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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Test drive+Close up: Mazda CX-5 SUV

In this blog entry, I'm blogging about my test drive experience on the Mazda CX5 Skyactiv.  I'll also post lots and lots of Close up Photos on the lovely CX5.  This is the 1st Mazda with KODO Design and SKYACTIV Technology.  I was told that OFFICIAL Launching date's 20 June 2012, but BERMAZ already received 3000 bookings.  Waiting list's now 10 months.  Nevertheless, I was given the chance to test drive (6km).  

The Price: RM159,500 for 2WD and RM10,000 more for 4WD model.  This is CBU from Japan.  Ie. MADE IN JAPAN!!!  Colour choices: Zeal Red Mica, Sky Blue Mica, Aluminium Metallic (the 1st 3 colours can be seen in this blog), Crystal White Pearl and Metropolitan Grey Mica.  Waiting list 10 months spread evenly across all colours.

What is SKYACTIV Technology?

For decades, car manufacturers around the world's been looking for new technologies to improve fuel-efficiency, all of them moving towards alternative measures.  First of all - Hybrids, which add heavy battery cells onto cars, and ignored the fact that battery industry includes the production and utilization of toxic chemicals.  There are fuel cells, which proven extremely costly to manufacture.  Then there are electric cars, which add even more battery cells.  Studies showed that even by 2020, 90% of the existing cars will still be powered by petrol or diesel internal combustion engine.  So we rethink our strategy.

In our vision for better environmental performance, our goal was to cut fuel consumption and emissions without compromising driving performance.  To achieve that, we started with a clean slate and re-engineered every major car component - engine, transmission, body and chassis - for greater efficiency, lighter weight synergise harmonically.  This results advancement in fuel efficiency, emissions performance and safety.  At the same time, delivering fun ZOOM ZOOM performance and handling.  SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY - it's a revolution, and it's 1st introduced with the ALL NEW Mazda CX-5.

For more information: Surf to:

and Youtube video 1:

Video 2: from MAZDA USA.  What is SKYACTIV?

Before I start my review, here's AN INTRO Video by Mazda Canada.  Lovely ad...


All new, SKYACTIV-G 1997cc direct-injection petrol which boasts WORLD's 1st 13.0:1 compression ratio by using 4-2-1 exhaust system, cavity pistons and multi-hole injectors.  It produces 155hp@6000rpm and 200Nm@4000rpm torque.  This's mated with SKYACTIV Drive 6 speed automatic gearbox.  It came with the option of 2WD or 4WD (RM10,000 difference).

Bi-xenon Headlamps with Auto levelling & Auto on/off with Day running lights (DRL), 6 airbags, Auto cruise, Smart keyless system, Immobiliser with Burglar alarm, Leather steering and seats, 60:40 split fold rear seats, 4 discs brakes with ABS+EBD+BA+DSC and topped with Traction Control System.  Dual Zone Automatic Climate control, Electric Sunroof, BOSE Sound system with 9 speakers, Audio tuner+MP3+Bluetooth and navigation system with steering audio control and Reverse Camera.  Finally, 225/55R19 Tyres with MASSIVE 19" alloy wheels.


Though it's a short 6km test drive, but I experienced the ZOOM ZOOM feeling.  The car has a Commanding view as it's taller than other cars and the driving position's upright.  1st thing that caught my eyes was the "Multi-information display followed by the sophisticated Multimedia Navigation system and finally the Electric Glass Sunroof.  The test drive unit's Met Aluminium, quite a nice colour (see photo below).

The Famous E-type multilink rear suspension and Multi-link front suspension combo and overall chassis's superb.  It soaked up bumps and uneven roads well.  Ride and handling and sound insulation (NVH)'s excellent.  Acceleration wise's NOT really fast  but it's rev happy with gradual built up speed.  Estimated 0-100km/h: Slightly below 10 seconds.  Everything about the car's NICE except 1 flaw.  The only flaw's FIXED Upright rear seats (see photo below).
That's all I can comment as 6km test drive route's too short.

Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words, Here are the photos! Double click to enlarge:

MASSIVE 225/55R19 tyres with Alloy wheels.

Above: Excellent Boot space.

Above: Excellent legroom and Below Headroom.  But I'm 174cm, 95kg.  I wonder if a person above 185cm can rub his head against the roof due to the upright seating position?

Above: Driver only 8 ways elec. adjustable seats with Lumbar.

Above and below: Met Sky Blue MICA.

Above: the Legendary E-type Multi-link rear suspension.  Below: HUGE 19" wheels and tyres.

Above: Navigation system.
Above: Multi-function steering with Auto Cruise.
Above: Excellent ICE with Navigation and BOSE 9 speakers.

Above and below: Majestic View from the Elec. Glass Sunroof.

Above: The useful Multi-information display. Below: the test drive car.
Above and Below: Met Aluminium.


That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An Original Jeff Lim's production.  Otoreview's original work.  Not to be copied without giving credit/links/reference.

 If you want to buy this car, I advised you to head to Advant Speed Otomobil Sdn Bhd.  Look for Mike Lim at 012-254-6558. Many great years experience selling Mazda Cars.  He's a Professional, Honest and Sincere man too.  Do mention that you are "referred by Jeff Lim." for better deals.


  1. Great shots and videos of the car. This is really interesting.

  2. Bermaz Boleh10:16 AM

    Gonna downgrade to 17" instead of 19" rim even you booked before 20th July.
    What kind of business ethic is this....

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