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Monday, May 20, 2013

NEW TOY: Apple Ipod Nano PRODUCT Edition

I ordered LIMITED EDITION Apple PRODUCT back in 16 May 2013 from Apple Online Store. It's Red Ipod NANO 16GB priced at RM529 including Shipping. Amazingly, the item delivered TODAY 10am by DHL.
 Above and below: It came in this PACKING!

The No.1 reason why I bought this toy's Built in NIKE+ Fitness app it's like a Personal Trainer which communicates with my Nike shoes.  Eg. distance covered, Average speed and time taken (RUN/Hike mode), calories burned.

For more info visit:

Other reasons, PODCASTS, FM Recorder with LIVE PAUSE, small and light!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hyundai i10 Colourz June Promotion!

In this blog entry, I, Jeff Lim's proud to announce Latest i10 Promotion for June 2013.  Before we go on, do check out my Test Drive report on the i10 1.25 Kappa Hi-spec back in 27 November 2012:

I rated 8.5/10 back then and still stand by the rating.  Ie. FIRM Decision!

Anyway, back to the Hyundai i10 colourz, the i10 colourz are available in 7 limited edition colours.  This just launched on 27 January 2013 (Ie. 3 weeks ago).  How limited?

Each Colour 300 units only with Serial Number.  Ie. 300x7 = 2100 units.  Priced to sell at RM 51,388 for 1.1 and RM56,000.15 (for 1st batch only).  

1) FREE Samsung 46" SMART LED TV and AEON Cash Voucher
4500 cash rebate

2) Free Full tank, logo change, coil mats, steering lock.
3) RM500 cash rebate on any Security tint choose from one of the following:
3M, Huper optik, Solar tint, Raytech and V-Kool

See my ads at Mudah and
1) Mudah: 

2) Paultan's
Here are the OTR price with specifications:

What colour?
See photos below:

They are, Lavender Pink, Passion Purple, Tangy Orange, Aquamarine Blue, Carbon Grey, White and Ice Silver

Waiting list: Ready stock for 5 colors.  Only orange and blue wait 6 weeks. 
MORE INFO See my earlier review:
That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

How to write and speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia

I'm going to dedicate this blog entry to NON-Malays.  As per title, it's HOW TO WRITE AND SPEAK FLUENT BAHASA MALAYSIA.  Yes., how? 

Though I only studied Bahasa Malaysia up to Form 4 level (got a respectable grade B for PMR) as I transferred to British International School (for GCSE O'level), I can say that my reading and written Bahasa Malaysia is "CUKUP MAKAN".  As for spoken, I can proudly say that I'm surprisingly GOOD for a Chinese Malaysian.  Back to the question "HOW"?

Here's my tips how I managed to brushed up my Malay:

1) Watch Malay News (Berita) and observe how the newscaster speak.
2) READ Malay Newspapers/Magazines/Journals.
3) DO NOT be afraid to talk more Malay.  Try to converse in Malay as frequent as possible.
4) Be friend OR MIXED around with the Malays, try to talk to them in Malay NOT English.
5) WATCH Malay Movies (the Late Yasmin Ahmad's movie's a GOOD START). AND SWITCH OFF THE SUBTITLES. 
6) Listen to Malay Radio channel (again, learn how they speak).
7) Refer to Malay Dictionary (eg. Kamus Dewan) if you came across unfamiliar words as you READ in Malay (see point 2).
8) Write correspondence/letter/memo in Bahasa Malaysia.

That's all I can think think of.  Contributions/Suggestions on how to Improve your Bahasa Malaysia are most welcome. That's all FOLKS...  Thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  My Original Work.

Friday, May 03, 2013

CRAZY PROMOTION: Hyundai Santa Fe 2012 and 2013! (Updated 3/5/13)

In this blog entry, I'm EXCITED to post about the Ongoing Hyundai Inokom Santa Fe 2.4 4WD Premium and Santa Fe 2.2CRDI e-VGT Premium!  Year made 2013 Available. I've reviewed the SUV 18 months ago.  ENJOY: Here's the link to the review.

STOCK UPDATE: 2012 STOCK ALL CLEARED (cleared Early April)!  2013 2.4 Petrol left 2 and 2013 DIESEL Left 1 - White.  Since it's 2013, discount and freebies reduced!  SORRY!

Here's my DETAILED Ads in Mudah and Paultan's


Hyundai Inokom Santa Fe 2.2CRDI. This is a "Bang for the Buck" Part time 4x4 Diesel 7 seater SUV. The Santa Fe was launched back in 2007 while the facelift (as featured here) was launched in KLIMS (KL International Motor Show) 2010.

The facelifted Santa Fe's mated with 6 speed Automatic. Check out the Max Power and torque. 190hp@3800rpm and a WHOOPING 442Nm@1800rpm Torque. 

This car comes standard with G-FORCE. 0-100km/h in 9.8secs and top speed of 190km/h (Electronically Limited). It also comes standard with NAPPA Leather, Elec glass sunroof, Integrated Multimedia GPS, Climate Control etc... As for fuel consumption, it fetches a respectable 14.9km/l average.

MY RATING: 8.5/10. 

Also available 2.4 Theta II Dual CVVT Petrol 174hp@6000rpm max power and 228Nm @4200rpm torque. 12.3km/l average.

2.4 Theta II Petrol 4WD PREMIUM RM157,543.80 OTR W/o insurance 
2.2 CRDI e-VGT 4WD Diesel PREMIUM RM169,258.10 OTR w/o insurance. 

WHITE 2.4 Petrol Premium 10 working days. 2.2CRDI Diesel 10 working days can deliver car!

Colour choices: Solid White, Phantom Black, Hyper Metallic (Grey) and Sleek Silver.

I'll give Rebates, Overtrades and LASTLY, FREE 7 USEFUL ITEMS!  I shall name the 1st 5 to POISON YOU!

FREE IPHONE5 16GB (worth 2099), IPAD Mini (worth 999), Casio Ediface Watch (worth 1600), 5-mil security tint (RAYTECH) worth RM1500 (anything more you top up), Logo change from "PANADOL" to Hyundai (worth RM120) and etc, CALL/VISIT me to FIND OUT. Call for best service.

POISONED? Want to See/touch/test this FULL TIME 4x4 7 seater SUV?  Please call Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718.  OR MJ SU at 012-601-8038.  Please mention that you saw this otoreview blog when you call us!  Please call for Test drive 1 day before coming (by appointment only).  Because the test drive unit's (Santa Fe) shared between our Seri Kembangan and Damansara Perdana (PJ) showrooms.

Yes, we are KLANG VALLEY'S TOP PERFORMING (No.1) Dealers in HYUNDAI!  Losing out only to Sime Darby (HQ Glenmarie and Old Klang Road) themselves.  That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry!

An original Jefferson Lim's pruduction.  My original work.  If you want to copy, please give Credit (eg. By Jefferson Lim) to me or Link to this blog (eg. Source:
Else it's deemed Plagiarism. 

Thursday, May 02, 2013

This blog is SEMI-ACTIVE due to CLONES & CONFLICT...

DUE TO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  Regular readers/subscribers to this blog might realized I blog less (ONLY 2-3 in April!) frequent.  WHY?

My Manager discovered I'm running this blog.  Got annoyed that I show PRAISES and giving HIGH MARKS to my Competitors!  You see, I'm Hyundai Salesman.  SO unbiased review (which I've been practicing religiously) is NOT ALLOWED by my Assistant Manager. 

So, the Stubborn me decided to Just Maintain my Longtermer/s (Left Waja 4G18 and Hyundai i10), resort to Reviewing Used/older cars (Perodua Viva Review coming up) AND Did a brief cover on product Launching.  After my "PRAISES" to the Mazda 6 Skyactiv (Ironically I sell it's Competitor, Sonata), and kena "Shooting", I decided to maintain or KEEP ON RUNNING this Blog but Semi-Active mode.

Thanks guys/girls for your continuous support.  I will be back STRONGER ELSE, I need to hire another person/someone else to run this blog.  OR better still, sell off this BLOG!  Any takers?  Very cheap!

Oh! 1 more reason, my hard WORK WAS plagiarized by AT LEAST 2 other BLOGSPOT Websites.  Apparently, they "CLONED" my blog.  But their adverts by Nuffnang exposed them.  Mine got REAL TIME Ads from Nuffnang.  Their's shows this:

Here's one screenshot sample of my "CLONES"/COPYCAT:

It's IDENTICAL POST, At IDENTICAL DATE but 1-5 minutes behind.  CLONE!!!
Hence, I LOST INTEREST, to update my blog only to have it COPIED by others!!!