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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Of double and triple parkers...

The picture above shows irresponsible parent/s DOUBLE OR TRIPLE PARKED waiting to pick up their Kids from School. The School name is no other than "SRJK(C) Damansara". The location of the school alone is PHARKED UP. The TOWN PLANNER need a SHOT in HIS/HER HEAD for locating a School along a busy MAIN ROAD and right after a traffic light (Riana Green on the right). (adding salt to the wounds, the 2 lanes each side become 1 lane due to double parkers, WORSE, it merged into 1 lane right after the school).

Below, another shot of Double parkers.

Below, picture of "TRIPLE PARKERS".

ALSO, there's this 1-car-park-2-parking-lots, often occurs in "L-parking".

I'd like to raise up / suggest the following to curb this problems, especially rampant in 1) Taipan USJ, 2) Damansara Uptown, 3) SS2, PJ. 4) Subang Jaya near Taylor's college etc... HOW TO CURB these ISSUES?

0) Issue summons. This idea is OUT. Currently implemented by MBPJ and MPSJ. The offenders have the cheek to NOT TO PAY summons as their reason: NOT BY POLICE, pay not pay still can renew ROAD TAX. OR "TOO LAZY". Don't you know that MBPJ gave 50% discount to those paid within 2 weeks. Eg. RM30 for expired tickets => RM15.

1) Introduce "Wheel Clamping".
2) Tow their car/s away.
3) For 1-car-park-2-parking lots: Paste an A4 paper to the front windscreen. Use as much glue as possible. Or, Scratch their car if he/she's a REPEAT Offenders - ie. worked there, everyday can see their car double parked there. (NOT ADVISABLE, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK).

End of my ramblings... Thanks for reading this. A 100% ORIGINAL OTOREVIEW'S (JEFF LIM'S) piece of work.

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