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Thursday, May 28, 2015

900th post: A tale of 2 Myvis

I, Jefferson Lim's proud to dedicate my 900th post on My Family's 2 Myvis.  The Myvi 1.3SXi which we owned from 2007 to 2012 and Myvi 1.5SE 2011 "Bumblebee" which my sister still using.

Let's start with the Myvi SXi 1.3 2007.  

The Myvi 1.3SXi was powered by K3-VE in-line 4, 1.3, 16 valve DVVT paired with 5 speed Manual.  It produced 64kw@6000rpm and 116Nm@3200rpm torque.  Performance wise, the 1.3SXI's good for 180km/h top speed and 0-100km/h in respectable 10.7 seconds.

Fuel consumption best: 16.8km/l, worst 9.9km/l, average 13.3km/l.

Surprisingly, the 2007 Myvi's slightly more spacious in rear legroom, other aspects on par with the 2nd generation.

As for the driving feel and ride and handling, I shall compare it with Myvi 1.5SE later.

NEXT UP is Myvi 1.5SE "Bumblebee" Lagi power lagi best. 2011.

The Myvi 1.5SE+ Bumblebee was Love at first sight experience for my dad.  Well not quite, as Initially he booked the 1.3 Premium Grey.  After 10 days, he switched to 1.5SE after seeing the Yellow little monster in flesh.  
The RM56,500 OTR price to him's reasonable as he expected RM58,000 initially.

The MYVI 1.5 is powered by 1.5 3SZ-VE Chain Driven DVVT DOHC EFI as seen in the Alza.  

Max power is now 76kw (103hp)@6000rpm and Torque 136Nm@4400rpm.  This is an improvement of 12kw and 20Nm torque over the 2007 1.3 variant.  Performance wise, the top speed's NOT Tested as the Myvi 1.5SE felt unstable at anything above 150km/h.  In fact, the high speed stability was 1 step backward compared to the 2007 1.3SXI.  0-100km/h claimed 12.49 secs, my time 11.5 seconds.  Slightly slower than the 2007 1.3SXI at 10.7 seconds.

Fuel consumption wise thanks to Electric Power Steering, the 1.5's almost identical to the 1.3SXI.  Best also 16.8km/l, worst was 8.8km/l.  Average slightly lower at 13km/l.

What Separates the two generations MYVI?

Apart from the aforementioned poorer high speed stability, the Electric Power Steering in the Myvi 1.5SE was another weak link.  It felt over assisted compared to the 1.3 SXI just right feeling.  

Comfort, Ride and Handling, Safety:  

The 1.3SXI Handles better and feels more solid though the 1.5SE have better soundproofing which leads to lower tyre noise hence more comfortable ride.  The Fun to drive factor goes to the 1.3 SXI partly because of the Stick shift.  The Clutch's Light with high biting point and smooth seamless shifting between gears.  Driving the 1.3SXI's so fun that it always makes me smile.

As for the 1.5SE "Bumblebee", the 4 speed Automatic's smooth shifting, quiet but it lacked the Pizzazz.  Unlike the 1.3SXI, fun is clearly not in its vocabulary.  The 1.5SE somehow have softer suspension than the 2007 Myvi.  Other than comfort, one can forget about taking corners above 60km/h, OR travelling comfortably at speed above 120km/h.  The Myvi 1.5SE became bumpy at Highway (on route from NKVE to KLIA)  at that speed.  It's like sitting in a speedboat.  This was a feedback from one of my rear seat passengers.  

Perhaps IT NEEDS front and rear ULTRA RACING BARS?

Safety wise, both 1.3SXI and 1.5SE came standard with Dual airbags and ABS+EBD.  The 1.5SE came with 2x-ISOFIX Rear anchor points, Ceiling mounted Centre 3-point seatbelts among its safety features over the 1st generation.


Both Myvis were reliable.  The 1.3SXI only have 2 problems in 5 years.  One was the 12v Socket malfunctioned and the other Weak passenger side front power window.  Can wind down but difficult to wind up.

As for the 1.5SE, there's 0 problems over the past 4 years ownership.  Perhaps the FAMED Reliability of the MYVI were the reason behind its popularity.

Maintenance wise, both cars uses Semi-synthetic since new and only requires oil change every 10,000km.  Everything is reasonably priced.  From the Old school battery, to the 175/65R14 tyres, to spark plugs...  It cost peanuts to Maintain both Myvis.  


Both the 1st and 2nd generation tied in this department.  Almost, similar boot space, same fold flat rear seat mechanism.  

Similarly sized glovebox, amount of cupholders.  Both lacked front armrest (I bought mine at ENEOS for RM60).  This was the only item I carried over from the 1.3SXI to the 1.5SE Bumblebee.
Well there's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Enjoy the photo gallery:

Start of Myvi 1.3 SXI photos:

 Above: only the SXI and EZI gets white Optitron meters.  The lower spec ones gets Orange meter.

 Being SXI gets Dual Airbags, ABS and immobilizer.

Above: MYVI 1.3SXI, (END OF MYVI 1.3SXI) below, MYVI 1.5SE.

 Above: seeing Double.  Below, the Lokatoo Navi came with Junctionview.  I was impressed.

Above: Standard Semi-bucket comfortable front seat.

Above: 225 litres boot space fully utilized.

 Above: Quite user friendly Bluetooth unit. BELOW: the Rear LED tail lights.

Parting shot: MYVI 1.5SE with my weekend car.


There's a reason why the MYVI was Malaysian best selling cars for 9 years in a row.  It's an accomplished, versatile all rounder.   Both the Myvi 1.3SXI and the 1.5SE+ Bumblebee so far have proven reliability, low maintenance, quite save fuel.  

Oh! I almost left out, Perodua MYVI has 1 of the BEST RESALE VALUE car in Malaysia with 65% retained value for a 5 years old car and 75% retained value for a 3 years old car. It's as GOOD as Toyota Hilux.  Nuff said.

There's only 3 evident drawbacks, it's high speed stability, handling AND over-assisted Electric power steering.  Having driven my friend Andy's LATEST 3 weeks old Facelift Myvi Premium-X (picture below), 

I'm happy to report that ALL 3 drawbacks were amicably solved.  The MYVI 1.3 Premium-X also came with better soundproofing, More user friendly Audio system, Anti-theft Handbag hook, Nicely designed popped up driver's cup holder.  Lastly, it's priced around RM800 cheaper than before.  

I can't wait to test drive the Myvi 1.5SE facelift to see any improvements...  But judging the 1.3 Premium-X ability, the future seems bright.  It'll be perfect if it comes standard with ESP/TCS (any form of Traction Control).  If Proton IRIZ can, why not Perodua?  


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