendant to fill up the radiator, then I proceeded my journey. Five minutes later, the temperature went up again. I slowly limped the car back to my house. It was Saturday Evening. On Monday (2 days later), I slowly drove to the Workshop. Upon inspection, I was told that it’s the Lower Part of the radiator leaked. The lower radiator bracket (including the bottom seal) was changed, filled with radiator flushing and coolant. The Engine oil and oil filter were also changed.

The 3rd time, again, on the way to Puchong, the car suddenly experienced a power loss (after the toll), I slowly drove the car for 4kms, stopped at Puchong Tesco for breakfast, then the car kept on “coughing” and jerking, power depleting and persistently the engine died. Again, I limped the car to the destination. Once I parked the car, I cannot restart the car. I called “AIA Auto assist” for the 1st time. They were very professional, tow truck came in 15 minutes (Unlike AAM which often took 40 minutes). The Tow-truck man’s very friendly and chatty, his name is Mr. Guna. Here’s some photos of my car being towed to my workshop:

Fuel consumption decreased... The 1st 3 quarter the fuel gauge still went down very fast. Remaining ¼ it moves S-L-O-W-L-Y. Last month I topped 340km +/- when the “low fuel” light 1st appear. Now, full tank of 44.444L good for 280km only.


Year of manufactured: 1998 (registered January 1999)
Purchase price: RM42,000 (Aug 2005)
Current value: RM16,000 (As at January 2009)
Depreciation per year (averaged): RM6,500
Mileage last month: 139630km.

Mileage now: 140500km.

Fuel consumption: A decrease: from 7.9km/l to 6.3km/l. How? See text above.

Expenses (this month)
1) 20 January. Changed Engine oil + Oil filter (RM60), Changed Radiator lower brackets (leaked). Total Incl workmanship RM270.

2) 24 January 2009: RM140. Changed Spark plug cables (Yellow in Colour, Australian brand: “Hotshots”).

3)… Will fix after Chinese new year (early February): Spark plugs, Tuning and Alignment Balancing + Camber. Hopefully will end all these problems.

Before I go: here’s a parting shot:

That’s all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this. See you on February 27, next update.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year everyone...

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone, how are you going to celebrate this LONG Holidays? I shall share mine at day 15 of Chinese New Year, watch this space...

In a Meantime, for Non-Chinese, I'd like to share with you these 3 part blog entry about Chinese New Year. Enjoy:




Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buckle up...

From 1 January onwards (this month), we Malaysians have to Buckle up at the rear. Else, harsh punishments. How harsh? RM300 from January to June. From the 1st of July 2009 onwards, this fine will be upped to RM2,000 and you could even go to jail for up to 1 year.

How unfair, how come they relaxed the ruling of "Using H/p while driving" AND Motorcyclists w/o helmat. IMHO, these offence were more "SERIOUS". You know what?

In so called "Kampung", Most motorcyclists don't wear helmats (of all ages). Eg. of "Kampung" is Kampung Kayu ara, Kampung Cempaka, Sungai way in Petaling Jaya. Hey, those are NOT KAMPUNG. They are mere 3km away from the highway or "Famous" Commercial centres (eg. Kg kayu Ara borders Damansara Jaya and Bandar Utama. Kg. Cempaka's 2km off LDP highway; Sungai way's Beside Federal Highway. Yet the rules are relaxed. The authorities closed one eyes.

Without further ado, here's an article from "The Star Online":

The Star Online

Friday, Jan 16 2009.

‘Many still forget to buckle up’

UNIVERSITI Sains Malaysia (USM) held a one-day road safety campaign on Wednesday to encourage motorists on campus to buckle up in the back seat.

It was organised by the university’s Security Depart-ment and Penang Road Safety Department (JKJR). The officials handed out leaflets and car stickers at the institution’s three main gates in Minden, Penang.

Penang JKJR deputy director Roziah Aziz said: “As the rear seat belt ruling has just been enforced in January, there are many who still forget to buckle up.

“We are here to remind staff members and students of the new ruling and also distribute reflective stickers to motorcyclists to make them more visible on the road.”

She added that 500 stickers had been prepared for USM motorists.

Present to help out in the campaign were USM registrar Azman Abdullah, Secu-rity Department director Norizan Khalid and 60 members of the university’s un-dergraduate police volunteer corps (Suksis).

That's all folks, thanks for having the patience to read this...


Monday, January 19, 2009

RM60,000, what car can you buy?

In this blog entry, I'm covering another "What can you buy with this budget?". I got some questions by few of my friends asking me "What can I buy with RM60,000?."

Without further ado, here's my lists of cars you can buy with this budget. Note that you have limited choices (ONLY 11) if you are buying a new car. Think "used cars" and suddenly YOU HAVE 43 CHOICES. Yes, 43 different cars from different categories (More on that later).


1) Proton Persona SE
2) Proton WAJA CPS (M)
3) Proton Gen-2 CPS
4) Perodua MyVi SE (with this budget)
5) Naza Suria (Picanto)
6) Mitsubishi TRITON Lite 2.5D
7) Hyundai Getz 1.4
8) Hyundai i10 (RM48,000)
9) Proton Satria Neo 1.6 Hi-line
10) Toyota Avanza 1.3 (M)
11) Perodua Viva EZi(A) (RM44,000)


As I mentioned earlier, we have 43 different options if you are buying used cars. The choices are so wide that I have to categorise it into the following:

1) German cars
2) Malaysian cars
3) Japanese cars
4) Other continental cars
5) MPV
6) SUV and truck
7) Korean cars

Here's the used car options lists:

1) German cars (RM60k unless stated):

i) Audi A4 B5 1.8T, 2002.
ii) BMW 318i(A) E36 1998 (est RM48k)
iii) BMW 523i(A) 1998
iv) Audi A6 2.4iV6 1999
v) BMW 730i(A), 1996
vi) Mercedes E230, W210, 1996
vii) Mercedes C200 (A), 1997

2) Malaysian cars (RM60k unless stated):

i) Proton Perdana V6 2006.
ii) Proton Satria R3 2005. RM55k

3) Japanese cars (RM60k unless stated):

i) Honda Accord 2.3VTi LEV, 2002
ii) Honda City IDSI/VTEC 05'. RM56k/RM60k
iii) Honda Civic 1.7VTEC (A) 03'
iv) Honda Jazz 1.5IDSI / VTEC 04' RM58k/ RM62k
v) Nissan Cefiro 2.0V6 / 3.0V6. 2002 / 2003
vi) Nissan Sentra 1.6 2005, 1.8 2004.
vii)Suzuki Swift 1.5VVT 2006
viii)Toyota Altis 1.6 2003/1.8 2002
ix) Toyota Camry 2.2GX 01' RM49,800
x) Toyota Vios 1.5E 2006/G 2005
xi) Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6GLX(A) CBU (Evo 8 Body) 2005 RM59,000
xii) Ford Lynx RS (A) 2005 (Japanese car, American Brand)

4) Other Continental cars (RM60k unless stated):

i) Alfa Romeo 156 Selespeed 2002
ii) Peugeot 307 1.6XS 2003, RM46k
iii) Volvo S40 2.0T 2003/V40 2002
iv) Volvo S60 2.0T 2001. RM59,000
v) Volvo S80 2.0T 2001 RM59,800
vi) Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo 2001

5) MPV (RM60k unless stated):
i) Chevrolet Nabira (Zafira) 2005, RM55k
ii) Naza Citra 2007. RM59k
iii) Naza Ria 2.5i 2006
iv) Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis @ Spacewagon 2.4i 2000, RM58k
v) Toyota Estima 2.5 Supercharged 1998

6) SUV and Truck (RM60k unless stated)

i) Subaru Forester 1999 2.0XT
ii) Ford Escape 2003 RM53k
iii) Honda CRV 150hp 2001 RM59k)
iv) Land Rover Freelander 2001, RM59k
v) Ford Ranger XLT 2.5i 2006
vi) Nissan Frontier 2.5TDI 2005
vii)Toyota Hilux 2.5D4D Turbo 2004
viii) Naza Sorento 2.5DI 2004
ix) Toyota RAV4 2000 RM62k

7) Korean Cars (RM60k unless stated):

i) Hyundai Sonata 2.0/2.4 2004 RM43k to RM47k
ii) Hyundai Coupe 2.0 2003
iii) Kia Optima 2005 RM46000

NOTE: All the above are models available "OFFICIALLY" in Malaysia. There's others such as Mazda RX7, Nissan Silvia S13, S14, EVO III and Subaru WRX Version 4. But they are personally/parallel or grey importers available in LIMITED Units. If you found 1, it's going to be "buyers' market", ie. Value determined by buyer. Another category also belongs to "Buyer's market", NICHE and/or RARE brand/s, they are cars such as: Saab, Opel, TVR, Lotus, Jaguar, Maserati and Porsche.

I would like to end this blog entry by saying that in the end it's up to your individual needs and requirements. Different people have different taste, that's why in this blog entry, I don't specifically recommend any car here. Instead, I just list out the lists of cars you can buy for RM60,000 most of them in alphabetically order.

That's all folks, thanks for having the patience to read this blog entry.

1) Motor Trader issue 412 to 416. Last 5 issue. Issue 416 being the latest issue 15 Jan to 21 Jan 2009.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Will Cypha". What car is this? After some googling...

"Will Cypha", what car is this?

After some googling, I found out that it's Actually a product of "TOYOTA" (more on that later). I spotted this car in Petaling Jaya and I took some photos. The rear no. plate holder says "NAZA WORLD" (Ie. this car was actually brought in by NAZA. I began to question:

1) How and where to find the spare parts?
2) What about the maintenance cost?
3) Why import in such a RARE car?
4) What about the after-sales support/service and warranty?

Well, I did some research and found out that it's fitted with 2 engines. Either 2NZ-FE 1.3 VVTI or 1NZ-FE 1.5 VVTI engine. Same engine as Toyota Yaris (European market) and Toyota Vios Respectively. As a result, my question 1 & 2 is solved...

Without further ado, here's some photos and specifications...


Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 3695 x 1675 x 1535
Interior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1810 x 1415 x 1290
Wheel base, mm 2370
Treads (F/R), mm 1440 / 1420
Ground clearance, mm 130
Curb vehicle weight, kg 990
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Seating capacity, persons 5
Doors number 5
Min.turning radius, m 4.9
Fuel tank capacity, l 45

Displacement, 1298cc
Engine model 2NZ-FE
Max.power (Net), kw(PS)/rpm 87 ps (63.99 kw) / 6000 rpm
Max.torque(Net), N*m(kg*m)/rpm 12.3 kg*m (120.62 N*m) / 4400 rpm
Power density 11.38
Engine type Serial 4 cylinder DOHC
Engine information
Fuel system EFI (electronic fuel injection)
Turbocharger No
Fuel type Unleaded regular gasoline
LEV system (Low emission vehicle) Yes
Compression ratio 10.5
Bore, mm 75
Stroke, mm 73.5

Fuel consumption at 10-15 modes, l/100km 5.5
Fuel consumption at 60 km/h, l/100km

Power steering Yes
Tires size, front 175/65r14 82s
Tires size rear 175/65R14 82S
Braking system, front Ventilated disk
Braking system, rear Drum (leading/trailing)
Suspension system, front Strut type coil spring (stabilizer attaching)
Suspension system, rear The torsion beam type coil spring (stabilizer attaching)

That's all folks, thanks for having the patience to read this...

For photos and specifications.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Time to buy a car


Saturday January 10, 2009
Time to buy a car

Firms give incentives to attract new buyers

"THE economy is slowing down. What to do? Tighten spending? Hold back on purchases? Yes, that is what most people will be doing for the time being and perhaps in the near future.

But what if you’ve been saving up or planning to buy something for a while now, like a house or a car – what do you do? Hold on? Wait and see? Plans dashed – what a bummer!

A house or a car is considered two of the biggest investments in a person’s life. Which is why one would always need to think things thoroughly before making a final decision.

Unlike property, automobiles, like nearly everything else, depreciate in value the moment you buckle up for that magical cruise down the road for that first time drive.

Yes, even when you are still being smothered by the smell of that squeaky clean upholstery and the mileage gauge still shows a measly single-digit figure, you are already burning away your investment.

Industry observers say now would be a very good time to buy cars

People looking to buy cars already know that, but even so, a car is pretty much a necessity these days, and with an economic slowdown, the need to be more vigilante in choosing the right car for your needs speak volumes.

Thankfully, the plight of the car buyer has not gone unnoticed. According to an industry observer, now would be a very good time to buy cars.

“Car companies which are seeing a slowdown, if not bracing for one, will want to pump up sales by providing financial incentives such as higher cash rebates and even zero-percent financing.

“Chinese New Year, which is usually a time when many people buy cars, is also coming and a lot of car companies will be having promotions to capitalise on that. This is definitely a buyer’s market,” he says.

A Klang Valley-based dealer selling Chevrolet cars said its vehicles were being offered interest-free for the month of January.

“We are offering an interest-free instalment plan for purchasers of our Aveo, Optra and 2007 Captiva models,” he says, adding that buyers can also opt for a non-interest free plan and purchase the cars at a discount price.

”The 2008 Captiva does not come with an interest-free plan but customers are given a RM3,000 rebate,” the dealer adds.

He also says buyers of vehicles that were not interest free only needed to pay interest rates between 2.9% and 3%.

A Kuala Lumpur-based dealer also said it was offering some of its Myvi and Viva models to customers with special discounts while stocks last.

“Our 2008 Viva manual 660 currently comes with a RM800 discount,” he says, adding that its 2008 standard Myvi model was also being offered at a RM800 rebate. Hire-purchase interest rates for its vehicles stood at 3.75%.

A sales advisor for a dealership selling Nissan cars in Kuala Lumpur also says it was offering its cars with special discounts.

He says customers could now buy its Nissan X-Trail, Selphy and Grand Livina at a discount of RM4,000, RM2,000 and RM1,000 respectively, while interest rates were between 2.5% to 3.25% for the cars.

A sales agent from a Petaling Jaya-based dealer selling Proton cars points out that some of its cars were being offered at discount prices.

Buyers of its 2008 Proton Persona get a cash discount of about RM2,000, while buyers of its 2008 Proton Perdana get a RM6,888 rebate.

The sales agent also said its 2008 Proton Savvy was being offered at a discount price of RM2,000.

He added that the promotional packages would continue until the end of the month or until stocks last.

Buyers with families who are looking for something that is not too small but at the same time do not want to splurge so much money on a vehicle can look forward to the multipurpose vehicle (MPV) that Proton aims to launch in this quarter.

Some industry observers feel that there is much hype over the MPV and that it has the potential to steal market share from existing MPV sales. Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd is also expected to launch an MPV by year-end.

People who cannot afford a new car may want to consider used cars which is obviously a cheaper alternative.

Another advantage of having a used car is that sometimes they have better resale value.

“Used cars will hold their value and depreciate less quickly than new cars.

“Compact vehicles will hold their value better overall, as people start downsizing as a result of the current economic slowdown,” says a second hand car dealer.

The used car dealer also concurs that now would be a good time to buy second hand cars.

“People looking to buy used cars also should not wait too long. With the current downturn, there may be less selection to choose from later on as people who don’t have the money to buy new cars will already be looking at used cars as an option,” he adds


My opinion: This is a very well written article. I can't think of anything to add... Except, THIS is THE correct TIME to BUY A CAR especially when Interest rate subsidised and discounts and freebies given. Happy hunting for the right car (to used car buyer/s). For new car buyer, try not to commit to 9 yrs or 10 yrs loan! My opinion is 7 years, 80% loan the MAX. Otherwise, I recommend used cars as it has lower depreciation.

That's all folks, thanks for having the patience to read it...

Monday, January 05, 2009

FULL BOOK REVIEW: Marley and Me.

I finished reading this book. It’s called “Marley and me” by John Grogan. Believe it or not, this is just my 3rd book ("above 300 page" category) I successfully read cover to cover since January 2008. I tend to read often but struggled to finish most books. This book is special to me as it’s in a nutshell about “life and love of a Labrador” which I’m coincidentally also a Proud Owner of one (mine’s Golden Labrador, “Pluto”). Hence, my immediate bond with the book as I can easily imagined his descriptions about Marley’s mischievous actions.

The book I’m holding is a Special UK edition (1st 2006 edition) with 8 pages of photos of Marley (16 photos total throughout the book) in the middle of the book, better paper quality bigger text and an appended column reprinted from “Philadelphia Inquirer, January 6 2004” at the end of the book. I bought it at Popular Bookstore with 30% discount. I’m disappointed to say that Current 2007 “2nd US edition” COSTS THE SAME as my edition (BEFORE DISCOUNT @ RM32.90).

But it came with 1) poorer paper quality, 2) Only 2 Marley photos throughout the book, 3) Smaller fonts. 4) No “Philadelphia Inquirer” article found in my book.

I read the first 110 page in 1 sitting, something I RARELY done. For the record, 1 read 1 ppm (page per minute). The book is so good that I look forward to it each time I pick it up. The book with intense appeal it tenderly follows its subject from sunrise to sunset, from the Hilarious puppy stage (laughed at first half of the book) to the heartbreaking farewell (so much so that my tears flowed freely at the end of the book).

Here’s an interesting extract of the book well worth reading it’s in page 30 to 32 in my book

“Marley was growing at a furious pace. Like one of those amazing jungle vines that can cover a house in hours, he was expanding exponentially in all directions. Each day he was a little longer, a little wider, a little taller, a little heavier. He was 21 pounds when I brought him home and within weeks was up to 50. His cute little puppy head that I so easily cradled in one hand as I drove him home that first night has rapidly morphed into something resembling the shape and heft of a blacksmith’s anvil.

His paws were enormous, his flanks already rippled with muscle and his chest almost as broad as a bulldozer. His slip of a puppy tail was becoming as thick and powerful as an otter’s.

What a tail it was, every last object in our house that was at knee level or below was knocked asunder by Marley’s wildly wagging weapon. He cleared coffee tables, scattered magazines… sent beer bottles and wineglasses flying. He even cracked a pane in the French door. Gradually every item that was not bolted down migrated to higher ground safely above the sweep of his swinging mallet… Our friends with children would visit and marvel “Your house already babyproofed!”

Marley didn’t actually wag his tail. He more wagged his whole body, starting with his front shoulder and working backward. He was like a canine version of slinky. We swore there were no bones inside him, just one big, elastic muscle. Jenny began calling him “Mr. Wiggles”.

And in no time did he wiggle more than when he had something in his mouth. His reaction to any situation was the same: grab the nearest shoe, pillow or pencil – really, any item will do – and run with it. Some little voice in his head seemed to be whispering to him, “Go ahead! Pick it up! Drool over it! Run!”.

Some of his objects he grabbed were small enough to conceal, and this especially pleased him – he seemed to think he was getting away with something. But Marley would never made it as a poker player. When he had something to hide, he could not mask his glee. He was always on the rambunctious side, but then there was those moments when he would explode into a manic sort of hyperdrive, as if some invisible prankster had just goosed him. His body will quiver, his head will bob from side to side, and his entire rear end would swing in a sort of spastic dance. We called it the “Marly Mambo”.

“All right, what have you got this time?” I’d say and as I approached he would begin evasive action, wagging his way around the room, hips sashaying, head flailing up and down like a whinnying filly’s so overjoyed with his forbidden prize he could not contain himself. When I would finally cornered and pry open his jaws, I never came up empty-handed. Always, there was something he had plucked out of the trash or off the floor or, as he got taller, right off the dining room table. Paper towels, wadded Kleenex, grocery receipts, wine corks, paper clips, chess pieces, bottle caps… One day I pried open his jaws and peered in to find my paycheck plastered to the roof of his mouth.”.

The author, John Grogan tells a simple story of one family’s life, a mostly typical family. But he does it so beautifully and the reader (yours truly included) is drawn in by his “voice” until you become part of his tale, shaking your head at Marley, laughing at his wits, delighting in his high points and worrying when things aren’t going well. You’ll understand the gift that Marley was to his family.

Grogan has crafted a loving but unsentimental memory of his dog and what he meant to him, his wife and children. That’s his gift to us, this book I’m holding. This is a book with intense but narrow appeal that it’s strictly limited to anyone who has ever had, known or wanted a dog.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Aaargghh! It's 2009 now, 12 years passed... Missed 1997!

Aarrrggh!!! 12 yrs passed… Missed 1997! How times flies... It's 2009 now... How I missed 1997, the best year of my life...

Time flies! It’s already 2009… Panic Panic!!! 12 yrs have passed. The year’s 1997, it’s "THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE"! Let’s take a trip down to Memory Lane: 1997…

I remembered 1997 clearly as if it’s yesterday… Remembered 80% of what happened back then (compared to 40% btw 2005-2007)…

I was studying in Hong Kong back then (dad transferred there from HSBC KL Branch to Hong Kong HQ). I was 17 yrs old at that time, finished my YEAR 11 (University of London GCE O’ LEVEL) in June 1997 and proceeded to year 12 TWO months later. Back in Malaysia for 2 weeks in between. Back then, I stayed in a 3000sq.ft HSBC Apartment in "The Peak" complete with FULL "Victoria Harbour view". I studied at the prestigious Island School (International British School), Mid Levels, Hong Kong.

I followed my Business Studies class trip to Guangzhou, China (Where I Drank whole bottle of Corona (Beer) for 1st time) AND worked 1 week in Star Cruises, Hong Kong as a Clerk during the Summer of 1997. I bought Nike AIRMAX 97′ with my 1st paycheque. The most expensive sneakers I ever bought (till today) at HK$1149 (RM500)… Spent a lot of money buying Quiksilver AND POLO RALPH LAUREN Merchandises, most are still in my wardrobe…


THE HIT Movie back then was TITANIC. A friend of mine watched the movie 20 times (a teenage girl). Hit Hong Kong Movie are "YOUNG AND DANGEROUS V" (Ku Wak Chye) starring Ekin Cheng. So hit that my INDIAN and Korean classmates also follow. Oh! Famous actress Athena Chu Yan acted in "Category III" movie.

The hit dance was MACARENA, "My oh my!" and YMCA. Hit band(s) in The UK (and Hong Kong) was Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter was only 16 then), OASIS, and Hanson. Hit Cantopop singers were Sammi Cheng, Andy Lau. Nicholas Tse just released his 1st album (He's only 17 back then). Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera just started their singing career (both are only 16). Oh! Leann Rimes too just launched her 1st album at 13 yrs old! Rapper "NOTORIOUS BIG" was Shot dead, A song was written dedicated to him: "I'll be missing you" by P. Diddy and Faith Evans.

SPORTS: In tennis, Pete Sampras are world No.1 and Michael Chang world No.2, Manchester United won the 1997 English Premier League, Tiger Woods won his 1st Masters (at 21 yrs old), Our Men’s double badminton players Cheah Soon Kit/Yap Kim Hock were world no 2 (behind Rexy/Ricky), Nicole David won her 1st World Junior title at 14 yrs old…

At that year, my dad bought a USED 4 yrs old "Acura" (Honda) Legend 3.2L for about RM80,000 equivalent (Sold it in 2001 for a mere RM20,000). I learned driving at that year, though I failed 3 times before giving up eventually (Hong Kong driving instructor’s very strict). Got my license in Malaysia 2 yrs later (1999).

Also, I "witnessed" the Handover of Hong Kong from British Colony to China (though only on TV Live telecast). Lady Diana was killed in a High Speed Car Crash in Paris on 31 August 1997. It’s the month of August 1997 when RECESSION came… Currencies and Stock markets worldwide came tumbling down… In Hong Kong, Car prices also went down by up to 20% at the end of 1997. Lots of people were retrenched throughout Asia, hence the name "Asian Financial Crisis".

Malaysian currency dropped... From RM1 = HK$3 to RM1 = HK$2 or From USD1 = RM2.55 to USD1 = RM4.20 (before Tun Dr Mahathir pegged the Ringgit to USD1 = 3.8. Whole Asia stock market plunged...

Also, I MADE a LIFE GOAL PLAN BACK in 1997 and guess what? Almost NONE were met (ONLY ONE goal earlier than planned, own car at 21 - planned 23)… Only 2 are still on: 1) I’m supposed to made my 1st million by 2012, 2) Get married on 11/11/11, 11am.

Again, missed 1997 to 1998!!! I HAD forgettable and meaningless between years 2004 to 2007 - mid Millenium).

That's all folks, thanks for having the patience to read this "rambling" of mine...