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Sunday, May 31, 2009

LONGTERMER #2, Volume 11: Honda Civic FD2

LONGTERMER #2, Volume 11: Honda Civic FD2 2.0IVTEC

This is 11th update of Longtermer #2, this month's a busy month for the Civic 2.0iVTEC FD2. Clocked 1300+ km over 11 days fetching my Hongkie friend and his parents around, mostly city driving save 3 return trips to KLIA. Hence, my own car, the Telstar is "neglected" most of the month in May.

Went to Royal Selangor Club (Desmond's father is "Reciprocal Member" and Royal Lake Club (my Dad's member) almost everyday... Pictures below...

Another observation follow-up of Last month's 15,000km service. The Civic's very economical before the service (up to 12.75km/L, averaged 11.5km/L). Today, Best 11.8km/L, Worst 8.5km/l (though that's 100% driving around KL City).

The car hit the kerb 3 times. Twice @ under-side of the car (dented the rear right rim) and once at Pusat Bandar Damansara parking. Front right side of bumper deeply scratched.

Without further ado, let's proceed to LOGBOOK.

Year of manufactured: 2008 (Duh!)
Current Value: RM113,000
Purchase price: RM126,000 (less NCB)
Mileage when bought: 0008km

Mileage last month: 15069km.

Mileage NOW: 16804km
Average mileage per month: 1528km

Best: 11.8km/L (Shell V-power)
WORST: 8.5km/L (BHP) 100% City driving

LAST 6 months:
Best: 12.75km/l (90% highway driving) (November 2008)
Worst: 8.5km/l (100% City driving) (May 2009)


1) Petrol, parking and toll charges, that's all.

Here's parting shots before I sign off...

Did you Realise the Paintwork?
The colour is "Sparkle Grey Pearl". Hence, certain angle Grey, certain angle Dark Blue.

AN ORIGINAL JEFF LIM Production. That's all folks, thanks for having the patience to read this.

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