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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hyundai Tucson minor facelift driven

Jeff Lim here... The tucson this month received Minor facelift and priced RM141,888 only (2.0 Exec plus with Elec tilt-slide Panoramic Sunroof). ADD RM3,000 for NAPPA LEATHER, We have 1 unit on display at our showroom. There are 9 changes in the facelift namely:

1) VSM (Vehicle stability management = ESP (Elec Stability Program) + HAC (Hill Assist Control) + DBC (Downhill braking control) (Ie. Advanced traction control),

2) ISOFIX Child seat anchor points
3) Passanger airbag on/off switch,

4) Manual head lamp levelling
5) New style front foglights.

6) Electric Power steering (vs Hydraulic previously)
7) GPS (Papago) + Bluetooth + DVD/CD + Reverse Camera (Worth RM2000)

8) Rear foglights...
9) Front and rear SCUFF PLATES:

From now till 15 November if you booked, I give you year end special. RM2,000 discount + 1,000 overtrade (if you have trade in). You can get your car in 1 month depending on colour. Reliability wise, rest assured, 5 years, 300,000km warranty on Engine and gearbox bro.


According to my colleague, the Ride and handling's unchanged.  It REMAINED AS IMPRESSIVE AS PRE-FACELIFT.  Its soundproofing IMPROVED, engine noise and tyre roar quieter somehow.  Acceleration's NOT Quick but decent.  Something like CRV.  Though it's 15km drive (from Stockyard in Bukit Jelutong to PJ), I was mere passenger, NOT the driver so I can't comment much apart from the above.


Q&A Time:

Question:  Should I get the Tucson or CX5?  OR Why this over CX-5?

1) Longer warranty (5 yrs/300000km) on Engine and Gearbox

2) Cheaper (RM18k cheaper for 2.0 Exec Plus)
3) CBU from Korea
4) No need to wait
5) Rear seat more spacious/comfortable. (Test drive to believe)
6) Ride and handling almost the same (Test drive to believe).
7) For RM155,888 Ie. RM4000 lower than the price of Mazda CX-5 2WD, you get TUCSON 2.4GLS Exec Plus with Full time 4WD, Automatic climate control air-cond, 8 way power adj driver seat...
8) Elec tilt/slide panoramic sunroof (Photo below)

1) 2 airbags only. But this is SMART Airbags. There's a reason behind this, last year got 1 batch of 8 airbags but priced RM5,000 higher vs 2 airbags = slower selling. Therefore, Decided to bring in 2 airbags.

I ALSO SELL MAZDA CX-5 if you want. Being Independent Dealer has its advantages. Yes, we are NOT SIME DARBY, we are ADVANT SPEED SDN BHD. We sell Mazda, Hyundai and Proton.

If you want to buy this SUV, call me, Jeff Lim at 012-6852-718!   Best service assured...

Photos to be uploaded by tonight 10pm...
All photos uploaded 1755hrs

Sorry for 2 weeks absence got new job

I, Jeff Lim would like to apologise for not posting for almost 2 weeks.  You might ask why? 
It's because I got a new job selling new Hyundai and Mazda cars in Petaling Jaya starting 15 October 2012.  Rest assured, I will still post new and used car reviews/auto industry stuff but less often.

Coming up.  Test drive review of Hyundai i10 1.25 Kappa and My sister's ride Myvi 1.5 Lagi Power Lagi Best 1st anniversary Farewell report.  As  I got a New Job.  "Jeff's personal auto consultation service" is Cancelled OR OFF.  

Lastly, thanks all readers, subscribers and fans for your continuous support.  I feel grateful and I Appreciate it very much.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

750th post: Comprehensive review: BMW 5-series touring wagon

In this blog entry, I'm posting about one of my "reachable" dream car.  It's no other than BMW F11 5-series Touring Wagon.  This happened to be my 750th post so thank me.

I hope BMW Malaysia will bring in this beautiful Touring Wagon, especially the 520d and 528i 2.0 petrol.  Else, bring in the 3-series Wagon (F31), that's also my "reachable" dream car.

If possible, bring in the 3-series and 5-series wagons WITH THE ELECTRONIC TILT-SLIDE PANORAMIC ROOF.  This is a Unique Selling Point.  Previous attempt on the 320d touring failed in 2007-08 because BMW Malaysia chose to bring in W/o Panoramic Sunroof. 

 Yes, I'm stationwagon lover.   love ALMOST ALL Wagons except Silver AND Black E-class wagon as it reminded me of Hearse car.  No thanks to Nirvana Memorial Malaysia who bought few units as Hearse car.

It's SAD that Malaysian don't appreciate Estate Wagons.  They rather buy 7-8 seaters MPVs or SUVs.  I would love to see Wagons on Malaysian roads.  Here's hoping...

Highlighted features of BMW 5-series touring wagon:
1) 560L Boot space (seats up)/ 1670L (seats down) with 40:20:40 split fold rear seatback (photo below)

2) In conjunction with the optional Xenon headlights, the daytime driving lights incorporate quite unmistakable LED light rings, while the direction indicators moved far to the outside are made up of ten LED units each.
As a final highlight, an LED focus light marks the upper end of each headlight unit.

3) Rear tailgate is Electronically operated (open and close), glass can be opened separately for smaller items (see picture below).

4) 8 speed automatic.
5) Optional Elec tilt-slide panoramic roof. (photo below):

6) Improved I-drive with BMW Navigation and Excellent sound system

As usual, I don't have the BMW 5 series touring wagon to test drive since BMW Malaysia don't bring it into Malaysia.  All is NOT LOST, I dished out a List of Reviews from websites, forums and Lastly, a series of Video reviews.  Hence, I termed it "Comprehensive review".

Here's some exclusive comparisons taken from Official BMW UK Website:

BMW 520d vs Rivals:

2) BMW 535i vs rivals:

Here are the websites/blogs/forums that reviews the F11 5-series touring wagon.




4) 2012 BMW 528i review by Insideline:


Here's some VIDEOS from Youtube too...

Video 1: Official BMW.TV

Video 2: Worldcarfans

Video 3: Autoexpress

Whatcar? UK
Car review: (website link)
Video 4:

Photo Galleries - thanks to

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry. Thanks to: Whatcar? UK, Autoexpress UK,,,, worldcarfans and  Lastly, thanks to all of you, dear subscribers and readers, for continuous support.  You guys really make my day.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


In Malaysia, typical bad resale value car have the following characteristics which are divided in 4 categories (in my book):

1) Most cars with Petrol 2.5L engine capacity and above (EXCEPT Mercedes Benz C-class and E-class). Why? EXPENSIVE Road tax, High fuel consumption fear. Also, for BIG car such as BMW 7-series, there's NO DEMAND for used ones as MOST of 7-series owners are RICH, hence few will BUY USED units.

2) LOOKS of the Car. Eg. POORLY Designed car such as Proton Juara. Few would buy a 4+2 seats (the 3rd row of seats are for KIDS as it is small, has minimal paddings and poor legroom. The car's like BRICK on wheels. Rear lights are placed VERY LOW and at the Bumper. Not practical. Engine's too small at 1.1L and underpowered... Another WIERD looking car's FIAT MULTIPLA. Another poor resale value car as it has NO Automatic gearbox and to many "WORLD's UGLIEST CAR". This is NOT my word, it's VOTED by many European and Malaysian (TORQUE MAGAZINE) Publications...

3) HUGE Discounts... How do you feel if you bought a newly launched car at RM165,000 in 2000 and the car's priced RM20,000 cheaper in 15 months time. PISSED right? Adding salt to the wounds, in 2003, the car had FURTHER Discounts of RM20,000 which makes it RM125,000.  Wait, I haven't finish, in LATE 2003, the car's renamed as a NAZA and another RM27,000 cheaper.  The result?
Resale Value badly affected. Which car is this? KIA Carnival/Naza Ria!

4) Image/Perception of the car brand. Malaysian tends to stereotype certain car brands. Eg. Alfa Romeo known for Overheating problems, Fiat is known as "FIX IT AGAIN TOMORROW", Citroen = Sit-tou-long (means rugi sampai habis), and Volvo = drinks petrol. FORD = FIX OR REPAIR DAILY, To them, most continential cars (Except Mercedes Benz) = high maintenence and spare parts costs. Own cars like Saab or Skoda typical Malaysian would question your taste or give bad comments...

I've compiled 25 worst resale value cars. BUT I'll only list out the top 10 which were very CHRONIC/SEVERE/TERUK Cases. The rest of the cars were pretty close and depreciated FAST but spread out in the span of 3 to 5 years... BUT these 10 LOST A HUGE Chunk of their VALUES at the 1st year itself... Here are the lists:

1) Chery Alado 1.6 57% retained value in 1 year!
2) Chery Tiggo 60% retained value in 1 year!
3) Berjaya Changan  CV6 1.3 Hatchback 65% retained value in 1 year
3) Berjaya Changan CM8 MPV 65% retained value in 1 year
5) Chery Eastar 68% retained in 1 year
6) NAZA SUTERA/FORZA 70% retained value in 1 year.
6) Mercedes S-class (S420 to S500L):  70% retained value in 1 year (SHOCKING BUT TRUE eg. S500L, new RM1,000,000.  1 year later: RM700,000).
6) BMW 7 series (730i and to 760LI).  ALSO 70% retained value in 1 year.  Eg. 730Li  New 680,000.  1 year later RM450,000.
6) Jaguar NEW XJ  (Also 70% retained value in 1 year)
10) KIA Carnival/NAZA RIA. 75% retained in 1 year.

For the top 6, what to you expect?  ALL CONQUERED BY CHINA CARS!

FOR the 3 LUXURY cars at No 6 to 9.  It's due to the PROHIBITIVE ROAD TAX Structure in our Boleh Land (Malaysia).  S500L roadtax is WHOOPING RM14,000 P.A.  (Doubled for Company registration = RM28,000 P.A.  Therefore, NO 2nd hand value.  SHOCKING but true.

As a comparison, see my previous topic: "Best resale value vehicles". The top 10 best resale value cars retained their value from 74% (Mitsubishi Lancer GT) to 80% (Mini Cooper) IN 3 YEARS!!! The 10 cars above RETAINED 57% to 75% of their resale value IN ONE YEAR!!! Again CHRONIC/SEVERE/"TERUK"/SAD Cases...

NOTE (17/1/07): These are "Volume sellers" (ie. "quite good selling" and easily available in the used market). There were brands like Fiats, Opels and Saabs and certain models such as Citroen C5, Alfa 166, Peugeot 607 which Resale value EQUALS or WORSE than the cars above, but they were RARELY AVAILABLE in the used market AND if you found one, the price will be DETERMINED by buyers itself (ie. No FIXED Value). (END OF NOTE)

Now will I fear of getting sued BY Berjaya Changan, Chery AND NAZA KIA? NO! I'm just reporting the facts based on my calculations. The Kias BELONGS to Category #3. It's caused by HUGE DISCOUNTS by NAZA-KIA itself. I pity those 1st batch Kia Optima buyers! They had to pay RM130,000, only to found that the SAME CAR costs RM27,000(!!!) LESS within 15 months!!!

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An original Jeff Lim's production.  My original work.  Not to be copied without credits or links.  COPY LIKE A MAN!  Don't Plagiarise!!!

PRESENTING: The top 30 best Vehicles Resale value (updated 19/2/2013)

PRESENTING: The top 30 best Vehicles resale value… Updated 11 October 2012

NOTE: This is Private sale price.  This DOES NOT factor Trade in price.  For trade in price less 10% to 20% depending on car as used car dealers also need to make money.  

I NOW PRESENT my research on used car retained value after few years. It took me 3 months to gather and compile the used car prices from various sources of classifieds namely Motortrader, The Star Classifieds,, and random visits to car dealerships/Recond car showrooms… 

Here are the vehicles shown with their Retained value in PERCENTAGE (%) within 3 years… (and 5 years in bracket). This is for Local (eg. Tan Chong) AND/OR Official Distributors (eg. Auto Bavaria) cars only. AP Imports to be covered later as their New car price were determined by AP Importer themselves, Ie. It varies, so I just estimated their new price to make this statistic possible, it’ll be unfair if I mix REAL results and estimated results together.

1) Mini One/Cooper: 80% (72%)
2) VW GOLF GTI 80%/(70%)
3) Honda Civic 1.8 IVTEC/2.0IVTEC 80%/75% (70%/65%)
4) Perodua MYVI 1.3 SX/EZ: 76%/75%/ (66%/65%)
5) Toyota Vios: 75% (65%) 
5) Toyota Avanza: 75% (65%)
5) Toyota Hilux 2.5D4D & Fortuner 75% / (65%)
8) Toyota Camry 2.0/2.4 VVTI 75%/73% (65%/58%) 
9) Honda Jazz 1.5 IDSI/VTEC 74%/72% (66%)
(TOP 10)
10) Toyota Innova 2.0G 74%/(64%)
10) Nissan Grand Livina 74%/(64%)
10) Honda City 1.5 VTEC 74% (64%)
13) Mitsubishi Lancer GT and Triton 74%/(60%)
14) Suzuki Swift 1.5 73% / (63%) 
15) Toyota Altis 72% (62%)
16) Nissan C22 Vannete 71% (63%)
16) Ford Ranger & Everest 71% (63%)
18) Nissan Sylphy 71%/(59%)
19) Mazda 5 MPV: 70% (58%)
20) Honda Stream 70% (55%)
20)  Honda CRV 70% (55%) 
(TOP 20)
22) Mazda 6 2.5 (2.0) 70% / (54%) and Mazda 3 1.6 & 2.0: 70% / (54%) 
23)  Mercedes C200K/C250 69% (57%)
24) Nissan Frontier, X-trail and NAVARA 68% / (56%)
26) Proton Persona 1.6 Hi-line and Satria Neo 68%/(54%)
25) Perodua Viva 68%/56%
28) Hyundai Starex Royale 2.5 CRDi 67% / ( 55%)
26)  Hyundai Tucson - 2.0 68% (54%)
29) Kia Forte 1.6SX 4sp Auto 67% / (55%)
30) Honda Accord 2.0/2.4/3.5 V6 averaged among the 3 models = 67% (53%)

OTHERS (Selected) - (5 yrs retained value in bracket)

- BMW M3/330i Coupe (69%) & BMW 325i CKD (55%) = Avg: 61% (49%) 
- BMW 5 series 55% (45%)
- Chevrolet Optra 50% (35%) 
- Ford Focus 2.0 S - 64% / (48%)
- Mercedes E-class 64% / (50%)
-  Perodua Kancil  -NA- (55%)
- Proton Savvy - 64% / (50%)
- Proton Saga BLM 65% / (53%)
- Waja Campro CPS: 60%/ (50% - CAMPRO)  

1) Toyota Prius Launched in 2010.  Honda Insight also launched in 2010.  Resale value to be determined by Next update October 2014.
2) Waja and ALL OTHER PROTONS = RM3,000 per year depreciation 3rd year onwards until 10th year, After 10 years 5 to 10% depreciation each year only (depending on condition and mileage).  So it's GOOD to buy Say a 1995 Satria 1.6 for 6,000 as it depreciates V-E-R-Y SLOW).
3) Nissan Teana launched Late 2010, to be determined by Next Update Oct 2014.
4) Kia Forte also launched 2010, to be determined by next update Oct 2014
5) Peugeot 308VTI / 308 Turbo / 508 / 3008/ 5008 also to be determined by Next update Oct 2014.

AP/Grey Imports (TOP 10 best resale value vehicles):

Again, I can’t determined the Actual new car prices of these cars as it’s Determined by the AP Holders/Grey importers. But I found that it’s safe to say for example Toyota Alphard 2.4’s New car price: RM280,000 with 5% +/- allowance depending on specs (ie. RM266k to RM294k), hence I used this as my estimation to come up with the percentage (%) of retained value results in 3 years (5 years in brackets).

1) Mitsubishi EVO 9 (8/7.5) -NA- 73%/(63%)
2) Honda Odyssey 70% (65%)
3) VW Beetle 2.0 70% (64%)
4) Toyota Wish: 70% (60%)
4) Toyota Mark X 70% (60%)
4) Subaru WRX STI Ver 8 70% (60%)
7) Toyota Harrier 2.4 67% (55%) 
8) Mazda RX8 and MX5 65% (57%)
9) Toyota Estima 63% (51%)
10) Toyota Alphard 61% (59% for recond 5 yrs old)

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Hope this STATISTICS will be helpful for you in shopping for your ideal used cars… Again, it took me 3 months to come up with these statistics… You should thank me for it…

NOTE: 11 October 2012, Proton Saga BLM revised, Persona revised, VW Golf GTI and Mitsubishi Lancer GT Added, Mazda  6 2.5 and  Mazda 5 added.


I am a Christian but when...

I am a Christian but when...

I am a Christian, But when I say I'm a Christian...  Aiya, please read the below WELL WRITTEN Article taken from Facebook. 
I 1st went to Church in 1989 but I was clueless then, just followed my parents to Church.  I accept Christ into my life back in 1991 FGA Children's camp as a 12 years old boy.  When I was studying in Hong Kong from 1995 to 1999, I followed my Parents to ICA (International Christian Assembly), but just a Sunday Christian only.  

I DID NOT Go to Church (Churchless) for 2 years from 1999 to 2001 after I came back from Hong Kong.  Whole family came back in 1999 except my dad who stayed back in Hong Kong until 2006.  I joined Hope of God Petaling Jaya in March 2001.  I was water baptised in that Church back in 3 December 2001 at a Waterfall in Tanjung Malim (2 years after I came back from Hong Kong). Finally, in 21 July 2006, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I am one of those "wierdos" who's powered by the Holy Spirit at times. 

To conclude, I'm just a simple sinner who was lost, but now found and forgiven and certainly not claimed to be perfect.   I received God's good grace and blessings now and then.  But then, I'm still a Human and human's imperfect so don't be judgemental or surprised if I swear (habit trying to kick off) OR drink (socially) in front of you.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Video review: Hyundai Elantra i40 Tourer/SW

In this post entry, I, Jeff Lim's trying to create awareness of this beautiful Wagon I first saw in the Mediacorp Channel 8 Drama  "Poetic Justice" 《微笑正义》.  One of the Lead Actor spotted driving this Beauty:
At the credits, Mediacorp thanks "Komoco Motors" for lending this wagon for their Series.  

Why I mention "Create awareness" earlier? 
It's because I'm trying to TEMPT Hyundai Malaysia to bring in this beautiful car.  Identical spec as Singapore please:

Below are SG Carmart overview and review:

Here are the brochures:
Hyundai Singapore (Komoco) E-brochures:

PRICE in Malaysia.  Please CAPPED at BELOW RM160,000  150,000 for this baby WITH the tilt/slide Panoramic Sunroof as it's a HUGE SELLING POINT.  Photo and Video below:

Panoramic Sunroof

What car? Reader's mystery car review.

Here are the Rest of the Video reviews:

Autoweek Germany Hyundai I40 SW Roadtest.

Carbuyer UK Hyundai i40 estate review.

French L'argus review.

Launch Impressions: Which? Car.

That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  Credits to, Whatcar? UK, Autoweek Germany, Carbuyer UK, Argus (France) and Which? Car.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Guide to what car to bring from UK (AP)!

I, Jeff Lim shall today blog about "What car to bring from UK if you have Student or Private AP?".  Here's my Suggestion in no particular Order...  Before that, I'd say that if possible, try to bring in ICONS (Eg. Audi Avant RS2, Lotus Carlton, Peugeot 306 GTI-6, Renault Clio Williams), Common car but rare body style (Eg. BMW E39 Touring Wagon, photo below)

or MODERN CLASSIC (Eg. Mercedes A124 Cabriolet, photo below).
This is one of my personal favourite from the UK apart from BMW E39, E61 Wagon and Honda Accord EURO ES.

Without further ado, here's my list of suggestions in no particular order.  Please Google for photos...

1) BMW 3 series E90 Coupe/Cabriolet/Touring/M3.  Sedan?  Please No, Too common.
2) BMW 5 series Touring (From E39 onwards), E61 will be ideal.  (Sedan? Only M-sport please).
3) BMW X series.  X3/X5/X6...

4) Audi A4 or A5 2.0TFSI Quattro OR S4/S5 OR RS4
5) Audi Q5 OR Q7
6) Any Audi Avant OR Cabriolet.

7) Ford Mondeo 
8) Ford Focus RS OR ST (MK II or MK III)

9) Honda Civic (EP onwards)
10) Honda Accord (EURO) 2.0ES/ 2.4 ES (2003 onwards), Wagon 2.4. 
11) Honda Prelude (BB8)
12) Honda Stream

13) Mercedes C-class W204 (Coupe and CLC too)
14) Mercedes E200CGI/ E250CGI (E-class Coupe and Cabriolet)
15) Mercedes M-class 
16) ANY AMG Mercedes.  Eg. C36 AMG
17) Any >25 years Mercedes.  Especially Coupe and Cabriolet/Roadster).

18) Mazda 6 (2003 onwards)/ Wagon will be awesome.
19) Mazda RX8

20) Peugeot 306 GTI-6 / 306 Ralleye
21) Peugeot 205GTI

22) Proton Impian 1.6X.  (UK spec got 4 Airbags, ABS+Traction Control, Climate Control, Cruise Control and costs Below 2,000 pounds OR RM10k can get a good one.  Since it's a Proton, you might be exempted from Duties and taxes)
Example:, ad.  Looks stunning in Red.  Why Malaysia don't have this colour...

23) Any Porsche (Especially 911).

24) Renault Clio Williams

25) Toyota Avensis (2003 onwards) / Avensis Wagon
26) Toyota Previa 
27) Toyota Auris / Corolla / Corolla Verso (Wagon)
28) Toyota GT86
29) Toyota Prius
30) Toyota Landcruiser

31) Vauxhall Astra VXR
32) Vauxhall Zafira

33) VW Golf GTI / R
34) VW Scirocco
35) VW Passat
36) VW Jetta

38) Skoda Octavia VRS
39) Hummer H3
40) Cadillac CLS (about 20 units in Malaysia now).
41) Dodge Nitro (MOFAZ Successfully brought some in)
42) Nissan Primera
43) Bentley Flying Spur
44) MINI Cooper 1.3 Auto (Mid 90s, due to Fuel Injected and Airbag + Burberry seats.)
45) Any Mitsubishi EVO series (Especially FQ Series)
46) Subaru Impreza WRX STI
47) Lotus Carlton (Fastest Sedan in the world from 1988 to 1999)

Saving the Best for last...
48) ANY FERRARI will do...  (As long as low mileage)
and Lastly:
50) McLaren F1 (My ULTIMATE DREAM CAR...)

Pimp My Ride Malaysian Edition to air in November


Pimp My Ride Malaysian Edition to air in November

KUALA LUMPUR: Come Nov 30, a Malaysian version of Pimp My Ride will be introduced by music & entertainment TV network MTV Southeast Asia on Astro Channel 713.

MTV SEA is set to put a spin on car customisation, turning road clunkers to pimped out rides with over-the-top transformations in the show.

Two local episodes of the TV show, co-hosted by rapper Altimet and MTV VJ Rich Herrera, will see vehicles undergoing major overhauls to become highway desirables. 
Altimet (left) and Herrera.

“Having your car pimped by MTV is what dreams are made of! With Altimet as my partner-in-crime, we are bringing viewers behind-the-scenes to where dreams become realities and beat-up cars become head turners on the road,” said MTV VJ Richard Herrera.

Following the US concept of Pimp My Ride, the Malaysian edition takes a vehicle that is in serious need of an automotive makeover and transforms the less-than-luxurious ride into a tricked out object. 

From custom rims and paint works, to body kits and lowered suspensions, to plush interiors and the latest in lighting, audio and video accessories – six lucky car owners will be the beneficiaries of the customisation.

Viewers will go on a tour of the vehicle before the garage crew strips it down to bare bones and completely refurbishes it. 

Produced in 30-minute episodes, audiences can check out the latest in vehicle customisation techniques and follow the behind-the-scenes process of getting the vehicles pimped.

In the lead-up to the local episodes, MTV will be airing a series of top Pimp My Ride US episodes on MTV SEA, starting today at 10pm on Astro Channel 713.

Pimp My Ride Malaysia is sponsored by Celcom Axiata under its Xpax’s Whatchuwant? campaign, giving Xpax customers a chance to have their vehicles worked on by MTV. 

Customers will be in the running to have their vehicles pimped out when they dial *128# and subscribe to any of the tailor-made packs. Contest details will be announced on the Xpax Facebook page at and the Xpax website.

Episode 1 will premiere on MTV SEA at 10pm (Malaysia) on Nov 30. Episode 2 will air at the same time on Jan 7.

RM30bil in car excise duty collected, says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: Car excise duty collection from 2007 till last year totalled RM30.2 billion, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told the Dewan Rakyat Monday.

A total of RM4.7 billion was collected in 2007, RM6.2 billion (2008), RM5.7 billion (2009), RM7.1 billion (2010) and RM6.5 billion last year, said Najib, who is also Finance Minister, in his written reply to Hee Loy Sian (DAP-Petaling Jaya Selatan) during question time.

Hee wanted to know the total car excise duty collected between 2007 and last year and whether the Finance Ministry intends to lower car excise duty with a view to reduce car prices for the people's benefit.

Najib said car prices are determined by several factors and not merely based on the tax rate.

Production, transportation, advertisement and distribution costs as well as carmakers and distributors profit are elements that ascertained car prices, Najib said.

"These elements are beyond government control. Hence, any proposal to lower car prices has to be studied thoroughly so that the outcome can really benefit the people besides helping to bolster competition in the local automotive sector in the long-term," he added.