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Friday, May 29, 2009

31 May - World No Tobacco Day

Friday, May 29, 2009

31 May - World No Tobacco Day

This 31st May, world will be celebrating No Tobacco Day. The theme of this year celebration is 'Tobacco Health Warnings'.

So to all smoker in this world, please put all your cigarette away on this 31st May. Better still if you can stop smoking for your own good and to people around you. Smoking is just wasting your money. [Eg. 2 packs a day @ RM9.00 per pack = 18.00 per day => RM540 A MONTH!!! WAH! RM540 is A LOT OF MONEY! Can use the Money to pay for Car Installments. Can borrow for a car worth RM50,000+/- (9 years, 10k d/p, 3.5% interest, RM540 per month...)]

In addition, it deteriorate your health at faster rate.

For more info please visit this link:

My Health Portal

Info Sihat

My Health Portal

SOURCE: Zuhrizad's blog... [EXCEPT the CALCULATION which is Jeff's original]

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